Best Help Desk Software to Enhance Your Customer Support

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There are many help desk software available on the internet such that selecting the best help desk software for your business can be a confusing and time-consuming process.

These solutions all claim to be the best and deliver the most features at a great price. However, I’ve gathered the best help desk software solutions to help you make the right decision for your business.

Consequently, any of the help desk software on this list will help you automate repetitive tasks, increase productivity, streamline communication with clients, and much more.

Let’s get started.

Quick Review

What is the best help desk software?

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Best Help Desk Software

What are the best help desk software solutions to enhance your customer support?

1. Freshdesk

freshdesk help desk software

With Freshdesk, you have a best-in-class help desk software, ticketing system, and customer engagement platform all in one.

Freshdesk is an online help desk software solution designed to make customer support fast, simple and personal. This software helps you to respond to tickets over email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, and the web in minutes with guaranteed response times.

Additionally, Freshdesk combines all your customer interactions in one place so you can be there for your customers whenever they need you.

It’s aimed at serving external clients rather than being installed in an IT department. Ultimately, Freshdesk includes just about everything a small to midsize firm (SMB) needs to gain a better grasp on resolving ticket items as they occur in the system.

Freshdesk Pros

  • Integrates multiple channels
  • Team huddle for complicated cases
  • Addons for AI workflows
  • Transparent pricing
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android systems
  • Real-time customer analytics
  • Customized reports
  • Portal design and customization
  • Custom ticketing, URL, and apps
  • Customer segmentation
  • Identity and access management
  • Also, it offers customer service remotely

Freshdesk Cons

  • No mobile messages integration
  • Also, key features are only available at highest pricing tiers

Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk offers a free version (Sprout) so you can test out the features before committing to one of the four premium plans.

Finally, here are the 4 premium packages offered by Freshdesk:

  • Blossom: $19/agent/month
  • Garden: $35/agent/month
  • Estate: $65/agent/month
  • Forest: $125/agent/month

2. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk - Best Help Desk Software

Zoho Desk is the help desk software that everyone needs. With Zoho Desk, you start in under 1 minute, set your own SLA, and get on with business.

Ranked the best by hundreds of users globally, Zoho Desk is priced right and raises the bar for customer support software.

Additionally, it is an all-in-one cloud-based help desk solution that allows you to streamline customer support. Coupled with a smart set of features and extensions, Zoho Desk is a powerful help desk solution.

Furthermore, it is a powerful customer management software for Businesses and IT support Organizations of every size. Ultimately, it is a great fit for other organizations with sophisticated needs such as universities, hospitals, and professional services companies.

Zoho Desk Pros

  • Integrates with other Zoho products
  • Huge list of features
  • Highly configurable
  • Knowledge base and forums
  • Excellent price
  • Powerful reporting
  • Also, it provides social media channel support

Zoho Desk Cons

  • Stodgy user interface
  • Also, it is somewhat complex to use and customize

Zoho Desk Pricing

In addition to its free plan, Zoho Desk offers 3 paid plans:

  • Standard: $18/agent/month
  • Professional: $30/agent/month
  • Enterprise: $45/agent/month

3. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus


Advanced features and the latest technology are just a few reasons why Help Desk from ManageEngine is an agent favorite.

With robust data, comprehensive reporting, and intelligent alerting capabilities, you can quickly resolve help desk issues and reduce the time it takes to answer customers’ queries.

In addition, this enterprise help desk software takes you from ticket creation to resolution and helps you make the best use of your time and effort.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk is packed with best-in-class, ITIL-ready capabilities that ease help desk activities and is trusted by businesses such as Honda, Xerox, Disney, and Vodafone.

Furthermore, incident management, issue management, change management, and asset management are some of the most noteworthy features.

ManageEngine Pros

  • Comprehensive support for ITIL processes
  • Strong integration with other ManageEngine solutions
  • Easy and effective asset management
  • Effective incident and problem management
  • Multi language support
  • Also, it provides mobile support compatibility with iPhone, iPad, and Android apps

ManageEngine Cons

  • Workflow support is limited
  • Also, there is minimal integration with third-party tools

ManageEngine Pricing

In addition to its free trial, ManageEngine offers 3 paid plans with each having Cloud and On-premise versions:

  • Standard: $12/month
  • Standard On-Premise: $120/tech
  • Professional: $23/month
  • Professional On-Premise: $248/tech
  • Enterprise: $58/month
  • Enterprise On-Premise: $598/tech

4. Freshservice

Freshservice - Best Help Desk Software

As one of the best help desk software, Freshservice is built for today’s customer-facing teams so you can help your customers seamlessly wherever they prefer – phone, chat, self-serve, email.

In addition, Freshservice analytics tools reveal insights on how to deliver the best customer experience. It also comes with integrated team communications so everyone is on the same page.

Furthermore, it delivers exceptional value and makes your help desk work better for you. Also, as a fast-growing help desk software, Freshservice keeps thousands of other IT organizations happy, productive, and free to focus on their core business.

Additionally, Freshservice can directly work with your ERP, CRM, Help Desk Ticketing System and can manage your entire customer service process.

Freshservice offers a comprehensive knowledge base solution to capture all questions in one place. As a result, it simplifies the customer feedback loop.

Freshservice Pros

  • ITIL support for change management
  • Workflow support allows heavy customization
  • Best-in-class gamification features
  • Also, it provides a wealth of integration options

Freshservice Cons

  • Too expensive for small help desks
  • Geared primarily toward internal customer base
  • Also, it lacks social media integration

Freshservice Pricing

In addition to its free trial, Freshservice provides 4 paid plans:

  • Starter: $29/agent/month
  • Growth: $59/agent/month
  • Pro: $109/agent/month
  • Enterprise: $129/agent/month

5. Zendesk

Zendesk - Best Help Desk Software

Your customers deserve the best in customer service, which is why Zendesk was designed particularly to provide the world’s best help desk software experience.

From email to Twitter and beyond, Zendesk provides customers with a single point of contact for interacting with a company and its brands.

Also, outbound messaging for agents, a self-service site for the general public, and an open application programming interface are all included in the Zendesk Suite (API).

One of Zendesk Support’s strengths—and one that is only slowly being matched by its competitors—is the variety of ways tickets may enter the system. Also, with Zendesk you can chat with your customers via text or voice chat, or via screen sharing.

Additionally, internal notes can be added by agents to tickets, which can be extremely useful when tickets are handled by several agents.

Zendesk Pros

  • Robust reporting and advanced analytics
  • Screencasting
  • Public and private forums
  • Multi-channel support
  • Full CSS rebranding
  • Export ticket views to CSV
  • Mobile support with native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
  • Also, it provides multi-brand support with linked accounts

Zendesk Cons

  • Best features only available at higher pricing tiers
  • Also, it lacks enterprise features such as change and asset management

Zendesk Pricing

In addition to its free trial, Zendesk has 4 paid plans:

  • Essential: $9/agent per month
  • Team: $25/agent per month
  • Professional: $59/agent per month
  • Enterprise: $125/agent per month
  • Elite: $199/agent per month

6. Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk

With the fast implementation and high satisfaction ratings, Jira Service Desk is one of the best help desk software that companies of all sizes rely on to manage customer requests.

This powerful, flexible solution brings reliable IT help desk software to everyone—not just IT administrators. Coupled with simplicity, Jira delivers great features plus industry-leading security, compliance, and configuration management capabilities.

Furthermore, it’s designed to make your help desk more efficient, so you can focus on delivering outstanding service to your internal/external users.

In addition, customers can submit a ticket online with rich information related to their request, including photos and videos. Consequently, they can also submit a request by email or chat, or call in.

Best of all, Jira Service Desk processes tickets natively in Jira Software so you can track issues from start to finish with your teams in one place–saving time and effort for everyone.

Jira Service Desk Pros

  • JIRA software integration
  • ITIL-ready templates
  • Multilingual support
  • Real-time updates
  • Performance metrics
  • Confluence integration
  • Metrics report
  • CSAT reporting
  • Also, repetitive task automation

Jira Service Desk Cons

  • No integrated knowledge base
  • Also, no customer access through social media channels

Jira Service Desk Pricing

In addition to its free plan, Jira offers 4 paid plans:

  • Cloud – Standard: $20/agent/month
  • Cloud – Premium: $40/agent/month
  • Self-managed – Server: Starts at $10 one-time payment
  • Self-managed – Data Center: Starts at $13,200/year

7. Vivantio


Vivantio is a help desk software with an integrated ticketing system designed to let you create tickets for your service requests and support issues. Additionally, it is a full-featured help desk solution that delivers powerful functionality, flexibility, ease of use, and scalability.

In addition, the software’s mobile edition allows teams to stay on top of requests and issues no matter where they are.

Vivantio’s sophisticated reporting capabilities also give users a thorough view of their companies. As a result, it provides significant information into the efficiency of a company’s service management procedures.

Furthermore, Vivantio has strong integration capabilities. It integrates with current app ecosystems thanks to integrations with corporate tools like JIRA, Okta, and Salesforce. The software’s API also allows firms to tailor it to their own requirements.

Coupled with a variety of customizable tools, live chat, knowledge base, and social integrations, Vivantio is designed to help businesses create happier customers in less time.

Vivantio Pros

  • Excellent customization
  • Integrated interactive reports
  • Data export (PDF, XML, CSV)
  • Point-and-click codeless configuration
  • Asset management/CMDB
  • Includes asset and knowledge management
  • Also, it provides granular global search functionality

Vivantio Cons

  • Requires training for best use
  • Also, no direct social media support

Vivantio Pricing

Unlike some other help desk software on this list, Vivantio offers no free or trial version. Also, its 4 paid plans are quite pricey.

Billed annually, here are Vivantio’s plans:

  • Value: £32/user/month
  • Vital: £42/user/month
  • Velicity: £62/user/month
  • Visionary: £102/user/month

8. HappyFox

Happyfox Help Desk Software

HappyFox offers a modern help desk solution designed to help you solve problems faster. It is built with the attention to detail, ease of use, and beautiful look that your clients deserve.

Also, the software focus on customer satisfaction which is why it comes with an industry-leading customer success manager.

Furthermore, this innovative feature allows you to view all relevant client data at a glance, helping you build relationships, automate tasks, and identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling new services based on the client’s individual needs.

It is particularly designed for small and medium-sized businesses which allow you to manage customer support tickets with efficiency. In addition, HappyFox allows you to reduce your response time, improve customer service, eliminate support costs and avoid 24/7 ticket overload.

Also, it supports Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, ticket management can therefore be done virtually from anywhere at any time. Additionally, the software features previews of tickets and alerts on new tickets.

HappyFox Pros

  • Email Conversion Into Tickets
  • Ticket Merging
  • Group contacts
  • In-depth reporting
  • Over 35 languages supported
  • Smart rules for automation
  • Social media integration
  • Supports multiple channels
  • Also works on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices

HappyFox Cons

  • Missing some key integration points
  • Also, it is priced above peers with no free tier

HappyFox Pricing

Unlike Jira Service Desk, HappyFox offers only paid plans with no free or trial version.

  • Mighty: $39 per staff/month
  • Fantastic: $59 per staff/month
  • Enterprise: $79 per staff/month
  • Enterprise Plus: $99 per staff/month

9. Vision Helpdesk

Vision Help Desk Software

Vision Helpdesk is a self-hosted solution that will make your customer support service simpler. It has an elegant but simple-to-use interface and a wide range of capabilities to meet the demands of both small and big businesses.

It features a sophisticated incident and issues management function that can automate answers and categorize service requests, in addition to its basic help desk capabilities.

Furthermore, a self-help community feature in the customer support solution allows you to set up forums and knowledge bases for your clients.

It is particularly designed to help you deliver a better service to your customers, and improve staff productivity with an easily navigable system that gives you the full picture of the tickets in your system.

Vision Helpdesk Pros

  • 3rd party single login and integrations
  • Automation, workflow, SLA, and escalations
  • Calendar and task Management
  • Integration with several scripts
  • Manage multiple companies support
  • Multi-channel – Facebook, Twitter, phone, chat, tickets
  • Multi-language
  • Also, it supports online issue tracking and ticket management

Vision Helpdesk Cons

  • No free plan
  • Also, it is not compatible with iOS devices

Vision Helpdesk Pricing

In addition to a 30-day free trial, Vision Helpdesk offers 5 paid plans (billed annually):

  • Starter Help Desk: $12/month
  • Pro Help Desk: $20/month
  • Satellite Help Desk: $24/month
  • Pro Service Desk: $32/month
  • Enterprise Service Desk: $48/month

10. Agiloft Service Desk

Agiloft Service Desk

Agiloft Service Desk is one of the best help desk software that applies User Story Mapping to define and solve your customer service issues.

It is both easy to use and powerful, and it greatly simplifies your IT helpdesk management at all levels – you won’t go back to your old way of working.

Even though some of the customizations in the Agiloft Service Desk use HTML, you do not need to know how to code from scratch to make changes.

However, you have the option to customize the interface. Also, you can go much beyond basic help desk capabilities, with everything you’ll need to apply Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices.

Agiloft Service Desk Pros

  • Self-Service portal
  • Integrated live chat
  • Customizable end user interface
  • Workflows and templates
  • Granular permission controls
  • Management dashboards
  • Graphical charts and reports
  • Integrated sustomer surveys
  • Internal help desk
  • Also, it supports calendar integration

Agiloft Service Desk Cons

  • Enterprise plan pricing necessary for full feature set
  • Also, it has a complex configuration process

Agiloft Service Desk Pricing

In addition to the free plan, Agiloft offers 3 paid plans:

  • Professional: $45.00/license/month
  • Professional Unlimited: $65.00/license/month
  • Enterprise: $95.00/license/month

11. HaloITSM

HaloITSM Help Desk Software

HaloITSM provides the software help desk tools your branch office needs to improve customer satisfaction and support staff productivity. This powerful help desk also offers fully integrated email, phone, chat, text, and knowledge base support, all designed around your business needs.

From a single console, you can manage incidents, changes, service requests, assets, contracts, documents, and much more. Additionally, Halo help desk software is scalable to meet the needs of your organization’s IT department.

It can also be accessed from smartphones, tablets, and PCs. As a result, it is a very useful tool for customer support, remote administration, automated dispatch, remote end-user self-service, and more.

HaloITSM Pros

  • ITL-aligned processes
  • Workflow automation
  • Incident & problem management
  • SLA management
  • IT Service Catalogue
  • Centralized system
  • Collaboration tools
  • Code-free configuration
  • Also, it supports multi-channel

HaloITSM Cons

  • Customization is complex and can increase set-up time
  • Basic knowledge base access control
  • Also, the custom reports require some knowledge of SQL

HaloITSM Pricing

Unlike other similar solutions, HaloITSM price is determined by the number of agents that will be utilizing the system. The lower the per-agent-per-month fee, the larger your agent pool.

You’ll pay $59 per agent each month, payable annually, at the low end of three agents. When you reach ten agents, your monthly fee lowers to $55 per agent. The scaling continues in the same manner up to 150 users, at which point you’ll pay $29 per month per agent.

What is Help Desk Software?

Help desk software is a category of IT service management (ITSM) and customer support software. It is designed to enable companies and their employees to solve problems for customers by providing self-service.

On-premises help desk solutions, also known as in-house help desks, are used in small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

With real-time analytics, you can pinpoint trends and root causes. Furthermore, you can gain insight to respond faster and identify key areas for improvement.

Additionally, you can find the best way to address specific customer requests. As a result, this will strengthen your support team by providing the tools they need to do their work better.

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Why use Help Desk Software for Your Business?

Is your company growing faster than you can manage? Are you drowning in customer requests for help with software applications? Then, you need reliable help desk software.

Businesses of every size use help desk software to handle customer support. With help desk software, you can take customer queries and provide technical support.

Therefore, you can streamline your business processes, improve efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Help desk software helps companies improve customer experience. You can actively listen, communicate, and attend to your customers. As a result, it increases customer satisfaction and revenues with better quality support.

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What are the Important Features to Expect From Your Help Desk Software?

1. Automated Ticket Creation

A fully automated ticket creation system will allow your help desk software to automatically generate each ticket in the system for every type of need you have within your organization.

Furthermore, these tickets can be assigned to the agent or department most closely suited to handle the request and can provide a prompt response for users awaiting assistance from others.

2. Ticket Notification

Notification is the key in the Help Desk world. As soon as a ticket is created you want to know about it. The sooner you can respond, the better.

You need a system that allows you to acknowledge the ticket immediately so your customers know you’ve received it.

3. Note Generation and Storage

Note Generation and Storage present themselves as one of the most important features of your help desk software. It refers to the capability of the software to capture notes that are generated from customer interactions, either phone or email contact.

The information that is typed into these notes must be automatically stored within the system, for future reference.

4. Ticket Tagging

Ticket tagging is a feature of Help Desk Software that allows you to organize your incoming help desk requests, freeing you to focus on more urgent cases. It basically allows you to assign one or more keywords or clients to the ticket, and then let your agents quickly find the tickets they need based on those keywords.

5. Customized Dashboard

The first thing you need to look for in help desk software is a customized dashboard. It allows you and your support staff to have a customizable portal where they can capture, view, and then complete their work.


What is ITIL?

ITIL is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is the most widely implemented set of management practices for running successful IT organizations.

ITIL focuses particularly on effective service management and is designed to help you align your IT services with the needs of your business.

Which is the best help desk software for eCommerce business?

For robust features like self-help platform coupled with its simplicity, the best help desk software for eCommerce business is Zendesk.

Furthermore, if you have a retail shop, multi-vendor marketplace, an online skilled trade service, or any other eCommerce venture that needs a solution to resolve customer issues properly, Zendesk would be the best help desk software for you.


Overall, the best help desk software is Freshdesk. Freshdesk offers the right balance of flexibility and ease of use for any help desk operation. It’s feature-heavy, but still easy to use out of the box. In addition, its pricing structure is simple and affordable, and it’s completely mobile-friendly too.

Freshdesk provides plenty of tools for creating a trouble ticket system, organizing conversations, monitoring support renders, and so on. Furthermore, it offers a free plan so you can test out the features before committing to one of the four premium plans.

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In addition, you may also want to have the Best Live Chat Software to Convert Your Leads to Paying Customers on your website.

Finally, I hope you found this post helpful.

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