How to Sell on Facebook

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E-commerce businesses are becoming more prevalent than in the past years. You can now sell, gain new customers and make money from the comfort of your home as long as you have a smartphone.

One of the platforms you can use to sell your products online is Facebook because of its daily increase in audience.

With the introduction of business pages on Facebook, you need not worry about who to sell to. People are now comfortable and becoming more open to buying things online.

Which means, for you to sell and reach a larger audience you have to properly learn how to effectively sell on Facebook.

How do you sell on Facebook?

1. Choose a physical product

You need to be aware that Facebook gives a limitation to what you can sell. They only allow physical products and you will have to go through some processes for your product to be approved on Facebook.

2. Prepare your products

Before you begin to post your products on Facebook, you must have known the kind of product you want to sell. You will be required to give a description of your business on Facebook and what your business is about.

Then get a picture of your products ready so you can post for your prospective customers to know what your products look like and include a relatable and relevant caption.

3. Create a business page on Facebook

Facebook will require you to fill in certain information about yourself, your business, and your mode of operation for your customers, to contact you after you must have accepted the policy and met the requirement of a business page.

Your business page is where you give information about your business. Customers and prospects can see available products and make purchases. Also, they are able to access any updates you might have about your business.

Once you’ve created your Facebook page, there are several options to sell your products.

Where to sell on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace

This is a community where you can interact with people you are familiar with or mutual friends. Where you can post products you are selling for people in your community to see and contact you if they want to buy. You don’t need to have a business page to do this.

The kind of products that is suitable for Marketplace is family and kids products. Because parents use Facebook the most and such products are likely to pique their interest.

Also, you should give detailed information about the product and your brand, for it to be sound convincing to your customer and make them aware of what exactly they are buying.

However, you need to activate your privacy to ensure that your audiences are focused on you because with time it’s likely you’ll start connecting with strangers. You should be sure that your Facebook setting is in “privacy.”

To make sales on the Facebook marketplace, you need to be available and be able to answer questions from prospects promptly. You should deliver products quickly devise a safe means for delivery.

Facebook-Integrated eCommerce platform

An e-commerce store can enhance more sales with not so much effort. When Facebook is integrated with an e-commerce store, it will help you keep track of your sales and you don’t have to do so much to track large sales.

For an e-commerce store, there are integrations with online tools that are helpful in tracking and delivering orders.

Also, an E-commerce platform can help with business expansion, that is going or selling beyond Facebook. That way, you can easily update your products, and add new or more products to your store.

Facebook groups

To join a Facebook group, make sure it is focused on your niche and people of the same interest. There is an administrator in the group that approves whether or not you can join the group.

Once you’ve been added, you can start posting and selling your products after you’ve given the necessary details of your products.

Your product description should be short and catchy in order to get the attention of the audience and buyers.

Also, the image of your products must be high-quality.  

How to promote your products on Facebook

1. Organic posts

Everyone likes to see contents that are relevant and are engaging. Beyond posting about your business, you must be willing to create contents that are helpful and relatable to your audience. Something that makes your audience keep coming back to your page.

You can make a video of how to make something, just anything that makes your audience feel you care and genuinely interested in them.  

2. Facebook Ads

After you must have taken the time to organically grow your Facebook page, you may want to consider running ads.

To advertise on Facebook, it can either be through sponsored posts or Facebook Ads.

In sponsored posts, your posts are able to reach a much larger audience depending on your budget and it has little text at the top of the post. While Facebook ads allow you to show various images of your product with a call to action.

A smart way to reach people of the same interest when you are just starting a business is through targeted Facebook Ads.

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger can serve as customer support, address customers concern, way customers and prospects can reach out to you. With this, you can build a relationship with your customers; get to know them better and know their preferences.

How to sell on Facebook

Also, you can use that as an avenue to introduce new or other products to your customers.

However, you don’t want your customers to think you are too desperate or trying to force a relationship. You must make them feel comfortable and give them reasons to choose you through your chats.


Selling on Facebook is a great way to kick start a new business. But when you begin to grow your business, you may need to make use of other social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, or even a Website. The goal is to expand.

Also, as a business you must stand for something, you can’t be involved in everything. Your audience should recognize you for a particular thing. If you are into every business, your audiences are likely to doubt your authenticity, which can affect your sales.

Since you are aware of how to sell on Facebook, you should start making use of these steps and most importantly, be willing to offer your customers value. Cheers to making more sales on Facebook.

Let me know if you have any questions and do well to check out more relevant content on my blog.