How to Make Money on Shopify: 9 Proven Ways to Make Money Using Shopify

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Interested in learning how to make money on Shopify? You’re in the right place.

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce websites that has gained massive popularity judging from the over 1 million stores it has. Due to the increasing number of consumers that are embracing online shopping, store owners can enjoy massive revenues.

Sellers that use effective methods of making money online and deploy effective marketing strategies for their products or services boost their image and also skyrocket their sales.

But how can you make money on Shopify? One of the most interesting things about Shopify is that both retailers and customers can easily use it. If you plan to sell on the platform, you can get started effortlessly.

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1. Start an eCommerce store

If you want to make money on Shopify, you can start by setting up an eCommerce store. Shopify makes it easy for everyone to create a store without any stress.

There are several options that you can tap into if you want to sell, such as a service that you provide, or handmade goods, or other items that you want to resell.

Shopify is more suitable for eCommerce than most of the other platforms since it is simple to add items, curate them, and let customers check out without any hassle. More so, you can set up a blog for your Shopify store to attract more organic traffic to your website and store.

If you want to give your store a boost with basic SEO, this Shopify SEO guide will be helpful.

In addition to creating a blog, you can also use Shopify apps to skyrocket your sales. There are lots of apps and reviews that you will find in the app store. For instance, you can find the best upsell app that you can use to drive more revenue while customers are checking out your Shopify store.

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2. Build a Shopify dropshipping business

Dropshipping is popular these days. Ecommerce and most merchants on Shopify make lots of money through dropshipping. The best part of this form of business is that you don’t need to bother about inventory.

Dropshipping allows you to sell other people’s products without bothering yourself about the inventory, shipping, and delivery of the products.

Your task is just to find the suppliers that have products similar to your niche. When you find the products you want, simply upload the new SKU and wait for buyers to buy from your store.

Dropshipping can be summarized into the following steps:

  • Customers order a product in your store.
  • Your store automatically sends the information of the product to your dropshipping supplier.
  • Your dropshipping supplier packages and labels the product (if necessary).
  • The supplier delivers the order directly to the buyer.

How does Shopify help your business?

Here are the benefits that you enjoy from selling on the Shopify platform.

  • The platform offers seamless integration options with reputable dropshipping suppliers like Spocket, Oberlo, and DSer.
  • Shopify dropshipping apps help with orders management, shipping management, and advertising.
  • Shopify offers integration opportunities with Pinterest, Facebook ads, Instagram, and other sales channels that will allow you to manage your marketing and advertising.

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3. Enroll as a Shopify affiliate marketer

Apart from selling, you can also make money on Shopify by joining the Shopify Affiliate Program to become an affiliate.

This affiliate program involves the process through which content creators, educators, individuals, and influencers inspire their audiences and start their entrepreneurship journey. In this case, the platform used is Shopify.

You will earn some commissions when your audience signs up for a paid Shopify business plan.

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4. Start a clothing line

If you have some designs in mind and you have time to invest, you can set up your clothing within a day. If you have a Shopify store, you can start your clothing line by using plugins like Printify, Oberlo, and Printful that automatically link your Shopify store to clothing and apparel manufacturers.

These companies will handle the fulfillment process on your behalf, thereby giving you the freedom to focus on growing your brand.

Why you should start a clothing line

  • There’s nothing that is as fulfilling as creating something that people love and use daily.
  • Once you build your Shopify store, you can start selling immediately. Apps like Printful and Printify make it easy to design and deliver your custom-made clothing.
  • Setting up a clothing brand helps you transform your creativity into something profitable. You will enjoy the feeling of seeing your designs on people.

THINK PUP was founded by an entrepreneur that used Printful and made over $1,200 within three weeks. If you are willing to invest some time and research, you will be able to build a successful t-shirt company.

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5. Sell your art

You can easily sell your art and make money from your creativity by using an online store. Whether you are a photographer, painter, or musician, there are many ways that you can use to transform your most recent masterpieces into a stable source of revenue through a well-designed eCommerce site.

If you love painting, you can sell your craft as canvases, prints, and framed posters by using Printful or Printify with your Shopify store. This is a great way to transform your art into something meaningful that people will be willing to buy and put in their space.

If music is your forte, you can sell samples, beats, and songs as digital downloads and create an online music empire.

For instance, The Drum Broker created a successful business model by using apps like ShipStation and FetchApp.

Why you should sell your art

  • Selling your art allows you to be part of people’s lives by getting your work into the homes and headphones of your customers.
  • You will be able to create a platform where you can display your work.
  • Apart from creating a hobby, you will also be able to turn your passion into a consistent income stream and make a living from your passion.

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6. Become a Shopify developer

You can offer your services as a Shopify developer if you have technical skills. This is a great way to make money. Here are the benefits that store owners can enjoy from hiring the service of a professional Shopify developer:

App development

The Shopify store has tons of apps that users can download and integrate with their store.

If you want to offer your service as a Shopify app developer, the first thing you need to do is to choose a niche. Since most of the apps are paid, you can make a good amount of money from developing a quality app that meets a specific need in your niche.

Custom storefront

You can also make money as a Shopify developer by developing custom storefronts for sellers. Although it is not a complicated tool, some eCommerce business owners are not willing to stress themselves with the task of setting up their stores on their own. Instead, they prefer hiring experts.

Also, business owners may prefer custom storefronts over Shopify’s templates. You can come in here by creating beautiful customized storefronts.

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7. Monetize social media traffic

Social commerce entails selling directly via social media. With this approach, customers will be able to process everything in the platforms that they are already used to. In addition, users don’t need to provide their payment information since their details are already connected to their social media account.

Social media platforms also have detailed analytics that you can use to have a better understanding of your customers’ demographics. These will help you to meet the ever-evolving needs of your market.

You can connect your Shopify store with social commerce platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest. You can easily do this by using integration apps that are available on Shopify App Store.

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8. Sell digital products

Digital products are non-physical assets that you can sell or distribute online. These products are usually available in the form of downloadable or streamable files like PDFs, video formats, MP3s, plug-ins, and templates.

A good thing about digital products is that you can create them once and sell them millions of times to different people without restocking your inventory. You won’t be limited to the number of products that you can sell.

Also, digital products have low upfront costs and you don’t need to bother about investing in manufacturing.

If you want to sell digital products or services, then you should disable shipping for the products in your Shopify admin dashboard.

You can create a download link for your digital product by using a third-party app from Shopify App Store. I recommend Shopify Digital Downloads app which is free and simple to use.

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9. Launch a local online grocery store

You can also make money on Shopify by setting up a local online grocery store. If you have a physical store, you can support local sales through a website.

Google and other search engines allow local stores to boost their visibility by showing the stores on maps and also revealing the store opening hours and information. You can also reach a wider audience by using SEO keywords that are relevant to your region.

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How Much Can You Make on Shopify?

The amount that you can make on Shopify depends on the specific method that you use. For instance, as a Shopify affiliate, you can earn about $2,000 from referring store owners or businesses to the platform.


How fast can you start making money on Shopify?

Many people think that the whole process of making money on Shopify will not take much time. As a result, they end up being disappointed when they don’t make a profit on time. Don’t forget that you need to exercise patience if you want to make money on Shopify.

Thus, you need at least 6 to 12 months before you can start getting profits from your store.

Is selling on Shopify worth it?

It’s important to know that Shopify is a tool, so it may not be for everyone. However, if you want to operate an eCommerce store (that has different products) with inventory, marketing tools, and customer records, then Shopify is worth it.

Can you make money on Shopify?

Yes, you can make money on Shopify. One of the best ways to make additional money through Shopify is to become an affiliate of the platform. It’s easy to sign up for this affiliate program and get your affiliate links.

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I hope you’ve been inspired by the ideas discussed in this article to start a business with Shopify.

If you are still doubting, you have nothing to worry about. Not everyone likes 9-to-5 jobs. Shopify allows you to set up a side hustle that brings in a consistent stream of income.

Shopify has a 14-day free trial that it offers all business starters. This means you don’t need to make any financial commitment when you’re using the premium version of the platform for the first time.

Try it out and see if this platform is right for you. If you want to start, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Analyze your interests and figure out how you can use the interest to make money on Shopify.
  • Sign up for your store on
  • Create and set up a basic Shopify store.
  • Track the performance of your store via your admin dashboard.
  • Tell others about your store and help others make money on Shopify.

If you’ve been looking for how to make money online, you can use any of the ideas to get started.

You can also focus on taking the first steps towards financial success by going through the resources on Tosinajy. There are a series of articles that will show you how you can make money, both online and offline.

Thanks for reading.