How to Make Money with Land: 6 Creative Ways People Earn with Land

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Do you know that there are many ways through which you can make money with your land? Apart from building apartments and renting out your land, there are other amazing ways that you can use to make money from your land.

That is all I present in this post.

The land is an asset, and if the owner is creative with it, it can be turned into a reliable stream of income. Most people invest heavily in acquiring lands and end up leaving them vacant for long periods; an act that makes the land grow weeds and serve as a habitat for dangerous and wild animals.

Some people believe that leaving the land for some time will make the value increase so that they can resell it for profit. That’s true. However, how soon the value increases depends on the location of the land.

If the location of the land will require about 10 to 20 years for it to develop, then you’re simply wasting your money unless you apply the ideas that I present in this post.

So without further ado, let’s see the best ways to make money with the land.

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1. Lease the hunting rights to the land

This is one of the easiest ways to make money with land. There is a huge number of people out there that are searching for flexibility and cheaper costs of leasing hunting land instead of buying their land. So, if you want to make money from your land, you can consider this option.

Here are ideas that you can use:

Deer hunting

Most deer hunters wish they had farms or woods they can refer to as theirs during the fall hunting season. If you have either of these and do not fancy hunting, this is a good way to generate income on the side.

You need to be a little bit flexible with the lease agreement so that you can earn passive income from leasing your land. You should also allow the lessees to improve the property, such as small timber cuts, food plots, or new trails.

Turkey hunting

If your land has mature oaks and farm field edges, then there’s a chance you have turkeys on your land. You can lease the hunting rights to the land for turkey season in the spring. Since it occurs in a different season from deer hunting, you will be able to double up on both opportunities.

Waterfowl hunting

If there are water sources on your land (or if it has access to a water body), you can lease the hunting rights to the land for waterfowl hunting.

A field filled with crops and near water can attract ducks and geese. If your land is in the right migration area, you can generate a lot of income from waterfowl lease.

2. Campground

The increase in the number and size of big cities has also increased the number of people camping when they are on vacation.

People crave a nice and peaceful time away from civilization to feel ground. The good news for most people is that there are a series of campgrounds everywhere.

As a landowner, this is an opportunity for you to make money without lifting a finger. People will pay you to camp on your land. You can earn about $20 to $25 per night. Let’s assume your land can fit at least 10 camps, that’s about $200 to $250+ every night.

Ensure you find out the cost of insurance for this form of business.

3. Solar energy

If you have the capital to install solar panels or if you want to rent your land to a company that wants to install solar panels, this lucrative option is meant for you.

The goal here is to work with companies that want to buy the solar energy you generate or energy providers.

Different small businesses are creating their solar farms and they are selling the energy generated to electric companies. You can make money by partnering with these companies.

4. Farming and agriculture

It is a common practice for younger families to inherit old family farms once the older generations stop farming. This is a blessing to those that want to keep making a living through farming.

However, if you don’t live near the farm or you don’t intend to farm, you may decide to sell it. But doing so will make you lose a portion of your family identity and history. So, to leave a legacy for your children and unborn generation, here are some ideas that you can apply to make money from your land:

Grow crops

If the land comprises lots of open, tilled fields, you may either continue planting and harvesting the crops, or you can rent the land to neighboring farmers.

You can come up with an agreement that will make them pay you a steady rate for each acre to use the land for any crop they want to grow.

This is a good option since the property will still be in your possession and it will help another farmer to generate profit by renting the land instead of buying it.


If the land contains more hilly terrain or if the soils are rocky, then it may contain more pasture than tilled fields.

Just like the example cited above, you can rent the land to other farmers so that they can graze their goats, horses, cattle, and other livestock that they have.

This enables them to make money from rearing the livestock on another person’s land, which will help them increase the number of animals they have.

The only disadvantage of this option is that it is only possible if the farmer is near to your land, due to the challenges associated with moving a herd of animals.

Conservation programs

If you are knowledgeable in farming and you want to make some money from the land without farming, you may enter a Conservation Reserve Program or Farmable Wetlands Program contract.

These programs will pay you a specific amount to grow native plants on lands that formerly contained beans or corn.

If you are fond of nature, this is a nice option to earn income with the land since it attracts all forms of wildlife.

Special events

Most farms have pole sheds or working barns on them. Many people are looking for these types of structures for weddings, graduation parties, anniversaries, and other special events. If your land has an old barn, people will be willing to pay you to use it.

Also, if your farm is located near a larger city, you will be able to attract a larger number of clients.

Ensure you renovate the structure to make it fit for the purpose your clients need it for. This is a lucrative way to make money with land, but you must be there for events. You can also hire someone to help with this.

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5. Create a rural AirBnB

Lots of people are willing to get out of the city. Also, many people are embracing minimalism, simplicity, and are also getting back to nature.

If you have a raw and attractive land with lovely views, maybe in the woods, by a river, or near fishing spots or mountains, you can turn it into a goldmine. It does not have to be luxurious or fancy. All you need is to make it clean, functional, and in good condition.

Most people crave an affordable weekend in nature without breaking the bank. You can make a cabin, a treehouse, or a yurt depending on the size of your land and your interests.

Since Airbnb is seasonal, you may not have guests every time. However, it is a profitable side hustle that does not involve any stress.

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6. Nature reserve

Some people purchase land to conserve the environment. This helps native animals to return to their habitats without being interfered with by constant pollution, building, humans, and noise.

It’s nice to experience the return of bears, foxes, deer, wolves, and other animals. Bees, birds, insects, fish, and other smaller animals are also being threatened in many places. Those that are involved in these forms of conservation projects often purchase hundreds of thousands of acres.

Some people also do this on a small scale. Such people may buy vacant land that is next to them or across the road from them.

Apart from conserving nature, they also buy such lands to preserve their views and also make sure that nearby neighbors do not build next to them. They also believe that the huge acres of land will boost the value of their existing home and land without improving anything on the raw land.

Land usually appreciates as time passes by, even without doing anything to the land. So, it is a nice way to watch the sunrise and enjoy the view of the sun setting over your valuable asset.

How Much Can You Make from Your Land?

The amount depends on what you use your land for. For instance, if you have 1 acre of land and you use it to cultivate corn and soybeans, you can make $673 per acre.

However, it costs $664 on average to farm 1 acre of land. This implies that farmers barely break even why they cultivate 1 acre of land. It is not advisable to rent out an individual acre to farmers unless you want to plant your garden.

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How do you make money with an acre of land?

You can rent out one acre of land as a campsite, a spot for hosting a billboard, or as storage. One acre of land may be too small to be used for pasture or farming purposes. Note that one acre of land is smaller than a football pitch and this limits the ability to scale production.

However, an acre of land can be used to grow lettuce, strawberries, and other smaller crops. You can then sell some of the produce at farmers’ markets.

How do you make passive income on your land?

If you want to make money with land without lifting a finger, here are some ideas that you can use:

  • Lease the land for cell towers
  • Convert the land into an educational site
  • Convert it to an RV parking area
  • Build an area for storing boats
  • Use it for wildlife conservation
  • Lease the land for generating solar energy
  • Use it for recreational purpose


There are numerous ideas that you can use to make money with land. You can use any of the ideas in this post to make money from your vacant land. You can also think outside the box to come up with more possibilities.

From leasing the hunting rights to your land to using your land to preserve nature, you will always find a reason to use your vacant land instead of leaving it to waste.

Why not generate passive income from your vacant land instead?

Irrespective of the method you choose to make money from your land, ensure it is something that can take care of itself in most cases or something that you love managing. You don’t want to get involved in something that will tie you down, but something that can generate income on its own.

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