Business Ideas for Police Officers: Run a Side Business when off Duty

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Being a police offer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll always be stuck with carrying batons and guns. Instead, you could think out of the box for the best business ideas for police officers. Doing so can enable you to make some extra income that’ll supplement your regular job.

To ease the stress on you, I have done the research and thinking for you and has come up with the best business ideas for police offices

The best part is most of the business ideas for police officers covered in this post can be done on weekends and during off duties.

Let’s get started.

1. Ridesharing

The ability to drive seems to be a norm with virtually most police officers. This is because they are always on patrol in their police cars. Therefore, this skill can be used to become a driver for Lyft or Uber. The best part is that this can easily be done in between shifts. In addition, you must own a car in good working condition before starting this business.

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2. Parole Officer

Parole is a person that has just been released from jail based on good behavior. Recently released parolees need someone to help them fully integrate back into society. Security personnel, such as police officer, is the best individual for this task. This is because these parolees may still be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This job will surely suit a police officer who is fully knowledgeable of the law and its implementation process.

3. Intelligence Analyst

This business idea will sit down well with retired police officers. Your duty as an intelligent analyst will include working with the government and gathering information. Using your training as a police officer you’ll be expected to carry out some investigative assignments. In addition, this job is mainly done on a contract basis, thereby giving even serving police officers the opportunity to jump on board.

4. Start a Security Blog

You can use your knowledge of security to start blogging on various security tips and tricks. However, if you’re still in active service, then this can mostly be done on a part-time basis. The major advantage of this particular business idea is that you won’t struggle with niche research. Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are two of the ways to make money from your blog.

5. Start a YouTube Channel

Similar to blogging, but in this case, you’ll be recording videos and uploading them on YouTube. Moreover, this will favor those who are confident being in front of a camera. All you have to be doing on your YouTube channel is to provide security advice tips. Furthermore, you can use your channel to sell affiliate products from Amazon.

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6. Crime Scene Investigator

As a crime scene investigator, you’ll be asked to visit a location where crime has been committed to gather evidence. In addition, part of your job could include collecting stray fiber, body fluid, and fingerprints. Furthermore, you must make sure that pieces of evidence are highly protected and not in any way destroyed.

However, this job requires you to have some basic photography and videography skill. This is because you may be required to take picture of the crime scene and make a short video as a means of validating your claims.

7. Bounty Hunter

Bad guys will always exist in almost every community. Hence, this automatically opens up a means of making money. For brave cops, this is one of the best business ideas. As a bounty hunter, your duty will mainly be within the line of tracking down bail breakers.

Note that there are people who will always want to evade justice by jumping bail. As a police officer, if you have the guts, you can take up the challenge. However, remember that your welfare is at risk since you’ll be chasing some bad guys.

8. Police Consultant

One way of contributing meaningfully to your profession is to be a consultant in that field. This will mainly apply to police officers who are retired. However, being retired does not confer on you this role. Instead, you’ll have to go for further security training before assuming this role.

As a police consultant, you’ll be required to advise police departments on how to improve their efficiency. In addition, you may be asked to review the code of ethics, help to improve service delivery, etc. Finally, you must have some strong interpersonal skills because this role requires you to carry out some fieldwork.

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9. Defensive Firearms Trainer

It is no doubt that most people are becoming more conscious of their personal security and as such are in possession of firearms. Police officers, on the other hand, are required to have firearms training as part of their work duties. Therefore, this knowledge can easily be transferred to others through a defensive firearm business. However, do know that you’ll require a license to get started with this business.

10. Security Guard

This is one of the obvious business ideas for police officers. However, this can only be done full-time by a retired police officer or part-time by a serving officer. As a security guard, you’ll be hired to protect assets or properties. In addition, you’ll be required to bring your experience to bear if you must function effectively in this role.

Furthermore, be prepared to always move around, apprehend security violators, and jot down reports daily. Finally, some of what you’ll be protecting are events, buildings, staff, merchandise, and more.

11. Loss Prevention Specialist

If you are a police officer that pays attention to details, this is one of the best business ideas for police officers you should give a try. As a loss prevention specialist, you’ll be working with businesses to identify instances of both financial, property and equipment loss. In addition, you can be engaged by retail shops to investigate cases of shoplifting.

12. Event Security

Corporate event organizers will always factor security in the planning process. This is mostly the case if high-profile individuals will be in attendance. You’ll be expected to use your knowledge and training to provide security. Note that in most cases, you’ll be working with other security personnel but your presence as a police officer is vital.

13. Personal Trainer

People are constantly looking to keep fit. In addition, since police officers have experience in physical training exercises, this can be leveraged to start a personal trainer business. In addition, most people looking to lose weight are looking for someone who can hold them accountable in their fitness journey. If you’re comfortable working with clients one-on-one, this could be a nice side gig for you. Creating a YouTube channel is another way to broaden your audience.

14. Victim Advocate

Being a police officer comes with having strong interpersonal skills, which is a key feature in being a victim’s advocate. It is one of the top business ideas for police officers because it enables them to provide emotional support to crime victims.

In addition, as a victim advocate, you’ll be helping victims of crime get over the shock and trauma of crime. Furthermore, your job will extend to paying regular visits to your client at home. Also, you’ll be helping out during court proceedings and through the entire legal process involved.

15. House-Sitting Service

One major concern of most people looking to hire house sitters is trust. What if there is a situation whereby the person you are hiring for such a role is a police officer? You’ll agree with me that the issue of trust has been dealt with automatically. Therefore, as a police officer, you can use this business idea to make some extra income on the side.

16. Start a Security Agency

Going this route is one of the most lucrative business ideas for police officers who are retired. All your training while in active service can be leveraged to set up a security agency.

Furthermore, as a security agency, your services will be needed by property owners. In addition, corporate entities will require this service to protect their investments. Finally, you should be aware that you’ll require a license to get started.

17. Peak Time Security Services

This is one of the successful business ideas for police officers who want to supplement their income when they’re not on duty. It should be noted that hiring a full-time security guard is unquestionably costly. As a result, you should only hire a security guard when you need them.

This approach can be adopted by store owners who frequently experience shoplifting. They can opt to engage the services of a police officer during their peak selling time when they normally notice cases of shoplifting.

18. Bodyguard

Being a police officer either serving or retired means that you’ve undergone security training at one point in time. Therefore, you can utilize that knowledge to start a business as a bodyguard. Your duty will be to protect who has hired you as a bodyguard from any threat while in the public. However, you should know that some form of licensing may be required for this business.

In addition, if you are a retired police officer, you can set up an agency where people can get bodyguard services. Note that your clients will be celebrities, socialites, captains of industries, top government officials, etc.

19. Dog Trainer

Most police officers work with dogs for a major part of their career. The knowledge gained from handling dogs can be turned into a business. You can transform to be a dog trainer, where you teach good dog behavior.

For a start, you can put up an advert online as a means of attracting clients to your service. However, except you have enough time on your hand, this business is mainly for retired police officers. Alternatively, you can record videos of your dog training process and sell them online.

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20. Bartender

This could be a profiting side job for police officers who prefer working long hours. Bartenders mix drinks in restaurants, hotels, bars, and nightclubs. If it’s a place where alcohol is sold, then there is a tendency for a fracas to occur. This is where your services as a police officer will be useful. Your knowledge of the law, safety protocol, and interpersonal skill will help you to function effectively in this role.

21. Private Investigator

Sit in your car with a pair of binoculars while you keep a tab on a target, does that look familiar? If it does, then you are already on the right path of being a private investigator.

This job can be tedious and requires some tiring work like looking through a bunch of files, vehicle registration documents, and stalking someone. However, the major aim is to find out something fishing.

Moreover, the major advantage of this business is the ability to work on your schedule and from anywhere. In addition, this job pays by the hour and can even earn you a full-time wage.


Can a police officer have a side job?

Yes. A police officer is allowed to have a side job in as much as it is not at the expense of their official duty. However, you must seek permission before starting any side hustle.

What is the importance of a side job as a police officer?

Getting a side job outside the police force is an excellent way of diversifying your income, adding variety to what you do, and unwinding.

Do police officers make enough money?

No. The majority of police officers make average money. However, this will be determined by your state of residence and current position in the force.


As evident in this post, there are lots of opportunities that can be explored beyond being in the force. Any of the business ideas for police officers covered in this post can be a full-time job or a side hustle.

Out of the business ideas for police officers in this piece, you may want to start with ridesharing business. This will allow you to make some extra income when you are off duty. In addition, you can check out this article on businesses with low startup costs to start.

Thanks for reading.