14 Quick Tips on How to Make Money with Photography

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Making money with photography is possible. Photographers can use their talent to supplement or make their living. In this post, we will suggest tips on how to make money with photography. The opportunities are endless.

As a photographer, you have many options for earning a living in the digital age. And with some creativity and perseverance, you can carve out a nice little spot to make a good income. In fact, there are many photography niche markets that can jump-start your photography business.

One day you might be able to quit your day job and focus on your passion for photography full time. Okay, okay. We know. That sounds like a plan for crazy talk, right? Well, we have a plan to help you get started down the road to making money with photography. 

1. Pursue makeup and wedding photography

In the field of professional photography, wedding photography is one of the better ways to make money. It is one of the most important events in a person’s life. 

Because it is such an important event, people will spend much more than they would spend on any other type of photography. Depending on your area, you can make an average of $1,000 for a wedding event.

Wedding photography is a rewarding and unique career direction. Instead of helping people see things, you help people feel things. 

Plus, you get to meet tons of new people, walk around outdoors and shoot a lot of pictures that you then get the chance to sell for money. 

2. Make your own photo book

A photo book is a tangible gift for friends or family and shows them how much they are loved. They can reminisce as they flip through the photos, making their imaginations run wild.

As the heading suggests. Make a photo book and sell it. 

There are many websites that will allow you to make a photo book with your own images and sell them online. Besides, you can create and edit a photo book yourself with some software

This is of course if you don’t want to use a website. You could also take your image and place it on various Design Templates such as Canva to make your own Photobooks.

3. License through Flickr & Getty Images

Get paid for your work. The Flickr creative commons program allows users to license any of their photos for commercial use. 

Once you upload your photos, anyone can buy a license to use your images for an unlimited number of products or advertisements.

There are many photographers who spend a lot of time and money shooting a beautiful sunset or a pretty flower. You can license any of these images from Flickr or Getty images for an average of about $200. 

4. Offer your skills on freelancer platforms

Photography is a skill set. You can monetize this skill by offering your photography skills on freelancer platforms.

Create a profile and create a portfolio on a freelancer platform. These are websites where you can offer your photography services.

The best part about this is that most of these sites are free to join. 

Photographers that know what they’re doing can win major clients and make a fortune from their efforts.

5. Join photo contests

It’s true, you can win photo contests and make money.

Photography contests are one of the best ways for photographers to make some extra money. Besides, you can also win prizes and awards. 

We’re not talking about joining photo contests that have a monthly membership fee. I mean free photo contests that don’t charge you anything to submit your photos! 

These types of contests can be found on forums, social media groups, and boards all over the internet.

6. Teach photography

Teach photography to make extra money. This is common approach photographers use to make money shortly after they get familiar with the craft. 

Teaching photography builds confidence and business skills, while also providing an income. 

There are lots of private teaching opportunities available that can be employed as a part of this strategy. 

Teaching photography classes is a great way to make a part-time income from your hobby. You can set your own hours and teach at the location of your choice.

What’s more, teaching does not have to be in person, but you can if you like. You also can present seminars on webinar sites and charge for access (this is a growing market now).

But, make sure you enjoy teaching before using this strategy to make money with your photography skills.

7. Create a blog about photography

Making money with photography is a matter of getting people to see your images.

What better way to teach others how to use your products than through a blog? Add a photography section to your website and use it as your online business card.

Blogs can serve as a light-hearted and fun space to showcase your work. Also, to provide an outlet for commentary on your field of interest. 

Whatever your specific focus and niche are, blogging about photography may be the ticket to your creative success.

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8. Partner with real estate agents

An increasing number of real estate agents and brokers are finding that taking photos of homes for sale is a great way to stand out in their markets.

Source for real estate agents that need photographers for their listings. This can be a great opportunity to earn extra income every time you go out with your camera.

Also, this will help you build up a database of local real estate agents that you can reach out to for future opportunities.

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9. Become a social influencer

Taking and sharing pictures/videos of your experience have worked for others but you can get paid for it. 

Today, social influencers earn hundreds of times more than ever before, by getting sponsored and promoting brands. 

Social influencers are some of the highest-paid social media users. The best part about becoming a social influencer is that you do not have to be an extreme personality like most other famous social media stars.

If you want to take a shot at photography then you need to step up your online presence. 

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10. Join a tour company

If you have your gear, then it’s time to cash in on your skills. You can start by joining a tour company that offers photography as one of its packages.

There are many tour companies that offer photography tours. These are tours where the main focus is photo taking.

Besides, working with a tour company gives you the opportunity to travel to new places and take photographs.  What’s more, you meet new people and make friends.

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11. Work for magazines

If you have a niche in photography and want to make money, find magazines that are looking for what you do.

 If you are a landscape photographer, look for magazines or publications that need landscapes.  

Look at the work of professional photographers who have worked with those publications and try to mimic their techniques.  

You can use Adobe Lightroom to pull back on the lighting and the contrast in your photos to get something that looks like what they shoot.

12. Start a photo booth business

A photo booth is a real-life, in-person version of Instagram. It turns the lives of anyone nearby into an open canvas for your business’ artistic vision. 

Once you’ve set up the booth, you’re well on your way to making money. Of course, there’s more to it than setting up a photo booth. What if nobody takes photos? What sort of photo designs should you use? 

Don’t fret, the photo booth business is simple, creative, and fun. The best part is that many people love indulging in this whimsical pastime, whether they want to remember a special occasion or get silly for the camera! 

Yet, you choose to run your photo booth business, be sure to plan ahead–after all, taking pictures of people having fun takes time!”

13. Lease your studio space if you travel a lot

Have a separate studio space but never use it? Are you a photographer who travels a lot?

One great option to make money as a photographer is to lease your studio to other photographers who may not have their own space, but are always in need of one.

The advantage of having another exclusive artist work in your studio means you’ll have someone to look after your things while you’re away on trips.

14. Become a paparazzo

So you’d like to make some money with your camera and without having to be a commercial photographer or work for a newspaper? How would you like to become a paparazzo?

A paparazzo is a person who photographs high-profile and/or famous individuals, usually entertainers, politicians, athletes, etc., 

Considering how famous people make money, it is no surprise that aspiring paparazzi can make some money for themselves by taking photos of these celebs. 

Getting close enough to take a photo is the hard part.  But, once you get a shot, you can submit it to a news agency or sell them yourself on an online stock photography site.


Making money with photography is not only workable, but it is also easy. If you want to make money with photography there are many opportunities out there for you. 

It’s all about finding the right combination of the skills you have, building up a portfolio, and thinking outside the box. The information is out there but it is a case of sorting through what is available and making an informed decision! 

Keep this in mind, you don’t need to be a famous photographer. Be a consistent one who earns enough revenue through his or her pictures. Good luck.

Thanks for reading.