Business Ideas for Students: Become a Young Entrepreneur

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The college, with its tree-lined walkways, student life, and academic ambiance, is usually considered the most sheltered place on the planet. The concept of exploring business ideas for students in the college has often appeared as an alien reality to most student brains.

As a student, you may come up with a lot of ideas but most of them are not practical enough to make money out of them. However, there are some interesting money-making business ideas for students which can be started with limited knowledge and skills.

In this post are the top 13 best business ideas for students which you can start today at your college or university. These are very simple ways to make money in college without tiring yourself out too much.

Let’s get to it.

Quick Reviews

If you’re short on time and want to get right to the point, here are the best business ideas for students you should consider:

  • Writing a Research Paper
  • Launch a YouTube channel
  • Professor’s Virtual Assistant
  • Market Baked Goods
  • College Admissions Consultant
  • Delivery Service on Campus
  • Professional Photographic Services
  • Begin a Dog Walking Service
  • Textbook Exchange Program
  • Language Transcription Service
  • Job Placement Assistance for New Grads
  • Voiceover Services
  • Dorm cleaning service

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Best Business Ideas for Students

This section provides a comprehensive overview of the best business ideas for students discussed in this article.

1. Writing Research Paper

This student business idea will be ideal for you if you enjoy writing and excel at creating research papers.

You might create a blog, where students from various universities across the state or country may submit requests for research papers, along with payments for the job.

After that, you can write the paper in your college dorm and charge fees for the finished project. Most students are willing to pay a high price for a high-quality finished product if it’ll lead to a good grade for them.

One thing to keep in mind is that certain colleges and universities have policies prohibiting students from receiving such assistance. This is just an idea that might be developed with the assistance of other students.

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2. Launch a YouTube channel

Anyone can do this alone or with friends. You only need a camera and a good concept. It might be anywhere from a comedy channel to a beauty channel.

It takes a lot of effort to become a YouTube star, nevertheless, an original idea may become viral in a matter of seconds. The most difficult task is creating consistent material.

Make an effort to create content that will last. Funny videos tend to go viral, so that’s a fantastic place to start if you want to get famous on YouTube.

Depending on the specialty, you can expect to earn $3-$8 for every 1000 views in ad income.

If you’re fortunate enough to become a YouTube celebrity, you can earn money by promoting a brand’s product in any of your videos.

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3. Professor’s Virtual Assistant

Since you can run a virtual assistant business from your dormitory room or home, it’s a wonderful business concept for college students.

As a virtual assistant, you’d support other companies and professionals with their internet requirements. This could include converting Excel spreadsheets, transcription of audio, or basic data entry.

Due to the present market competition for generic virtual assistants, you can consider tailoring your services to professors and college lecturers.

You could assist professors with grading, presentation preparation and development, and other activities.

4. Market Baked Goods

Cookies, cake sales, and other sweets can be a fun way for Bake-Off fans to make money.

With a few simple baking tools, you can get started right in your kitchen. You can post flyers at school or use Facebook groups to promote your baked products.

If you have a car or a bike, you might offer to drop off your products or sell door to door in your local student area.

Some schools and universities will allow you to hold a bake sale on their grounds, although this is normally reserved for charitable organizations.

If you start to make money, you might want to consider renting a space to set up your business.

Custom-made items, such as deluxe birthday cakes or wedding cakes, might be charged at a higher fee.

5. College Admissions Consultant

As a fresh college student, you are now qualified to assist others in gaining acceptance to the same colleges to which you were accepted during high school.

If you applied to numerous colleges and were accepted to all of them, your credibility will increase.

For this business idea, you could start a consulting firm that helps affluent families guide their children through the application process and being admitted to their preferred school.

Setting up payment mechanisms with a deposit for completed work and an acceptance charge could be a smart idea.

6. Delivery Service on Campus

Most delivery services have been formed to deliver packages, goods, and meals throughout cities. However, very limited services provide these services on campus.

A lecturer may require the delivery of a garment from the institution dry cleaner to his office. Alternatively, a group of students may require food to be delivered from the cafe to their rooms.

They’ll have more time to study if they save time. Another low-cost business idea for students. You’d simply need a bike, a sturdy bag to transport your belongings, and possibly a GPS if the school is large.

If you needed to take this business idea outside your institution, it would be simple to expand it to other schools.

7. Professional Photographic Services

You can turn your pastime into photography freelancing enterprise if you enjoy taking images and find them fascinating.

Students and small businesses may both use your services because they frequently need to change their social media profile images or advertise a recently introduced product.

You can start by providing a variety of services at first. However, as the business grows, you might begin to challenges from competition, and you’ll need to narrow your focus.

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8. Begin a Dog Walking Service

Walking other people’s dogs is a great option for canine-obsessed students who value being outside. Most dog owners don’t have enough time to exercise their dogs once or twice a day.

The normal hourly charge ranges from $30 to $65 per dog. If you want to make extra money, you can use a master leash to walk numerous dogs at once.

This will often be the case if they’re all together in the surrounding area and are sociable with other dogs.

Begin by contacting all of your dog-owning friends and family. If you didn’t succeed going that route, you can advertise your service on websites such as BringFido or Tailster.

9. Textbook Exchange Program

The textbook swap service is a traditional business ideas for students that might be difficult to establish and grow but can bring significant profits if done correctly.

The business would entail creating an app or website where students from a specific school may submit secondhand textbooks for others to purchase or rent.

If you can set up this website or exchange ahead of time with a large stock of textbooks, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding

Likewise, if you can speak with professors and teachers to ensure that previous versions of the textbook could be utilized in class.

You will helping students would feel more confident that they could acquire a used book and still perform well academically.

This would be an excellent business to run because the majority of the work would be required before the start of the new semester, and before any major academic assignments.

10. Language Transcription Service

You can begin a transcription service if you’re attending a college overseas where people speak several languages.

This is a viable idea if you are fluent in both your native language and the native language of that country.

You may create an online gateway of work that you can do in your dorm by creating a website. Through your website, people or companies can submit documents in one language.

After they’ve uploaded it to your website, you can work on it, transcribe it to their specifications, and then return it to them via your portal for a fee.

This would be an excellent method to put things up so that you don’t waste time dealing with mail and physical documents.

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11. Job Placement Assistance for New Grads

Graduating from high school, college, or university can be a daunting experience. Especially for those whose education did not prepare them to secure employment after they graduated.

Many new graduates face this horrible reality. And many of them end up taking a job entirely unconnected to their studies, merely to pay the bills.

This is another one of the business ideas for students that might be supported by the university because it offers the institution a good reputation for assisting students and alumni in finding jobs.

You may begin by putting up a resume and cover letter training packages, as well as mock interviews and other workshops connected to gaining a job in the sector they desire.

This concept might also be adapted for high school students who are looking for work, as the market is broader and would be an excellent location to expand.

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12. Voiceover Services

If you are an undergraduate with a nice voice and outstanding pronunciation, take this as your startup capital and start a voiceover service immediately.

On Fiverr, you can start with simple projects and scale up depending on customer satisfaction.

Voice-over services are in high need by big firms and startups due to rising marketing trends, and it’s up to you to turn this potential into a big business.

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13. Dorm cleaning service

Some college students miss having their rooms cleaned by their parents or housemaids. They may choose not to tidy their dorms on their own now when they are at university.

This provides you with the ideal opportunity to bill them to tidy their room. It would be simple to do because you could just walk door to door in dorm complexes to ask people if they need your service.

Cleaning supplies and a company license may be included in the startup costs, which would be quite modest. You could hire other individuals to clean for you after a time if you have a regular client base.

The beauty of this ideas is that it can be implemented at practically any institution and has the potential to grow.


As a student, what kind of business may I start?

There are many types of businesses you can select from. For example, one common type of startup is a delivery service. Another common startup is an online website.

In fact, the United States Small Business Administration advises students to consider starting online businesses because they offer benefits that more traditional startups do not offer – mainly being able to work from.

The ideal strategy is to look for enterprises that don’t demand a lot of money to start and can be done at your leisure.

What kind of business can a student start with little money?

If you’re a student who’s currently bootstrapping, the following are the ideal business ideas for students who don’t need any money to start:

  • Being a tutor
  • Language transcription
  • Walking a dog
  • Research paper writing


Most students are struggling financially while pursuing their degrees due to rising tuition rates, an uncertain employment market, and costly standard of living.

Instead of taking out thousands of dollars in student loans, starting your own business would not only help you support yourself through college but also beyond.

But with the best business ideas for students in this post, you can make extra cash while still in school.

Self-doubt will attempt to demoralize you. Even with all of the options open to you, you’ll have to make some significant sacrifices and difficult decisions.

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Thanks for reading.