How To Make Money With General Home Repair Services: Your Best Money-Making Options

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The housing market has gained momentum in recent years. Many experts back this growth, suggesting that the market is likely to continue its upwards trajectory. This means opportunities for homeowners and novice investors to make money with general home repair services.

The term ‘home repair’ is used to refer to a set of activities that are related to the maintenance and improvement of a household, whether it is a single-family home or a multiple-unit building. Homes are always in need of some type of service. 

Whether it’s home repairs, maintenance, renovations, decorating, or cleaning, your services can fill that need. You can start this business part-time, but expect it to grow into a full-time business. The following paragraphs outline a few general home repair services, and ways to make money from them.

1. Make Money With Gardening Services

Popular with homeowners and renters alike, gardening services can be a great way to offer your general home repair services to the community and make money in return. 

The most important aspect of gardening services is knowing what type of work to offer. There are several different types of services that you can include in your gardening business. One option is residential landscaping. 

This means you would focus on maintaining someone’s lawn and landscaping needs. In some cases this is a full-service package, which includes mowing the lawn, weeding flower beds, fertilizing, pulling weeds, and so forth all in one visit.

With the right tools for the job, a professional proposal or pitch, and the ability to recognize common problems, you’ll be able to succeed with this business idea.

2. Get Paid To Refurbish Interior Decoration 

A great way to make money with general home repair services is through interior decoration. There are many people today who enjoy decorating their homes, but they always need a pro to guide them and help them. This is where you can earn money. 

Many agencies out there offer interior designers, but most of these interior designers are very expensive and some homeowners can’t afford them. If you are handy with decorating skills and can carry out small or large decorating projects, why not think of getting paid to do it?

If you can do it, you can make some good money. Just search for interior designer jobs online or call a local interior design agency. If you succeed, you can make up to $30 to $50 per hour. Another option is to sell refurbished furniture. If you have a huge garage full of old furniture, refurbish them. 

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3. Offer General Home Inspection Services

The service may sound simple, but you can charge quite a bit of money for your services. If you’re looking for ways to start your own business or increase your income, consider offering this service. Why?

Homeowners, sellers, and buyers can all benefit from a comprehensive home inspection. A pre-purchase inspection provides the buyer with a checklist of conditions that pertain to the physical structure. 

The inspection can help identify potential defects that may need to be addressed prior to the closing of the sale, or that may be covered under the seller’s disclosures. An inspection also provides an idea of what it will take to maintain the home moving forward. 

The owner/seller benefits by having a report outlining minor issues that could otherwise develop into costly repairs if not addressed in a timely manner. 

4. Make Money With Deep House Cleaning Services

What if you offer deep house cleaning services to your client? If you have a reliable cleaning business you can use, you could offer to deep house cleaning your client’s home at the same time that you do their general home repair services. 

That way you’re already familiar with their house and you won’t have to worry about making changes to the cleaning plan. Research how much people are willing to pay for deep house cleaning and what deep house cleaning services are available before you do it.

A cleaning service can be the ultimate general home repair business. Not only does it require little startup cost (and can even be done out of your own home), but it’ll keep on making you money again and again with very little effort involved.

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5. Get Paid for Basement Remodeling Services

Homeowners are more and more interested in having a basement to get their kids ready for school and just so that they can have some time to themselves. It may also be necessary to fix or remodel a basement to add more space or to make it more appealing. 

To be more specific, basement remodeling includes the following:

  • Replace or install hardwood flooring
  • Add more space in the basement
  • Improve the overall appearance of the basement

You can help turn your client’s basement into an additional living space by adding storage space, constructing an entertaining area, or even creating a home office. And above all, you can make more money by offering a reliable and safe basement remodeling service as part of your general home repair service.

6. Get Paid for CCTV Camera Sales and Installation 

Home burglaries are becoming a major part of the crime scene in many places. In fact, there was a report that a home burglary happens every day in some locations. Therefore, everyone is interested in high-quality surveillance security services to improve the protection of their house.

To reduce this crime wave, you could add a CCTV surveillance camera installation and consultation service. When you add this to your general home repair service, you are sure to make more money.

As a CCTV system installer, you can make a tidy profit. Businesses and individuals hire you to install their cameras and equipment. You do the setup, troubleshoot problems, and provide service when needed.

7. Offer HVAC Repair and Maintenance Services

HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning. Don’t be intimidated about servicing this major home system. Most repairs are easy and can be made quickly. Besides, HVAC specialists are in demand in all parts of the country. 

You can make money with your general home repair service by offering HVAC repair and maintenance services. Most homes have at least some of these components. When you know much more about HVAC systems, you are able to charge more for your services than a technician who only specializes in one factor. 

If you devote the time to learning this trade, this could be a lucrative business opportunity for you to offer homeowners who are looking to reduce their utility bills without having to replace their HVAC system.

8. Make Money With Plumbing Systems and Drainage Services

If you are handy, then general home repair services are worth looking into to make money. Toilets, faucets, and plumbing pipes often call for urgent attention. This means part-time plumbing service is a profitable side business idea.

No matter what the job, you can make money with plumbing services. Whether fixing a leaky faucet or providing new drainage systems for residential homes, there are plenty of opportunities to get your foot in the door. 

The most important requirement? In addition to a genuine interest in your clients, you will need a license from your state or municipality that certifies that you can do general plumbing repairs. If you have been considering home improvement services anyway, this is a low-cost way to get started today. 

9. Make Money With Windows and Door Repairs and Maintenance Services

If you’re a handyman, window and door repairs and maintenance services can be a lucrative niche business. People will rely on you for all sorts of home improvement projects that aren’t covered under a warranty.

Having so many different types of windows to consider, such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, wood casement, or aluminum casement, usually means that it is best to hire a professional in this industry. Homeowners may be able to save money by utilizing your services when renovating or providing upgrades. 

Window replacement and other home repairs can provide a steady income stream. Your first step should be to determine the level of damage, the probable cause, and the scope of the work required to remedy the situation.

10. Offer Lighting and Electrical Services

Lightning and electrical services are very popular in most communities. Spring storms create havoc on home’s electric systems. Even the smallest electrical problem can create big safety concerns for homeowners, leaving them with more than just a power outage. 

Electricians will be required to get the power back on as soon as possible, so the power outage won’t affect their businesses or families. You can make money with general home repair by offering lighting and electrical services. 

This service is always in demand. Also, when people move into new homes or want to change the color of their homes, they usually call in an electrician. You can incorporate this service into your general home repairs services and make money.

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Bonus Point: Consider insurance for general home repair service to Save Money

Good business practice dictates that an owner should be properly insured for anything that might happen on-site, or because of something that was done on-site. General home repair services are no exception.

If you are in business for repairs or general home maintenance, consider getting an insurance policy to protect yourself. This includes liability coverage that will fund legal costs for damages you accidentally cause to the property of others while performing repairs or maintenance.

How Much Money Can You Make With General Home Repair Services?

If you work hard and provide a high-quality service, you can make money with general home repair services. On certain repairs, some people have made up to $250 per hour, while others typically earn between $90 and $100 per hour.

Furthermore, if you’re able to locate a service area where there are more homeowners than renters, a home repairs business can be very lucrative. You can earn between $40,000 and $70,000 per year if you keep overhead costs low.


What are general home repair services?

General home repair services are related to repair and maintenance tasks. These could be from simple, non-appliance problems such as a leaky roof to more complex repairs related to appliances, the heating and cooling system, and other aspects of a house.

What is the best way to get and retain customers in this kind of business?

Simply put: provide your customers with the advice and solutions they need in a timely and effective manner. It also helps to be personable and friendly to make a positive impression. In addition, use quality products that will long outlive your customer’s warranty period. 

Is it advisable to register your business with third-party home repair services providers?

Yes. It is advisable to register your business with third-party home repair services providers. You can improve your business reputation and generate more revenue by working with a diverse group of home repair services providers. 

That way, they will continue to give you notifications of jobs, providing more work for your business. It will also allow you to show all of your qualifications and experience to the homeowners before they let you into their homes.

Final Thoughts 

Home repair is a huge business in the United States. It is common for parents to make home repair projects a personal goal when their children are ill, when they need new appliances, when their roof leaks, etc. Offering general home repair services is one of the most popular ways to make money.

If you are also interested in other money gigs or passive income streams, see the article on best passive income ideas. Make money on a steady basis whether or not you’re offering your general home repair services. 

Another option is to consider other businesses that can make you money without stress. See remote job business ideas to be your boss and work even in your pajamas.

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