Shopify Business Ideas: 10 Ways to Tap Into the Ecommerce Industry

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Are you interested in learning how to benefit from the eCommerce industry? This post’s Shopify business ideas will serve as a valuable starting point for you.

While many people believe that dropshipping is the only option to make money on Shopify, this is not the case. Outside of dropshipping, though, there are other ways to profit from Shopify. Some of these methods don’t even necessitate a Shopify store.

As a result, this piece includes a selection of the top Shopify business ideas that can help you make money on the platform. The good news is that you can implement some of the suggestions in this post while actively working your regular 9-5 job.

Let’s get started.

1. Create an App

One thing that Shopify is good at is app integration. On Shopify, several apps perform different functions. These apps help sellers to have a seamless selling experience on the platform.

For example, there are apps for custom store design, to increase sales and store conversion, for order fulfillment, etc. In addition, most of these apps are not free, even though they may have the free option. Another thing to note is some of these apps are monthly recurring subscription apps.

Therefore if you are tech-savvy and can code, this is one of the best Shopify business ideas that you should give a try. If your app is on a monthly recurring usage license, that is passive income from a one-time investment.

Moreover, you won’t be able to beat the competition if your app performs the same function as another existing app. It is therefore pertinent that you look at other existing apps with a view of discovering their lapses. This is where your app should be better than theirs.

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2. Build Shopify Store

Some people still struggle with setting up a simple WordPress store let alone a Shopify store. It then means that if you take your time to learn and master Shopify very well, you can charge people a fee to build a store for them.

According to OuterBox Design, a custom-built Shopify store starts at $5,000. In addition, you can even ask your client to sign up with your affiliate link before proceeding to build their store for them. This way, you’ll earn money both as an affiliate and for your service.

Getting clients for this service is not in any way difficult. You can utilize Fiverr for this. Just set up a Fiverr account around building a Shopify store and orders will start kicking in. Upwork is another place where you can extend your services to.

However, you must be ready to provide samples of previous work done. It does mean that you’ll have to first signup to Shopify and create a store that you’ll be using as a sample. Moreover, since the cost to sign up is small, compared to what a job will bring in, this is one of the most cost-effective Shopify business ideas.

3. Dropshipping

You can’t talk about Shopify business ideas without mentioning dropshipping. In simple terms, dropshipping means the sale of physical products without manufacturing and shipping it.

The normal cycle that a physical product creation undergoes is to source for raw materials, assemble the materials, produce the item, and distribute (shipping). But with dropshipping, you simply bypass all of that and focus more on selling.

Most Shopify businesses are based on this particular business idea. To start dropshipping, just head over to Alibaba or AliExpress, you will find several suppliers who are ready to dropship their product for you.

Note that you don’t need any money at hand to start dropshipping on Shopify. Shopify’s free trial can get you started for free. Moreover, you will only be expected to buy the item you will be dropshipping once an order is placed in your store.

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4. Drop Servicing

It’s similar to drop shipping, however, you’ll be selling services instead of goods. Fiverr and Upwork are two sites where you may find a variety of digital services. You just need to pick the service that is in high demand, set up a Shopify store, and sell it.

The key to profiting from drop servicing is to find a place where you can get digital service for cheap. A perfect example of this can be found on SEOClerks ( On SEOClerks, you’ll find services that are also on Fiverr for a cheap price. What if you choose to use the Shopify platform to sell these services?

One major obstacle you’ll face is finding buyers for your service. The best way to go is to use paid advertisement for this. With paid advertising, you can easily target people who are looking for the particular service that you are offering and easily sell to them.

5. Virtual Assistant

People with large Shopify stores will at one point need help in running their store. Since they will not want to hire full-time staff for it, they usually turn to virtual assistants for this role.

As a virtual assistant, some of the things you can help other big store owners do include sourcing for products, product listing, customer service, etc. In addition, you can be hired as full-time staff while the store owner focuses on other endeavors.

Therefore, if you are looking to be a virtual assistant for a Shopify store, be ready to work long hours. Note that before being accepted as a virtual assistant, you must have a sound knowledge of how the Shopify platform works.

Furthermore, one major advantage of this Shopify business idea is the fact that it will allow you to fully learn how to run a Shopify store. Finally, the knowledge acquired from being a virtual assistant of an already successful Shopify store can be used to set up your store.

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6. Sell Shopify Course

If you are a successful drop shipper using the Shopify platform, just know that several people are looking to get to your level. This means that you can simply tap into this niche and create a course dedicated to being a successful Shopify seller.

This is one of the best Shopify business ideas that can earn you passive income while you still run your Shopify store. The beauty of this particular Shopify business idea is that being a current seller who is successful is credibility that can be leveraged to even hike the price of your course.

Promoting your course is as easy as joining Shopify and eCommerce Facebook groups. In such groups, you’ll find other sellers who are either beginners or have intermediate experience. To get noticed, all you have to do is add value to the group. You can even approach the group’s administrator and request a promotion.

However, before going this route, do ensure that your Facebook profile is well optimized. This is because most of the group members will want to check out your profile before deciding to make purchases from you.

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7. Membership Site

This is similar to having a Shopify course. However, you would rather be having a closed membership platform where you’ll be interacting with your subscribers. Similar to having a course on Shopify, you must prove to be a successful Shopify seller before you can effectively market your membership site.

Having said that, the major reason why a membership site will sell is the human interaction you’ll be having with your subscribers. However, do note that this business necessitates having enough spare time to run the membership site. This is principally due to the premise that new subscribers will be joining your membership site on a regular basis, and some of them may require assistance.

Moreover, a virtual assistant can be hired to help you manage the membership platform as a second admin. In addition, one major advantage of owning a membership site is the pricing. Prices of membership subscriptions are usually on the high side. Also, the lifetime value of each member is always long.

Finally, you can market your membership site using paid ads. You can join Facebook groups and use such a platform to also market your membership platform.

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8. Flipping Shopify Store

Similar to building and flipping a website, you can also build and flip Shopify stores. Some people don’t want to mess with setting up a Shopify store from scratch. Therefore, this set of people prefer to buy an already existing and profitable Shopify store.

However, before thinking of flipping a Shopify store, such a store must be already profitable before you sell it. The reason for this is because your buyer just wants an already made business which they can just take over and scale up. In addition, the product being sold in your store should be easy to get delivered to buyers.

Furthermore, since profitability is a factor to be considered when flipping a Shopify store, you must be able to keep all the traffic and sales data of your store. This will be used to easily convince a potential buyer.

9. Ecommerce SEO Specialist

This is one of the most profitable Shopify business ideas that don’t require owning a Shopify store. Since the cost of digital advert is constantly increasing, most sellers would prefer organic means of driving traffic to their store.

If you are good with SEO, mostly eCommerce SEO, you are already sitting on a gold mine. You will be helping Shopify store owners to properly optimize their Shopify store so that it can rank on the search engine.

Furthermore, before being able to land a client for this service, you must be able to show proof of concept with previous work done. In addition, it should be noted that since SEO is not a one-time payment business model, you’ll be able to retain your customer if you keep providing results.

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10. Sell Digital Downloads

This is one of the set-and-forget Shopify business ideas that will constantly make you passive income. Selling a digital product is not limited to selling a course on Shopify. With digital downloads, it can be anything that can be downloaded once payment is made.

Going this route means that you’ll be selling a product in which you’ll never run out of inventory. Furthermore, your major duty with selling digital downloads is to set up your sales page and connect Shopify as a payment gateway. Once payment is made, buyers will be redirected to where they can make the download for what has been purchased.

Finally, some of the digital downloads you can sell are ebooks, apps, themes, videos, and tickets. Note that your digital download will only sell by the magnitude of the promotion you give to it.

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What is the best product to sell on Shopify?

The best product to sell on Shopify is always an evergreen product. This is because evergreen products will always be in demand and people will always want to buy them.

Another approach is to sell seasonal products only during such seasons. For instance, Christmas trees will sell more during Christmas.

How can you promote a Shopify store?

There are various ways of promoting a Shopify store. You can make use of influencer marketing, eCommerce SEO, paid ads, and social media traffic to promote a Shopify store.


The article has shown several Shopify business ideas with which you can use to make a profit from the eCommerce industry. My advice to you, though, is to choose a business that is more convenient for you and go with it.

In addition, the availability of finance is one major factor you must consider before picking any business. Therefore, it is better to pick a business that requires less amount of money to start.

My recommendation out of the Shopify business ideas listed above is to start as a virtual assistant. This will enable you to understudy an already successful Shopify business before starting yours.

Finally, I’d like you to check out this post on how to make money with Shopify. It contains several proven methods with which you can use to make money with Shopify

Thanks for reading.