How To Make Money At Home: 10 Quick and Easy Ways To Make Money From Home

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Want to make money from home? You are in the right place. Keep reading to discover quick and easy ways to make money at home.

When the pandemic hit, lots of office-based businesses transitioned to work-from-home businesses, although temporarily.

According to a survey carried out by the Pew Research Center in 2020, more than 50 percent of those that started working from home during the pandemic prefer working remotely. More than 75 percent have proper workspaces and at-home business tech.

Pew also stated that more than 50 percent enjoy flexible scheduling that enables them to work at their discretion.

The pandemic has made people aware of the need to make money from home. The sudden lockdown and loss of jobs make it necessary to find earning alternatives in case of any other unforeseen circumstance.

In this guide, we will consider some quick and easy ways through which you can make money at home.

1. Set Up A Blog

Blogs are not just platforms where bored people share their views about everything. They are also legit sources of income for those that want to make money online.

You can start your blogging journey with an idea. If your idea is not unique, it needs to be more compelling than what your competitors are offering.

You must understand your blog’s subject matter and must also be able to write about it fluently. As you get used to it, your writing process will improve, and you will be able to craft great content within a short period.

The next line of action is to choose and buy a domain, website hosting, design your website, and plan your content. Although this seems like a lot of work that needs to be in place before you publish your first post, don’t be tempted to cut corners.

At this stage, you’re laying the foundation for a long-term source of income. Therefore, you need to do the right thing.

After creating your website and you’ve started getting followers, you can make money from your blog in many ways.

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2. Complete Online Surveys

In case you don’t know, your opinions are valuable. Lots of companies are willing to pay you to share your opinion about their products and services. The companies pay lots of money to understand what motivates their target audience and what they prefer.

You can complete online surveys from your home whenever you want. Here are some things you need to know about completing online surveys:

Time investment

Although you need to provide honest and sensible answers, you don’t need to spend lots of time on online surveys. Multi-taskers will love this. You are free to spend as much or as little time as you want. Surveys usually take between a couple of minutes and 30 minutes to complete.

That’s not all; you can complete as many or as few surveys as you want.

Earning potential

Although online surveys can help you make money online, they cannot make you rich. If you register with many survey companies and you’re diligent enough to complete the tasks assigned to you, you can earn a little bit above the minimum wage (maybe $10 per hour).

Legitimate online survey options

There are many survey panels on the internet and that makes it difficult for newbies to know the legitimate and reliable ones. Here are some of the most reputable and high-paying online surveys:

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a popular online survey panel that has many survey-taking opportunities. As a member, you will earn points for completing surveys and can withdraw your earnings once you earn at least 1000 points ($10).

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American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion sends its members one screening survey every month and one full-length survey every quarter. The earning potential of screening surveys is less than that of full-length surveys.

Screening surveys pay at most $0.50 per survey while full-length surveys can pay users about $50 per survey.

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Opinion Outpost

Unlike American Consumer Opinion, Opinion Outpost has more opportunities but it has a lower earning rate.

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Swagbucks has multiple earning opportunities through which users can make extra income. The platform has narrowly targeted, time-consuming surveys that pay well. It also has basic surveys that can be completed within one or two minutes, but their pay rates are ridiculously low.

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3. Write Online

If you want to pursue writing as your career, this is the best time to start. Although there are lots of online writing jobs that do not pay, you can still find some good ones that can pay you handsomely for writing quality and valuable content.

Here are some sites that you can check out:


This is a listicle website that pays $100 per accepted content.


It is a long-form content website with competitive rates. The website does not state the actual amount it pays. However, some websites state the site’s rates are between $500 and $1500.


Back2College is a website that is targeted at older students and pays at least $55 per accepted content.

All Pet Voices

This pet website pays $75 for each article they accept.


This website is dedicated to SMEs and HR professionals. It pays $200 per accepted article.

Loaded Landscapes

Loaded Landscapes is a photography site that pays between $20 and $150 per accepted article.

Income Diary

It is a website that is focused on making money online and pays between $200 and $500 for each accepted article.

A Fine Parent

This parenting website pays writers $75 per each accepted content.

As stated above, each of these websites pays for accepted articles. Therefore, ensure you read their criteria and go through the websites to see the nature and structure of their existing content. Some websites will prefer to receive your pitch before you send them your main article.

Although lots of freelance writers have regular clients, you can easily build a portfolio, create a niche, and earn higher and more reliable income when you work for some selected websites.

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4. Sell on eBay and Craigslist

Lots of people are earning a full-time income by selling on eBay and Craigslist. You can sell your items or can help others sell their items for a commission. Selling on eBay is more challenging than on Craigslist and you need to have good reviews before you can start selling high-ticket items.

eBay has resources that sellers can use to effectively sell on the platform. Carry out your research about the platform to understand how it works. You will find it easy to sell on eBay if you have good online marketing skills.

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5. Trade Cryptocurrency

As the digital space keeps evolving, our currency is not left out. Although cryptocurrency is still new, it will become the standard. Bitcoin and Ethereum may currently be the leading cryptocurrency platforms, the US Dollar will be the Digital Dollar by making use of the blockchain network.

You can benefit from the current cryptocurrency boom by trading it on different platforms such as Kraken and eToro, amongst other platforms.

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6. Offer Services On Fiverr

Fiverr has experienced significant growth ever since its inception. Today, Fiverr has become a huge marketplace where anyone can offer any service. This is a great platform for those that are interested in making money online as a freelancer.

Fiverr allows you to make money either as a digital nomad or from home on your laptop.

You can sell anything on Fiverr. Some of the services that you can offer on this platform include graphics and design, writing and translation, digital marketing, music and audio, programming and application development, business and lifestyle services.

7. Create Webinars

A webinar is a great medium for selling. You can make money from home by building automated webinars; it is also a great skill.

There’s a specific template and format that you need to follow when creating webinars. If you can master these formats, you can easily dominate your niche through this space.

To get started, find a great business opportunity or idea that you can sell. The idea or opportunity must be valuable enough for people to pay for it.

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8. Affiliate Marketing

If you have built an audience through your website or social media platforms, you can easily make extra money by including affiliate links in the content you share on these platforms.

Affiliate marketing refers to when you receive a commission for selling another person’s products. To earn this commission, you need to link your content to another company’s website or product. If your reader clicks the link and buys the product, you will earn a commission.

Some well-known affiliate marketing opportunities include websites such as the Amazon Associates Program, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten, ShareASale, and LinkShare.

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9. Rent Out Your Car

If you don’t have a spare room or an extra unit that you can rent out every night, you can still rent out your vehicle to travelers and those that do not have cars. This is an opportunity to make money without leaving your house.

There are many car rental apps. Before you settle for any app, ensure you read its terms so that you can ascertain that it has enough liability insurance that will protect you if a serious accident that involves injuries and property damage occurs.

An example of a reputable car rental app with a long track record is Getaround. Based on information obtained from its website, car owners in San Francisco and other high-demand cities can earn about $10,000 every year.

Turo is also another reliable car rental app. It also advertises an earning potential of $10,000 per year per vehicle. This is a great passive income stream that you can give a try.

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10. Offer Services On Clickworker

Clickworker is a website that offers tasks and gigs that you can do right from the comfort of your home. According to the website, you can make an average of $9 every hour but you can earn more than that as you keep working on the site.

The tasks that the site offers include categorization, recording audio, and lots more.

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What are good side jobs?

If you are searching for good side jobs, these are some high-paying side job ideas that you can use to generate extra cash:

How can you make money from home with Google?

If you want to increase your income by using Google Adsense, then you need to consider the following ways:

  • Create the type of website that Google Adsense approves.
  • Make use of different types of ad units.
  • Use AdSense Custom Search Ads.
  • Use YouTube to make money with Google Adsense.

How can you earn passive income?

Here are some ideas that you can use to earn passive income:


We considered different ways that you can use to make money from home. Most of these opportunities involve either working in your spare time (or side hustle) or earning from passive income. They may not turn to full-time opportunities for some people.

However, some of the opportunities, like freelance writing and editing, can be scaled.

If you are ready to invest the required effort and time to search for paying clients and adhere to productivity tips for those working from home, you can transform your at-home side gig into a full-time career.

Thanks for reading.