How to Make Money During Winter: 17 Winter Side Hustles

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Looking for ways to make money during winter? In this guide, you will discover winter side hustles that can make you some money.

It can be difficult to make money in winter since the weather often gets in the way. However, there are some things you can do to make fast cash in winter.

Keep reading to discover some of the best ways to make money during winter.

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1. Test Websites

Companies are always in need of people that can help them test their websites and apps before they release them to the general public. You can use websites like UserTesting to test websites and get paid.

Simply sign up on the site, fill in your details, and then take 20 to 30-minute tests or 45-minute tests with a representative. The tests will pay you between $10 and $120 each. You can complete as many tests as possible per month.

Click here to sign up on UserTesting.

2. Answer Questions

If you are adept at plumbing and antique appraisals, you can offer your expertise on websites like JustAnswer. The platform allows users to ask questions on different questions while an expert provides an answer. You can earn between $18 and $50 for answering questions on this platform.

JustAnswer accepts only 10% to 12% of the applications it receives.

Click here to sign up on JustAnswer.

3. Write e-Books

If writing is your passion and you are knowledgeable in a particular topic, then consider writing ebooks. E-books are a great way to build a passive stream of income. Although you need to put in some work, people will keep buying the book once you publish it.

To make money writing ebooks, you can consider signing up on publishing platforms like Barnes & Noble, Gumroad, and Amazon. Note that you will need to pay fees. So consider these when you are pricing your books.

Barnes & Noble deduct a 15% commission while Gumroad deducts either 8.5% and other $0.0 per sale or 3.5% and $0.30 per sale.

Click here to sign up for Barnes & Noble.

4. Proofread

If you love grammar, are passionate about reading, and also have editing skills, then you can list your proofreading services on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Freelancers on these websites offer proofreading services for articles, website copies, and business plans.

As a proofreader, you can earn as much as $85 per hour on Upwork or $100 per project on Fiverr.

5. Advertise on Your Car

If you drive around town regularly, you can also make money during winter by transforming your vehicle into a marketing platform.

An app that you can use for this purpose is Wrapify. Wrapify matches you with the local marketing campaigns of companies. You will then cover your car with the ads of the companies. Depending on the amount of coverage you want on your car, you can earn between $174 and $452 per month.

6. Sell Your Books

You can also sell your old books or textbooks on BookScouter to make money during winter. The site will submit the ISBN code of a particular book to different online marketplaces while allowing you to compare the amount you can earn from each platform.

Click here to sign up on BookScouter.

7. Get a Christmas Job

This is one of the easiest things you can do to make money during winter. There are a lot of competitions during this period, but stores usually need more staff to handle the Christmas rush. If you are ready to work during the holidays, you can easily find shifts.

8. Sell the Things You Don’t Need in Your Wardrobe

If you have quality clothes that you are no more wearing, then you can sell them to a resale store to make fast cash during winter. Designer labels are usually in huge demand. Although you will only be able to sell them for a fraction of their actual price, you will still earn some cash.

Also, you can sell other types of clothes on eBay.

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9. Babysit

People usually attend parties and events when Christmas approaches. This is your opportunity to make money. You can also offer a pet sitting service for those that will travel for Christmas. Once you’ve portrayed yourself as a reliable and trustworthy person, you can earn from this opportunity throughout the year.

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10. Shovel the Driveway

This is an obvious way to make money during winter. However, there are some efficient ways to shovel snow. First of all, don’t do it alone. Seek the help of some friends, but don’t forget that they will be paid as well. So consider this when deciding your price.

You can start this with five people and charge $50 per driveway. This will ensure that each person earns $10 per driveway.

Although this may not be a lot of money, you can end up making a tangible income if you shovel lots of driveways. You also need to consider the size of the driveway and the nature of the surface the client wants to shovel. If you have access to snowblowers, use them.

Also, you can use a plow if you can drive. Using machinery means fewer people will do the job within a short period but you also have to consider the cost of fuel.

11. Become a Ski Resort Worker

Resorts operate during one part of the year and thus require the service of a huge workforce to operate machinery, enforce rules, and offer necessary assistance to patrons.

Resorts offer lots of seasonal jobs, such as a ski or snow tubing attendant, server in resorts’ restaurants, and lots more. Some resorts also operate during warmer months, which implies that you can find year-round roles.

Most of the entry-level positions at resorts require little skill. This makes it a great part-time job.

12. Walk Pets

Unlike humans, pets are not bothered by cold and unfriendly weather conditions. Cats, dogs, and other pets that wear leashes need to exercise during the winter months, even when the owners cannot do the job themselves.

If you are not bothered by the unfriendly outdoor environment and you can along with pets, this is a great way to make money during winter.

You can earn slightly more than a normal walk due to how intense the job is. Most pet owners can pay at most $20 o $25 per hour. If the pet owner is away from home, you may be asked to perform simple tasks like watering plants, feeding the pets, and retrieving mails. You can earn extra income from these tasks.

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13. Become a Greenhouse Worker

Many people buy flowers for occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and other events in the early spring. Since the climate during winter does not aid the development of flowers, the flowers need to be planted in a greenhouse. These greenhouses are owned by farms and the flowers are sold in the spring.

If you live in a rural area, or if you are a handy gardener and you love working with plants, then this is the ideal job for you. As a greenhouse worker, you will be involved in low-impact tasks. So you don’t need to be bothered about doing back-breaking jobs.

If you are interested in tasks like these, then you can find jobs on greenhouse farms all year round. Seasonal jobs pay at least $8 per hour.

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14. Write Resumes for People

The beginning of the new year usually signifies the start of the job hunt for most people. One way through which you can make money during this season is to help others with their job hunt by editing or writing their resumes.

According to Glassdoor, a carefully written one-page resume can earn you an average of $21 per hour.

However, you need to have the right skills to offer this type of service.

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15. Garage Sale

You can also have a holiday garage sale to make money during winter. During this period, you can sell your old CDs, DVDs, clothes, and handbags. Coordinate your siblings or neighbors to organize a garage sale so that you can have more items to sell and make more money.

You can create more awareness about the garage sale by putting up a flyer at your local Community Center or in mailboxes in your neighborhood. You can also use the internet by posting about the garage sale on Facebook or creating a Facebook album that contains pictures of things that you will sell.

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16. Help Seniors

One of the jobs that most teens don’t consider doing during winter is helping the elderly. Old people are usually at risk during winter due since they are prone to pneumonia and can fall on ice. To get this type of job, you can place an ad in your local senior center. Some of the tasks you will do include shoveling and treating walkways, companionship, and running errands.

You can also go on grocery runs and other related jobs if you can drive. Your earnings can start from minimum wage (or tips). Seniors are always willing to hire people and will enjoy your company during winter. If you are helpful and love caring for older people, this may be the right winter hustle for you.

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17. Run Errands

This is a less demanding way to make money during winter. You can help people that are busy (or don’t have access to transport) to shop. Ensure you are rewarded appropriately for your time when you price your services. 

How much can you earn during winter?

Different jobs pay different rates. For instance, offering a proofreading service on Fiverr can earn you up to $100 per project while you can earn $10 per project for shoveling driveways. So your actual earnings during winter depending on the specific service you offer.


How can a 13-year old make money during winter?

Some of the ways through which a 13-year old can make money during winter include pet sitting, offering assistance in hosting a party, wrapping gifts, making and selling DIY products, becoming a household helper, babysitting, or hosting a parent’s night out, and tutoring other kids.

What do landscapers do during winter?

The major tasks that landscapers do in the winter include removing dead plants from the beds of flowers, aerating the lawn, draining sprinklers, taking patio furniture to storage, applying fertilizer to the lawn, and wrapping young trees in burlap to protect them.

What is a good side business to earn income?

Some great side business ideas that you can do to make additional income include becoming a babysitter, dog walker, administrative assistant, restaurant server, barista, or receptionist. Also, you can find part-time jobs that relate to your industry on the internet. Full-time marketers can also find part-time social media marketing projects online.


Despite the cold and harsh weather during winter, you can still make money during this period. If you are dedicated to your work, you will not only be richer but also happier.

Take your time to go through the ideas shared in this article and find the ones that align with your interest, skills, and experience. Also, note that seasonal jobs differ from one place to another. So ensure you understand the requirements of any task you want to do in your area.

If you don’t mind working offline and you love working with elderly ones, then you can consider helping seniors.

However, if you prefer working remotely during winter, then you can sign up on Fiverr to offer resume writing services. Here’s a guide on Tosinajy that explains how to make money writing resumes.

Enjoy a productive winter and thanks for reading.