How to Make Money with Garage Sale: See the Best Items to Sell

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Do you want to make money with garage sale?

Garage sales are perfect for making extra income for stuff you don’t need, but how do you know the best items to sell?

During garage sales, people are looking for items they normally buy in-store. They also want to save money.

In this article, I have compiled a list of some of the best items that you can sell to make money with garage sales.

1. Used Clothing (but in good condition)

We all need clothes, and savvy shoppers are aware that they don’t need to pay retail to look good. People are interested in quality while also saving money in the process. You can hang men’s and women’s clothes on a rack (instead of folding them in a box or on a table) so that people can easily go through them and examine them for tears and stains.

It is okay to fold kids’ clothing but ensure you note and sort out the sizes. Many shoppers at garage sales are resellers and they will patronize you if you give them a good offer.

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2. Tools

Many people shop for tools at garage sales. Most prefer vintage tools that are not only useful but also fun to display. When you are selling your old tools, ensure there is a power strip close by so that you can test power tools or charge them if they use a battery.

3. Board Games and Puzzles

Board games and puzzles are also some of the best items that you can sell to make money with the garage sale. They are in huge demand because people are always looking for ways to entertain their families while at home.

As the stay-at-home order is gradually dying off, some people still choose to limit the amount of time they spend outside. Apart from the fact that people want to protect their families, many families cannot go on vacations due to the loss of income.

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4. Video Games and Gaming Systems

Video games, controllers, and gaming systems sell a lot at garage sales. For instance, Wii Sports that was sold for $10 now sells for $25 to $30. These items sell well because people want to entertain themselves.

Go through the old stuff that your kids are no longer using and sell them.

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5. Books

Books are a great escape. Although you may not make lots of money from selling books at a yard sale, you can compile related titles and sell 5 books for $3 or a box of related books for $5. It is a great way to make money while clearing your bookshelves.

If the books you want to sell are available at any dollar store and you need to get rid of them quickly, it is advisable to sell them for less than $1.

6. Sports Equipment

Old sports equipment also sells well at garage sales. Although summer may be different, families can still make use of sports equipment in their yards. You can price these items slightly higher than you you’d normally do due to the high demand.

7. Furniture

College is fast selling, especially if you reside in a college town. Also, as do-it-yourself projects keep becoming popular, an increasing number of people are searching for furniture that they can remake. The bestselling items in this category include bookshelves (even if they are old).

Ensure that any furniture you intend to sell is clean. You can improve old furniture by spiffing them up with a mixture of vinegar, olive oil, and some lemon juice. You can also vacuum upholstered furniture and treat the spots they have.

While pricing the items, be flexible when it comes to negotiation.

8. Vintage Glassware, Casseroles, and Dishes

Do you have any Pyrex collections, Spode, or milk glass? Some of these items may be hiding in your cupboards. These hot and bestselling items can make you money at garage sales.

When you want to sell them, you can advertise them using their brand names (i.e. Pyrex, Corningware, milk glass, and lots more). Also, add photos to your adverts so that collectors can flood your garage sales.

9. Garden Tools

Home gardeners also shop for garden tools at garage sales. Those that love tilling, trimming, planting, and digging are responsible for the huge demand that these tools have and you can benefit from this demand by selling the tools.

If any of the tools are not working, let your prospective buyers know. The buyers may want to take a chance that they can get the item running again. If you have a rake with good spikes but rotting wood, you can buy new handles at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

If a replacement is necessary, ensure you price the items accordingly so that you can make a profit.

10. Shoes and Handbags

Your old shoes are not a waste; some people need them. These items are hot and they can make you good money at garage sales. If the shoes are in good condition and they have a popular brand name, they will sell out within a short period.

Kids outgrow their shoes very fast that the size is not that important. If the shoe size is big at the moment, they will fit them later. Handbags are also hot, especially if it carries a brand name.

When you are selling shoes or old purses, ensure they are clean and odor-free. It’s better if you have the original boxes; that will help you sell them at higher prices. The main selling point of shoes and bags is displaying any designer brands.

Include the designers in your garage sale advert and display them front and center at the garage sale. This will attract shoppers to your stand.

11. Costume Jewelry

Another item that you can sell to make money with a garage sale is costume jewelry. Custom jewelry is hot because customers love them. These items are useful in crafts and people will love to buy them since you are selling them at cheap prices.

When selling costume jewelry, note that you won’t make a good profit if they are sold at your yard sale.

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12. Kids’ Clothing

People also love shopping for this item, and boys’ clothes are bestsellers. If you price your used kids’ clothing well, they will sell like hot cake in your yard sale. In case you don’t know, sometimes when you donate clothes, the clothes end up being put on sale.

This means that those that need the clothes cannot even afford them. If you sell the clothes yourself, you will earn more money.

13. Games and Bicycles

Do you have too many games that are loitering around in your home? You can make money from them by selling them at your garage sale. Due to the popularity of vintage games at the moment, you can easily sell them at your garage sale.

Before selling these items, have all the pieces of the game in place. You should also pump up bike tires and ensure they are in good and clean condition.

14. Appliances

If you have any appliance that is wasting away on your kitchen counter, a garage sale is the right place to sell it off and make money. Since people love appliances, you can easily sell them.

When selling appliances, have a power strip on the ground so that your buyers can be sure they are working. The appliances must also be clean so that you can sell them for good prices. Ensure you confirm the prices of the items on eBay before you state your price.

15. Camping Gear

Buying new camping gear may be a little expensive. However, used gear that is in good condition can be sold off within a short period since such items are in huge demand. Garage sales are the ideal places where smart shoppers can find used and affordable camping gear.

Mention the items in your adverts and include their pictures to attract shoppers to your garage sales. You should open up tents so that shoppers can see their size.

16. Exercise Equipment

If you have an elliptical machine or other exercise equipment that you no longer need, you can sell them at your garage sales and make good money from them. Specify the items that you have and put their pictures in your ad.

Exercise equipment, like weights, usually sells off quickly. However, exercise bikes and older treadmills may take some time before you sell them depending on the price you’re selling them for and how quickly you want to dispose of them.

17. Retro Toys

Retro toys sell a lot. Older wooden toys, Barbies, train sets, and toys in the ’80s or earlier sell well and you can make money from selling them.

If you believe that you have a goldmine, you can find another avenue (apart from garage sales) where you can sell them for higher prices.

However, if you don’t know any other avenue, you can still sell them at your garage sale; they are hot and will sell well.

18. Antiques

Antiques are always bestsellers because people love buying them at garage sales. If your antiques need to be fixed up, your garage sale is the best place to sell them.

Although a broken antique may not sell at a good price, you can still sell them if you don’t want to do anything to it and it’s taking up space.

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How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

One factor that plays a key role in the success of your garage sale is pricing. Although the list in this article is a good place to start, ensure you research thrift stores and garage sales in your area to have a good idea of what the general prices are.

Why You Should Organize a Garage Sale?

A garage sale is an opportunity to declutter your home. Also, it is an opportunity to make money from the items you don’t need. It is one of the best and easiest means of making money selling items.

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How can you maximize the profits from my garage sales?

The following tips will help you increase your profit from your garage sales:

  • Ensure you have enough stuff that you can sell at a garage sale.
  • Price your items appropriately (not too high and not too low).
  • Organize your merchandise properly.
  • Organize a group sale with your neighbors.

Will people still go to garage sales in this era of social distancing?

Yes, they will. If you live in a locality where garage sales are allowed, shoppers will come. Apart from the fact that people want to go out, most of them also have a limited income as a result of the lockdown. So they will be willing to go for items that can save them money.

Is a garage sale worth it?

Yes, a garage sale is worth it. Unlike selling online, you can sell your vintage goods within a short period in your garage. However, you may not make as much money as you would have made selling online.


As contained in this article, there are many items you can sell to make money with garage sale.

Selling the items you’re no longer using at a garage sale can be fun. It can also help you make extra money for trips, savings, and other needs. Also, your home will be decluttered when you get rid of the things you don’t need.

Kids’ clothing is a hotcake and can make you good money at garage sales since parents are always looking for what to buy for their kids. You can also sell games and toys since they are always in demand.

If you love selling, here is a guide on Tosinajy that shows how you can make money reselling.

Thanks for reading.