Outdoor Business Ideas: Profitable Business For Outdoorsy People

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Are you an individual who is not cut out for the typical career trajectory of working indoors? Then, consider outdoor business ideas.

Engaging in an outdoors business not only gives you the rare opportunity to interact with nature but is also so lucrative.

Some outdoor business ideas require less capital to kickstart because of low overheads from not requiring rent facilities. However, other capital-intensive outdoor business ideas require massive amounts invested directly into the business rather than on rent facilities.

Either way, the outdoor business ideas presented in this piece are bankable and tailored to get you the best results.

So, outgoing individuals looking for outdoor ideas to explore can come right on as we highlight 19 profitable outdoor business ideas.

1.  Delivery Service

A delivery service business involves picking up and dropping off parcels at various locations. This gives you the benefit of exploring the city and making money.

Starting a delivery requires little capital primarily for the purchase of the delivery vehicle.

A portfolio of satisfied customers will go a long way in publishing your business. Business locations are strategic places to kickstart a delivery business to ensure a steady income source.

2. Transportation

It would be difficult to resist highlighting outdoor business ideas without mentioning the transport business. It is obviously one of the most common and oldest outdoor business ideas.

You are guaranteed a steady income in this line of business as the need to move goods and people will always exist. Furthermore, the opportunity in the transport business is enormous and some transport business ideas for you include:

  • Taxi driving
  • Truck driving
  • Specialty transportation
  • Livestock driving
  • Boat driving amongst others

You may start by working for transport agencies or acquiring your vehicle if you can. Lastly, more money can be made if combined with a tour guide business.

 3. Golf Instructor

If you are obsessed with golf playing and know the nitty-gritty of the sport, then you should give this outdoor business idea consideration.

Golf is a status sport and therefore, there are many willing to learn how to play it. It is also one of the most popular sports in certain countries, like the United States of America. Your clients range from newbies to amateurs.

Furthermore, you can create online courses that golf players can purchase online or open a Youtube Channel to teach people and promote your services.

4. Painting

This is one of the most sought-after outdoor business ideas. However, if you possess the skill and could go through the rigor, it’s worth consideration.

The demands of outdoor painting are enormous. Some painting-related businesses include:

  • Paintless dent removal
  • Residential painting
  • Graffiti painting
  • Ship painting among others

However, executing these tasks requires a level of professionalism.  An experience in painting and an understanding of paints and primers would be a major advantage.

5. Guest Ranching

Guest ranching is a new niche in the hospitality and travel industry. As a guest rancher, your job is to accommodate guests and offer them thrilling activities such as horseback riding, swimming, outdoor barbecues, and mountain bike trail riding.

Although the guest ranch business is capital intensive and requires business expertise, it has also grown to be popular amongst travelers. Hence, you are guaranteed a return on investment.

Quality service is a major way to gain new customers who most likely were recommended by past customers who loved your service.

6. Greenhouse Installation

The greenhouse installation business is an outdoor business that is gaining popularity by the day. A greenhouse caters to middle-aged and most senior citizens looking for a way to keep themselves busy and fit.

Starting this business requires huge capital. At certain times, you might be needed to design, build and install a greenhouse for clients. As your brand grows, you enjoy more trust and patronage.

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7. Landscaping and Gardening

Are you an outdoor person who loves to interact with nature, plant trees and flowers, and not mind the physical labor involved? Then, it would help if you considered venturing into the landscaping business.

As a landscaper, you beautify homes, business locations, as well as public gatherings. But to get started, you would need certain materials such as sprinkler systems, plant materials, and decorative accents.

Furthermore, being knowledgeable about sprinkler systems and different boulders is a must. And regularly updated knowledge of plants, flowers, trees, and their varieties are also required.

Lastly, it would be best to start with residences and increase your capacity to business places as you can expand.

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8. Roof Installation service

No one wants to live in a building that has no roof. Hence, room installation services are required in residential and business places.

There are many niches in this business. Each niche has peculiar roofing materials such as asphalt, steel, cedar, and composite materials. Knowing which materials you are comfortable with will guide your choice of niche.

Secondly, there are several options to consider when choosing to go into this business. Also, you can either choose to represent a roofing manufacturer, directly carry out roof installations for clients, or subcontract from a new home builder.

Thirdly, profit-making is guaranteed, however always ensure to check for local regulations regarding roof installations.

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9. Snow Removal Business

Wintertime comes with a little bit of discomfort. For instance, you have snow blocking driveways and walkways, thereby obstructing movement.

You can turn this situation into a money-making opportunity because many people have a hard time clearing snow and would rather pay to have someone else clear it.

However, the business is seasonal but has a huge profit-making potential.

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10. Parking Lot Cleaning

Parking lots at most business places get littered with disposable cups, food wrappers e.t.c. This gives a negative impression about such business, hence the need for a parking lot cleaner. An outdoor entrepreneur who pitches his services right can’t run out of clients.

Equipment required for this business includes the portable power sweeper, mounted on the back of a pickup truck. The equipment is inexpensive and extends the scope of your service to underground parking lots.

13. Ice Cream Stand

If you have a history of developing ice cream recipes and have gotten excellent feedback from family and friends, you should also consider going into this line of business.

Ice cream is loved by both young and elderly persons. Hence ice-cream making is a highly lucrative outdoor business idea. In addition, target traffic-prone areas to increase demand for your product.

14. Horse Ride Training

Several people fantasize about riding horses but never really get the opportunity to. Therefore, if you have a passion for riding horses and the wherewithal, you should consider a horse riding business.

However, the business requires careful handling. And to get started, you will need to own or have access to stable, training, and boarding facilities which are capital intensive.

But if you do not have enough capital, you can start with a few horses that can be boarded at a local farm. Then, you can hold horse riding lessons on the farm while you pay the farm owners for utilizing their facility.

Either way, you are guaranteed a return on investment over a few months.

15. Construction Cleanup Services

Individuals who consider this outdoor business idea are saddled with the responsibility of professionally cleaning newly built or renovated homes. They ensure the cleanliness of such properties before the owners move in.

Some specific tasks include:

  • Cleaning windows both inside and outside
  • Dusting and washing all surfaces
  • Removing stickers from windows and appliances
  • Hauling away construction debris 

This business requires little capital to purchase chemicals and equipment. In addition, more services can be rendered to increase profit. Such services include polishing interior glass, marble and tile surfaces, dusting and washing walls, and vacuuming floors.

16. Event Management

If you are skilled in planning and have superb organizational ability, this is the outdoor business idea for you.

This does not require any form of qualification, however, an events management degree is a plus. Events management services are rendered at:

  • corporate meetings
  • Festivals
  • Wedding parties and the likes

Your skill and an excellent track record are required to land you customers. Furthermore, you could promote your brand on social media or through word of mouth.

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17. WindSurfing Instructor

Windsurfing is a sport for fun lovers and adventure seekers where you will glide over waves at 30miles per hour.  With a skill like this, you could make money by instructing those willing to learn.

What is required is your ability to surf. The sport is adventurous but inexpensive as little capital is needed for the purchase of equipment.

Also, ensure you are strategic about your business location. Busy beaches that are major tourist destinations will have you busy all year round. You can partner with other instructors when overwhelmed with clients.

18. Outdoor photography

Photography gives you the flexibility to work indoors and outdoors. But, a typical outdoor entrepreneur can specialize in predominantly outdoor photography niches.

This outdoor business idea is very lucrative, as there is a high demand for outdoor photographers. As an outdoor photographer, you engage clients outside a studio. Some outdoor photography niches to consider include:

  • Commercial photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Real-estate photography

All that you need is the right skills and quality photography equipment. Also, make extra profit from the sale of photos on websites like Shutterstock. Uploading your photos on social media can also help attract clients to you.

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19. Billboard Advertising Business

Billboards advertising serves as an effective way to market products to many people at once.  As a result, many brands still find it strategic to invest in billboard advertising.

Therefore, taking advantage of this opportunity is worth it. As a billboard advertising agency, you could charge between $150 to $1000 depending on the complexity of your client’s desired design. 

A good place to start is to research government regulations on advertising in your locality. Once adequately informed, you can then scout for locations with high visibility.

Afterward, you can negotiate with billboard landowners at selected locations and market these spots to businesses. From there, you can grow your business into a larger and more structured organization.

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What are the most successful outdoor businesses?

The most successful outdoor businesses are transportation and outdoor photography businesses as the potential for growth is high. You can make an average of $70,000 to $150,000 if you put in the right effort.

How can you start a transport business?

Start by choosing any transportation business of your choice. Secondly, evaluate the business’s good and bad side. Thirdly, identify the legal requirements to start. After that, you can raise capital to purchase your vehicle. However, you could work for a cab service such as Uber and Lyft.

Who should consider outdoor entrepreneurship ideas?

Outdoorsy and extroverted people should consider outdoor business. Some of these factors could include your love for adventure, dislike for indoor office jobs, desire to have a lifestyle that suits your extroverted personality.

Is outdoor photography profitable?

Yes, outdoor photography is a lucrative business. However, it has quite a rough start, but you could make more money from it as you get more recognition.


This post has highlighted several outdoor business ideas, however, the list is not exhaustive.

I will advise that you go for painting if you possess painting skills and can go through the rigor because the opportunities within the painting industry are pretty numerous.

Secondly, if you are skilled in planning and have super organizational ability, consider event management.

Furthermore, you could start up a transport business if you don’t mind being mobile. Also, it is pretty easy to become one since there are many transport companies available across various countries.

Lastly, if you do not fancy outdoor businesses, these home business ideas can give you insight into businesses you can start from a corner in your room.

I hope this post helped.

Thanks for reading.