Plant Business Ideas: 21 Unique Ways to Profit from Agribusiness

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We all fancy the opportunity to make money either part-time or full-time. If that’s the case with you then the plant business ideas in this post will serve as an eye-opener to the various opportunities that abound in the agricultural sector.

As the world experiences an increase in population, so will there more pressure on the plants produce since a major part of it is consumed by man. What if I tell you that there is a way of making money from the agricultural value chain even without being a farmer?

With that being said, this post contains a list of the best plant business ideas to make money, some without even being a farmer.

Let’s begin.

1. Agricultural Farm Business

This is obvious. Getting land and setting up a crop farm is one of the most popular plants business ideas. However, you must be aware of the cost implication of setting up a farm. Also, it is best to focus on the farming of a particular type of plant.

Furthermore, be ready to contend with things like pests and weeds. Finally, try to invest in storage facilities to avoid post-harvest loss.

2. Distribution of Fertilizers

While you may not have the money to set up a fertilizer production company, you can decide to sell fertilizers as a retailer. This means that you’ll be acting as a middleman in the fertilizer value chain of the agricultural business.

For this business, while owning a physical store is the best way to start, however, reaching out directly to farmers will enable you to make more sales.

3. Farm Sitting

This is one of the top plant business ideas for a side hustle. As a farm sitter, you’ll be assisting farmers who will be away for an extended period of time with the management of their farms. You should be aware that when farm sitting someone else’s farm, you will be expected to perform some farming tasks. You’ll also serve as farm security during your time as a farm sitter.

4. Host Farming Classes

Some people desire to start farming but have no idea how or where to begin. If you’re already a successful farmer, however, you could earn money by hosting seminars on how to start a farm.

The nice aspect is that this is a service you can provide in addition to your farming business. Furthermore, your classes can be physical or consist of a collection of recorded videos. You can sell your course through online learning sites.

5. Hydroponic Farming

Pests, unfavorable weather conditions, and the seasonality of some plants are some of the favored reasons for the rise of hydroponics. Hence hydroponic farming is the type of farming that does not make use of soil. Instead, an aqueous solvent containing mineral nutrients is used. This helps to reduce the tendency of pest and disease attacks.

Furthermore, using hydroponic leads to all-year-round farming even for seasonal plants. Ultimately, all of this will finally lead to more money for the farmer.

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6. Sell of Plant Pesticide

This is one of the evergreen plant business ideas that will always be in demand. Crop pests are not new to farming and they cause lots of damage, hence farmers are ready to spend to get rid of them.

In addition, except you own a small farm, you’ll surely find it difficult to do away with pests manually. Thus, a store where pesticides are sold will receive patronage from farmers looking to protect their plants from pests.

7. Farm Transportation

One of the primary obstacles for most farmers is getting their farm produce from the farm to where it can be sold. Besides that, they do not have the financial resources to purchase a farm vehicle. Therefore, you can set up a business of helping crop farmers to move their products from the farm to the market. This way, you’ll be helping crop farmers to save costs.

8. Flour Milling

If you produce cereals, you can go ahead to mill them if you can. This way, you’ll be preserving the crop and also increasing its market value. But, it is better to start on a small scale instead of doing a large scale milling. However, you must consult your state laws to find out what requirements are needed.

9. Agriculture Arbitrage Business

This is one of the plant business ideas that doesn’t require you to own a farm. Instead, you’ll be buying farm produce from farmers and selling it to consumers. However, this business idea will majorly bring in more profit if you reside in a farming community.

Note that this business requires you to have a means of mobility. You’ll also need to have a list of local farmers from which you’ll be buying farm produce regularly. The amount of capital invested will determine your profit margin.

10. Sell Herbicides

Except you decide to go into hydroponic farming, you’ll always contend with unwanted plants growing alongside your crops. If you have a large farm, there comes the stress of removing them manually. However, with herbicides, it’ll be easier to do away with all unwanted plants. Therefore, one of the major plant business ideas that’ll always receive patronage is the selling of herbicides.

Moreover, you may need to pay visits to farmers on their farms to market your product. You can use digital advertising to also create awareness about your product.

11. Hydroponic Retail Store

The beauty of some plant business ideas is that you don’t need to be an active farmer before making money from them. This is where owning a hydroponic retail store comes in. Since hydroponic farming is gradually becoming the mainstay in the modern-day farming process, you can tap into it by selling the tools and equipment used in it.

Furthermore, you can market your store by enlightening farmers on the need to embrace hydroponic farming while pitching your store products to them.

12. Production of Fertilizers

In most cases, plants needed to be supported to grow. This is what necessitates the use of fertilizers in agriculture. Thus, if you have the fund to set up a fertilizer production company, you are bound to make profits.

In addition, you must consult with your state authorities to find out the enabling laws guiding the setup of such business. Finally, don’t forget to obtain an operational license.

13. Agricultural Consultancy Service

If there is something that cannot be taken away from you, it is the experience gained as a result of running a successful farm. Hence, you can start an agricultural consultancy service to serve those just setting up their farm. Leveraging your service, you can even be called to set up a new farm. Whichever way it goes, just know that you’ll be paid for your knowledge and time.

14. Sell Planting Equipment

Farming is never done with bare hands. Rather, there are various tools and equipment used in farming. Therefore, you can set up a store where planting equipment can be bought. In addition, having the technical knowledge on how to repair some tools will stand you out. That’s because most planting tools do develop faults that just need simple repairs.

15. Seed Sales

The vast majority of crops are propagated using seeds. Therefore, selling seeds is one of the plant business ideas that’ll never go out of fashion. However, this business necessitates the sale of viable seeds. Also, you’ll need to meet the farmers directly to sell your seeds to them and even inform them of the best way to plant the seeds.

16. Selling French Fries

This fast-food idea hinges on the use of a product of plant business, which is the use of potatoes. Big brands raking in millions of dollars yearly have been able to use the frying of potatoes to grow. Hence, you can also opt to go this route and set up a French fries business as well. If you are scared of the competition, there is the option of buying a franchise.

17. Starting an Agro Blog

Blogging is a multi-diversified business. Thus, you can set up a blog sorely focused on the growing of plants. This could be a side business if you already have a farm. In addition, being a crop farmer, it will be much easier to come up with content for your blog.

With time, your blog can become a go-to resource for anything related to the planting of crops and even gardening. Finally, you can monetize your blog using affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

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18. Florist

Flowers are used for the beautification and decoration of the environment. In addition, it can also be presented as a gift and as a token of love. Hence, you can start a flower shop to sell flowers to the public.

Alternatively, you can just start a flower nursery where people can buy nursery bed flowers for onward transplant to their homes or offices. You may even charge extra to help perform the transplant.

19. Start a Juice Business

If you have access to a fruit plantation that is a good sign to start a juice production business. You can either own the fruit plantation or buy from someone who does. However, it should be noted that this business requires huge capital to get started. In addition, you’ll have to incur lots of running costs. You’ll need lots of marketing to get this business off the ground.

20. Write Books on Plant Farming

This is another way with which to add to your source of income. All your experiences as a crop farmer can be compiled into a book and sold to newbie farmers. The best thing is that this is one of the plant business ideas that can provide passive revenue. You only need to write your book once, and it will continue to sell without you having to do anything more. Note, self-publishing is the best way to get your book published for free.

21. Fruit Shop

You can easily beat the completion and start a fruit shop where you sell only fruits. This way, you’ll be able to stand out and not compete with other big grocery shops around you. However, you must make provision for a regular supply of fruits from fruit farmers. In addition, since fruits can easily get spoilt, storage should be top of your plans as well.

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How can you get started in the plant business?

You have to first decide on what to sell and then carry out market research. After that, get the necessary tools and resources to set up your plant farm. To sell your product, you’ll also need some type of promotion.

Can you sell plants from home?

Yes. However, this will be the case if you have enough space to grow the plants at home. A good example of plants that can be sold from home is flowers.

Is a license required to sell plants from your home?

Yes. However, this varies from region to region. Therefore, it is best to check with the state government to see if there are laws regarding selling from home.

Is it profitable to run a plant business?

Yes, this is mainly because most plants are edible and food is one of the essential needs of man. Therefore selling an item that is part of the daily consumables of man is surely a profitable business.


As evident in this post, there are several plant business ideas. Also, these ideas present a means to start a profitable business. However, before starting any of the businesses mentioned above, you should first consider your level of experience and capital at hand.

If you have a means of mobility and reside close to a town where farming activity is prevalent, you can start an agricultural arbitrage business. Moreover, if you already own a successful farm, I’d recommend you start a consulting business.

Finally, if you have a piece of land, please do check out this article on how to make money with land.

Thanks for reading.