How to Make Money as a Wedding Planner: 7 Side Hustle Ideas

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How can you make money as a wedding planner?

Most people that want to become wedding planners usually ignore the idea because they are scared of failing. They are also scared of not making enough money from it. Lots of people are missing the numerous benefits associated with becoming a wedding planner because they don’t have access to the secrets that will transform their idea into a 6-figure wedding planning business.

In this article, I will share some of the strategies that you can use to make money as a wedding planner. These strategies have worked for lots of people and they will also work for you in getting clients and making a living from wedding planning.

1. Create a Blog

One of the most effective methods you can use to make money as a wedding planner is to create a blog where you publish posts on topics that relate to wedding planning. This method helps you to showcase your skills and portray yourself as the go-to wedding planner in your industry.

Apart from publishing articles, you can also make money from your blog through the following ways:

  • Sponsored ads
  • Affiliate marketing (promote other people’s products about weddings and earn a commission for each sale)
  • Create and promote your products
  • Sign up for Google AdSense and earn from ads

For this method to be effective, ensure you offer value. Don’t focus on selling alone but on helping your audience find answers to their questions. This will go a long way in driving more traffic to your site with time.

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2. Use Instagram and Pinterest to Advertise Your Services

Websites like Instagram and Pinterest are great for those in the wedding planning industry. About 46 percent of people were influenced by the presence of a vendor on social media platforms. Also, 34 percent of people contacted a vendor via social media.

This implies that if you want to get more clients and increase your revenue, you need to maintain a strong presence on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. It is also a good idea to consider Twitter and Facebook; these are also great for putting yourself out there.

However, selling should not be your main focus when you are on social media. You need to see platforms like Instagram and Pinterest as marketing tools, rather than avenues for booking clients. This will allow you to showcase your personality on your platforms and increase the number of people you reach.

According to Christie Osborne, an event planner at Mountainside Media, “think of social media as a way to get found. It’s not a way to book brides. When you think about ROI for your social media efforts, consider it as a lead-generating tool.”

If you want to create an Instagram and Pinterest presence that will increase your business’s reach, attract people to your website, and increase your income, you need to create and share unique visual content. This content can be shots from the last wedding you planned or a valuable infographic that you created for couples-to-be.

Ensure you use hashtags to increase your reach and make sure the images on your site can be pinned, and have Pinterest buttons embedded for them.

3. Combine SEO with Top-Notch Customer Service

When it comes to generating more revenue for your wedding planning business, SEO is important. About 50 percent of the couples that are searching for wedding planners find them through a web search. This means that if you cannot be found online, you are losing lots of money.

The wedding planning industry still depends on word of mouth to attract new clients. About 52 percent of brides ask their family and friends for recommendations when looking for a wedding planner. Apart from that, 74 percent of clients are influenced by word of mouth.

These statistics mean that you will need to strike a balance between SEO and maintaining good customer relationships. Although SEO is important to the success of any business, word of mouth is also important. You need to combine both of them to achieve tangible results.

Ensure you optimize your website and online presence for SEO. As you do this, don’t forget to build a strong relationship with your customers so that they can help sell your business via positive word of mouth.

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4. Don’t Consider Any Client as being Average

If you want to make money as a wedding planner, don’t consider anyone as being average.

In the wedding planning industry, you will come across lots of discussions about an “average” client. For instance, The Knot (a wedding website) published a report on average wedding expenditures. The study concluded that United States-based couples spend an average of $29,858, while they spent an average amount of $1,874 on wedding planning.

Instead of seeing a potential client as average, you need to identify your target customer. To do this, know the type of people you plan weddings for. Your target customer is unique and isn’t the national average.

Your ideal customer is a discrete section of the industry and has his or her budget, needs, and habits. Thinking that some customers are average is a challenge when you don’t remember that such types of customers don’t exist.

If you want to combat this myth and generate more income for your wedding planning business, ensure you create a user persona that is informed by the primary market research of your ideal customers. This will give you a clear understanding of who your ideal customers; thereby helping you to create a more targeted and personal marketing campaign.

5. Pay for Online Adverts

Another way to make money as a wedding planner is to market your wedding planning business via paid online advertising. Websites like and have advertising options for wedding planning experts. You can also find local wedding blogs and sites with paid advertising options in your city or state.

Also, you can invest in Facebook ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads, and Instagram ads. These advertising channels are effective for creating more awareness for your wedding planning business and generating new clients.

6. Publish Your Work

Publishing your works (such as weddings, events, and photoshoots) online and in pint is effective in giving more exposure to your wedding planning business. This will not only help you attract potential leads from couples that read your publication but you will also be seen as an expert.

By portraying yourself as an expert in your niche, you will gain prospects’ trust and they will be more willing to hire you since your work is published.

7. Outsource Where Possible

According to Jennifer Gilbert, the founder of Save the Date (an event planning company), wedding planners need to outsource everything. This will give them enough time and energy. So, delegating tasks that others can do will help you focus on other aspects of your business to provide the best service.

This is highly effective for the wedding planning business. When you free up your time to do what you do best, you will be able to attract more clients. As a result, you will generate more income, while still offering the best service possible.

The question now is; “what can you outsource?”

That depends on what you can do excellently. But some of the popular tasks that wedding planners outsource include website design and development, logo design, bookkeeping, and other tasks that are not directly related to your wedding planning tasks.

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How to Increase Your Income as a Wedding Planner

An effective way to increase your income as a wedding planner is to have a good customer relationship. It’s a matter of common sense to provide good customer service. However, that does not mean that all business owners adopt it.

To build a good relationship with your customers, you need to have good communication with them and must be ready to effectively handle bad and impatient customers. Customers are the kings of any business but keeping them can be a daunting but rewarding task.

Why You Should Become a Wedding Planner?

The main reason you should become a wedding planner is that you will have the opportunity to create long-lasting memories for your clients. As a wedding planner, you will handle anything and everything at your clients’ weddings, thereby helping your clients make the most of their wedding day.

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Make?

This is one of the most important questions people ask before they decide to go to wedding planner school get certified, or market their new wedding planning business. Wedding planners make about $44,260 per year or $3,262 per wedding.


Can you make money as a wedding planner?

Yes, you can make money as a wedding planner. There are lots of wedding planners that support their families with the earnings made from their wedding planning career. However, it may be rare to become financially wealthy as a wedding planner.

How do you start my career as a wedding planner?

To become a wedding planner, here are simple steps that you can follow:

  • Establish specific wedding planning goals.
  • Carry out industry research to understand who your clients are and how to meet their needs.
  • Enroll in formal wedding training.
  • Write your business plan.
  • Create a marketing plan for your wedding planning business.
  • Source for the tools you need to execute a successful wedding planning business.

Is wedding planning a good career?

Wedding planning centers around helping two people have the happiest and most memorable day of their lives while ensuring that they are within budget without going beyond schedule. Wedding planning is a good and rewarding career. Since people will always get married, you will not experience any downturn in opportunities.


Wedding planning is simple and requires little time to start. If you are brainstorming about a business that you can venture into and start making money, you can consider wedding planning. Apart from the fact that it is simple, wedding planning is also a profitable business.

When it comes to making money as a wedding planner, specialization and narrowing down your focus play a strategic role in ensuring success. When you focus on knowing your ideal clients, you will be able to deliver services that will make your customers happy and satisfied. When they are happy, they will recommend you to their friends, family, and loved ones.

Combine this focus with a reliable social media presence and SEO strategy, and you have a solid method that will help you make money as a wedding planner.

Now that you know how you can make money with wedding planning, here’s another article on Tosinajy that shows you how you can make money online without any investment. Thanks for reading.

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