See 15 Legit Ways to Make Money Online As A Teenager

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If you are a teenager and looking for ways to make money online, this post is for you. Making money online doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Online business is a golden opportunity that every teenager should grasp with both hands. But, to succeed with your online business at this age, you will need to develop discipline and good habits at the beginning. 

You do not have to be a genius or have exceptional skills. Nor do you need to be an adult or have a large budget to make money online as a teenager. 

Do you want to know how you can start making money online? Let’s get started.

1. Complete online surveys

There’s no better time to realize that your thoughts count when you are a teenager. You can take surveys any day of the week from home as soon as you get up. 

You don’t need to look for surveys in newspapers and magazines like you would with some other survey websites. 

Just stay online and watch out for the pop-up windows that appear on the screen. Click on one, and it will take you to a survey company website where you can participate in a survey.

You can save some extra money for college by completing online surveys. Many survey sites are willing to pay for your opinions. If you are looking for a way to make money online as a teenager by giving your opinions, I would highly recommend Swagbucks. It is one of the easiest ways to make money online. 

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2. Sell stock photos 

Thousands of people visit iStock every day looking for the perfect image to illustrate their story or support their cause. 

That means only one thing: your photos could be seen by millions of people and generate significant income. Stock photography is getting increasingly difficult to sell online. 

To make money in stock photography, you need quality photos that fit into niches that aren’t as popular. You also need to get your photos online so that website owners can buy them to use on their site. 

It is so simple to sell stock photos today. Gone are the days when it was a hassle to sell photos online. 

Nowadays, with many image-based websites, you can browse thousands and thousands of photographs to get inspiration to create your unique portfolio.

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3. Make money with your voice

What if I told you there was a way to make money with your voice? When I first discovered this, I couldn’t believe it! 

Making money with your voice is just as feasible as with any other skill you possess. If you are less comfortable with heavy investments or financial obligations, making money with your voice may appeal to you more.

It’s surprising how much money people are making by doing this. There are lots of ways to make money on the Internet using your voice. 

For some, it’s a side gig they do in their spare time. For others, it’s something they do full-time from the comfort of home.

Businesses and individuals pay for a variety of reasons, from auditions to call centers. You can make money by doing something you love to provide a service to others.

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4. Make money as a proofreader

Delete, correct, rewrite the text. If you’re a native English speaker who is a good proofreader, there’s no reason not to make money on the web. 

The main task of a proofreader is to correct the text that the client submitted. There are many different types of texts typical for such work: articles, websites, advertorials, instruction manuals, and catalogs. 

To become a good proofreader and earn money in this area, you have to read and interpret text professionally. Besides, one of the significant advantages of this is that you can set your schedule and work on your own time. 

You could be editing well-written white papers for a high-profile client one day and then proofreading legal documents the next.

5. Create websites for small businesses

As a teenager, if you have software or programming skills, you can make a profit. People use the internet to find services and products that fit their needs. 

For example, an individual who needs legal advice can search for lawyers on the internet. The same is true for enterprises and companies looking for website designers to create their online presence and market their services or products. 

You can find clients easily on freelancing websites. You will be bidding against others trying to win the business of those searching for website designers and developers of their websites. 

The truth is that most business owners do not have the time needed to maintain a website. If you start this business, you will get paid up to $200 for simple blog websites. 

However, if you’re up for it, you can always create more complex sites with three or more pages.

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6. Make money as a copywriter 

Copywriting is a highly lucrative field. You would be writing for the world’s most popular websites in your desired niche and get paid well for each piece of content you’d be creating. 

The definition of a copywriter is someone who writes and edits advertising material for publication, whether in print or online. This is what you’ll do when you write a copy for clients. 

The more quality content you produce, the more clients will line up to hire you. Becoming a freelance copywriter is a fantastic way to earn some extra cash in your teen years. 

Copywriters need to have good grammar skills, creative writing skills, and research skills. If you have these three skills, you can likely be a good copywriter.

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7. Create engaging YouTube videos 

With over 1 billion active users, YouTube has become one of the most important sources of information and entertainment. 

Creating engaging videos that get good ratings is a great way to not only build an online community but increase your exposure and improve your visibility on search engines. 

This way, you also make money online because fans, customers, companies pay them to listen to what they say. YouTubers also get paid for ads they have in their videos. Fans of certain YouTubers are willing to pay. 

Several YouTubers get a lot of money this way, and it is no surprise. If I had known this was possible when I was 14 or 15, I would have started making videos right away as well.

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8. Sell old toys or gadgets online

It might sound hilarious, but I’m realistic. Do you have old toys or gadgets in your home? If so, it is the perfect time to sell them.

Regardless of how old these gadgets are, people look for the product you have, so why not get quick money out of it? 

One of the great things about the Internet is that it allows you to sell your unused or unwanted stuff to people worldwide. 

Sites like eBay and Amazon accept the selling of second-hand goods. Obviously, the older the product is, the more valuable it;’s likely to be, and the price will reflect this.

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9. Play video games online

Can you believe that it is possible to make money while playing video games? You might scoff at the idea, but in reality, this is very true. Video games are fun. The Internet is fun. Why not find a way to have the fun of both together? 

Playing video games at home can earn you money online. To play online video games, you must have excellent hand-eye coordination and the ability to understand fast. 

Some of the most popular video game sites online pay you for playing them. All you have to do is sign up at these websites and start playing.

Playing video games online requires consistent practice and broadens your knowledge of various games. Except for a natural talent for playing video games, it does not necessitate any particular skill or talent. 

Playing video games for money is extremely popular among teenagers these days. Playing video games online can earn you hundreds of dollars per month. 

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10. Make money as an online customer service provider 

Make money online as a teenager by doing something that you’re already good at – chatting. You can work at home, in your pajamas, just making a few dollars per hour. 

You can do it while doing your homework, watching TV, and socializing with friends. And you can start right now with a reputable company that provides excellent customer service. 

Online customer service providers answer questions and assist customers through chat, email, or phone. 

The main requirements for this job are a computer with Internet access and technical knowledge regarding computer hardware and software troubleshooting.

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11. Manage social media accounts for businesses

Many businesses use social media for advertising. They might need help editing profiles, posting new content, and interacting with customers. 

This type of work can be done online using a computer and often does not require training, although it may require some experience with social media networks. 

Students who are great at social media management can be of great value to numerous businesses. This activity is not just about spreading the word about a product from your company but also involves creating content for social media profiles.

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12. Start online tutor classes

Young people, especially teenagers, are fascinated by the web and what’s possible there. 

Besides, teenagers are looking for ways to make money online fast. What better way to do it than offer tutoring services online at your convenience? Look for a subject near and dear to your heart. 

You might be surprised how many students are out there looking for a tutor, especially for subjects like Math and English. If you’re a high school or college student studying a related major, advertise your services to local parents or through online classified sites.

So, if you have a passion for teaching or tutoring, online tutoring is still one of the best ways to make money from home. The recent emergence of online tutoring has allowed many people to work on their schedules.

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13. Create a blog and monetize it

One of the most common online businesses that teens can start is a blog. Year in and year out, blogs are consistently one of the best ways to create an online business. 

If you are wondering how to make money online as a teenager, blogging is one of your best options. Almost every website is run by earning money from ads. 

When you manage your blog, you are the person who gets paid for every ad that’s shown on your site. Your earnings will depend on how many visitors you get daily and how much they are willing to spend on advertisements. 

Learn the basics of building your blog by using website builders such as WordPress or Wix. You can monetize a blog. Another way to monetize a blog is by selling your products and services. 

People will visit your blog because they want to know more about what piques your interest. If they see some value in what you’re saying, then they’ll be interested in learning more about you.

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14. Teach a foreign language online

Do you speak Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, or are you fluent in other languages? Teaching a foreign language online is another excellent way to make money online as a teenager. 

Many foreign language schools offer extra income for teachers, and most of them are looking for native speakers to teach. 

If you are interested in languages, it is probably safe to say that you do not just want to speak and read them, but you also want to master the grammar and structure them. 

Teaching a foreign language online can enable you to do this, and at the same time, allow you to build up your following as well as eventually make a living through it.

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15. Become a social media influencer 

Thanks to the growth of social media, anyone can become an influencer in a matter of months. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Each day there appears a new social network. 

After all, who can resist the infinite opportunities that social media opens up? Everyone is doing it, so why shouldn’t you? 

Almost everyone these days looks up to social media influencers. Whether it is a famous blogger or a favorite makeup artist, we look at them for advice and recommendations when purchasing anything online.

They use their followers to promote various products and companies, and they get paid per post for each sponsorship. 

The trick is to build your audience and existing credibility quickly, then monetize it. This is a quick way to make money not only for young people but also for adults.

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Do you need parental consent to work online as a teen?

The jobs which people under the age of 18 can do are limited. A government permit may be necessary for some jobs of 14 years and younger people. Individuals aged 14 and under must be permitted to work by a parent.

Is working online safe for a teen?

Yes, it’s safe to work online. A teenager can learn a lot about responsibility, money management, and the value of hard work. 

Yet, there are also lots of scams. So, any teenager who wants to make money online should do thorough research before deciding what to do.

How much money can you make working online as a teen?

A great deal of money if you put your mind to it. I can honestly say that any teenager out there can work online and make hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

The hardest part about working online is getting started. The potential is endless. You just need to do a little research and find a suitable niche for you. 

There are plenty of places that are willing to pay you money for working for them.


There you have it, 15 ways to make money online for teenagers. Making money online is no easy task. It takes a lot of determination, research, and time. 

Teenagers (and young adults) have natural advantages when making money online that other age groups do not. There are opportunities for you to earn a living using your laptop or mobile phone from the convenience of your home. 

Finally, an idea is only as valuable as what happens after you have it. You can have a thousand ideas, but they are just that- ideas if they don’t lead to action.  

The very next step is making sure that your idea takes you where you would like it to go. I hope you enjoyed reading it and could pick up a thing or two that you can successfully implement. 

Check out the blog for some other insights on how to make money online.

Thank you for reading. Good luck.