How to Make Money with Dropshipping: Top 8 Dropshipping Companies for Your eCommerce Business

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Are you planning to start a dropshipping business? Do you know the best companies that can help you make money with dropshipping?

Dropshipping is now a highly sought-after method of selling online. It offers the advantage of not keeping inventory of products that you’re selling; no warehousing or maintenance costs. This business model is perfect for those that want to make money online selling products without the stress that comes with a brick-and-mortar business.

However, the first step to running a successful dropshipping business is to find the most reliable dropshipping websites with the best suppliers and directories. The internet is the best place to find this information. The challenge is filtering through the tons of results that you’re presented with.

In this post, I have compiled a list of the top 8 dropshipping companies for your eCommerce business. These companies are the best choices in the industry and they will help you make money with dropshipping.

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1. Oberlo

Oberlo offers a great plugin that can be used on Shopify stores. The Oberlo directory has all the products that you need for your eCommerce business. Its dashboard reveals the number of page views, sales, and rankings each seller and item has.

After making a sale, you will order the item using Oberlo and it will be shipped to the buyer.

Oberlo handles the product selection and fulfillment. This saves you time and helps you focus on generating traffic.

Oberlo has a free starter plan. But if you want to use their shipment tracking and order fulfillment monitoring features, you need to upgrade to their Basic plan which costs $30 per month.

Upgrading to the Basic plan will increase your sales limit from 50 to 500. After crossing 500 sales, you will be upgraded to the Pro plan which costs $80 per month.

2. SaleHoo

SaleHoo is a great dropshipping platform that has a huge supplier database that you can make use of. Their $67 per year membership fee grants you access to their over 8000 wholesalers and dropshippers. Their suppliers are screened before they can join the platform’s directory.

SaleHoo also offers a 60-day free trial period. You will be happy to pay their membership fee because apart from having access to their fully verified suppliers, it will also give you access to SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab, which gives you detailed data into what is trending.

While in the Lab, you will see the competition for the product other dropshippers are selling. You will also be able to compare the potential profit of the items, and also spot new trends that you can take advantage of before they get saturated.

Access to the wholesaler database is nothing compared to the agility you will gain when compared to other competitors in the market.

3. Worldwide Brands

This one of the best platforms you can make money with dropshipping. Worldwide Brands is different from other dropshipping companies that have directories full of spam and non-existent companies (a scenario that can be frustrating especially when you want to save time and money searching for the best dropshipping platform).

The benefits of using Worldwide Brands include the following:

  • It has a large directory of at least 9,000 suppliers and also gives you access to millions of products.
  • The suppliers on the platform are certified and have undergone a rigorous certification process.
  • Apart from the one-time $299 fee, you will not pay any other membership fees or monthly fees.
  • Worldwide Brands is one of the best dropshipping companies in the United States.

The cons of Worldwide Brands is that it does not have the features that are present in other dropshipping companies. For instance, it has no automated listing, custom file uploads, or website packages.

Also, the platform upsells customers their offers after registering. Some users can find this annoying.

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4. Spocket

If you want to make money with dropshipping but you don’t want to use AliExpress or other platforms in this post as your source, you can try out Spocket. Spocket is a Shopify Dropshipping application that connects dropshippers (like you) with dropshipping suppliers from America and Europe.

The platform allows you to discover and dropship thousands of products with no risk. The company was founded in 2017 by Saba Mohebpour.

Saba, who is also a dropshipper, discovered that the process of sourcing products, negotiating prices, and delivering orders were time-consuming.

As a result, he developed Spocket to hasten the process of sourcing and fulfilling dropshipping orders.

Ever since it was launched in 2017, Spocket has experienced rapid growth. It has over 20,000 customers and it’s also one of the dropshipping apps on the Shopify app store with the best reviews.

Although Spocket has a dashboard that resembles that of Oberlo, it has a minimalistic and easy-to-navigate design. Right from the main menu, you will be able to have access to all the features the platform has.

You can search for products based on their keywords or category. You can then filter the products using price, country of origin, and supplier.

The search result helps you have a quick overview of each of the products, such as the price the supplier is offering, the recommended selling price, the supplier’s name, and the location.

All the suppliers on the Spocket marketplace are vetted. So you can be assured that you are dealing with legit suppliers and that you will find what you want. The products will also be shipped to you within a short period.


Here are some of the benefits that Spocket has to offer:

  • Huge range of products
  • Extensive supplier verification
  • Mark-up ability
  • Provision of sample orders
  • Wide dropshipping margin
  • Real-time update of the inventory

Spocket has a free plan that allows you to integrate the plugin into your site and also helps you make your first few sales.

However, you need to upgrade to the premium plan so that you can unlock the product filter feature. This feature allows you to have access to higher discounts as well as faster shipping duration for products.

5. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is another great dropshipping platform to make money with dropshipping. It has no membership fees. You can also filter through the category of the tons of products on the platform.

After knowing what you want to order, you will get a list of the product with its details and you can also view the product from the manufacturer’s site without going through any third party.

Also, you can get in touch with the dropshippers and use the website to find the closest locations to you. This can help you build a more reliable partnership with the manufacturers.

Some of the benefits of Wholesale Central include the following:

  • There is no commission on the sales you make.
  • Wholesale Central has no hidden charges, so you can enjoy the highest profit margin possible.
  • Buyers that find you on Wholesale Central are connected to your website so that they can transact with you directly.
  • You don’t need to manage any expensive and time-consuming campaigns.
  • Wholesale Central will deliver the traffic you need once your company is listed on the platform.
  • Each member of the platform has an equal chance of being on the first page of search results through their daily random rotation of listings.

6. Doba

Doba lists hundreds of suppliers and also offers millions of products in a single catalog. The platform allows you to search for new products efficiently. It eliminates the hard work of shipping orders to buyers.

There’s also streamlined order management on the site.

The upgraded search technology that Doba offers, coupled with relevant filters (such as price, free or fixed shipping, and quantity available) makes it hassle-free to find the right products. Doba Dropship also informs you when your inventory is low by sending Proactive Custom Inventory Alerts. With this, you won’t need to refund any orders when you are out of stock.

You can try Doba for free through their 14-day free trial. With this, you will be able to see how it works and decide if it’s right for you. If you are satisfied with their service, you can then choose a plan based on your preferences.

The paid plans on Doba are:

  • Basic plan:  It costs $29 per month
  • Advanced plan: It costs $69 per month
  • Pro plan:  It costs $249 per month

If you want to sign up for their Enterprise plan, you need to get in touch with the team.

7. Inventory Source

Inventory Source is meant for both suppliers and retailers. It is a dropship automation software and integrated supplier network that offers integration with most of the major eCommerce sites.

Thus, users will be able to integrate the inventory of the supplier to their websites and also upload products automatically, synchronize inventory quantities, and also redirect orders with the suppliers to their websites.

If you want to use Inventory Source, you can join the platform by filling out a form at this link. Inventory Source offers worry-free dropship feed management, streamlined order management, and advanced pricing and dropship catalog management. The service allows you to have access to powerful order management resources.

Also, retailers can take advantage of the Order Processing Dashboard, Shipment Tracking, and Supplier Order Placement to fulfill orders placed either on the marketplace or their website.

It is easy to find the product that you need on Inventory Source judging from the over 9 million products that are regularly updated in over 20 thousand different product brands.

The pricing plans for the platform include:

Inventory Automation

Here, users can auto-upload products and also synchronize inventory. The Standard plan, Professional Plan, and Enterprise plan cost $50 per month, $125 per month, and $249 per month respectively.

Full Automation

This plan involves syncing inventory, and orders and shipment tracking features. It comprises the standard plan, professional plan, and enterprise plan which cost $175 per month, $225 per month, and $399 per month respectively.

8. National Dropshippers

National Dropshippers provides its members with the largest variety of products at the lowest cost. The platform has over 1,000 products from different manufacturers and distributors listed.

The service charges a drop-ship fee coupled with the wholesale price of the products so that members can maximize their profit margins.

The service offered by National Dropshippers is member-based. As a member, you can use the product images and descriptions provided by the platform to market your product on their website. Once you get an order, the supplier will ship the order directly to the customers without stating the supplier’s or dropshipper’s name.

The platform will use generic information to ship the order to the customer. When the order is about to be shipped, you will be sent the tracking information to your Order Manager. The tracking information will also be shared with the buyer.

The subscription plans offered by the platform include the annual Wholesale Membership, Lifetime Wholesale Membership, and the E-commerce Web Store Membership plans. To test the service, you can take advantage of their 7-day free trial, which is available in monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual subscription plans.

How Much Can You Make from Dropshipping?

Most drop shippers make about 20% of their gross sales as profit. If anyone says they have earned $20,000 from their dropshipping sales, then their profit is $4,000.

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Can you make money with dropshipping?

Yes, you can. Dropshipping is profitable. It is also a low-risk business that enables you to sell products to customers without incurring high operating costs.

How much do beginners make with dropshipping?

If you are into high ticket dropshipping, you can make between $200 and $3000 in your first month of running your store if you invest the required effort and also find a winning product.

How many hours do drop shippers work?

Most successful drop shippers spend at least 70 to 80 hours per week to grow their dropshipping business and make it successful.


Choosing the right dropshipping company and the right supplier for your dropshipping can have a positive impact on your eCommerce business.

In this post, I have covered some dropshipping platforms that you can use to make money with dropshipping. Pick one based on their features and your needs. You will find one that works for you.

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Thanks for reading.