Top 10 Reliable Ways to Make Money With Writing

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Being a writer isn’t enough, to become a successful writer, you need to find options to make money with writing.

Working as a writing professional is hard enough due to the numerous demands placed on us. But, it’s even harder when we don’t know which direction to take or where we should start. 

As a writer, the main problem that you are likely facing is uncertainty regarding how much revenue your work can bring into your pocket.  

Full-time writing jobs are scarce. Freelance writing is a fact for many, but very few can make a living at it. And there are those who are successful at writing. How did they get there? What did they do?

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut, writing about the same topics over and over again? Not sure how to expand your writing or tap into new markets and opportunities? Are you looking for several options to make money with your writing? The search is over. What you have been searching for is right here.

1. Become a freelance or remote copywriter

The number one way to make money as a writer is to find clients yourself. Being a freelance or remote writer is the perfect job for writers who love to research and write about topics they care about. 

It also provides great flexibility in your schedule. The ability to work from home where you’re more comfortable, and flexible hours so that you can be there for family and friends.

There are various types of copywriters or copywriting. However, I advise having expertise in everything. Here are some tips on how to make more money from writing as a freelance or remote copywriter;

  • Work multiple remote jobs
  • Network with the right people
  • Set reasonable goals and rates
  • Treat writing as work, not just a hobby
  • Don’t be afraid to promote yourself
  • Try to correct errors when you write for others.
  • LinkedIn your way to success
  • Use SEO in content creation, not just content promotion

Anyone with a basic grasp of language and a few extra hours to spare can write copy for marketing materials, web content, and more. After all, content is king. To find jobs as a freelance or remote writer, visit freelance job websites.

With steady clients and workstreams, freelance or remote writers can earn about $3,000 to $10,000 monthly. 

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2. Make money writing translations

If you are bilingual or polyglot then there is a good chance that you may be able to make money writing. Whether you can transform a document from one language into another and vice versa, there is someone out there willing to pay you for doing so.

Here are some insights on how to make money writing translations;

  • Understand that there is a growing demand for articles in non-English speaking countries
  • Google translator allows for online translation without knowing the language in question.
  • Work with translation agencies to handle client requests and invoicing
  • Translate business articles for international companies
  • Be paid virtual assistants to foreign companies
  • Take on translation jobs from freelance job sites such as Upwork

You could translate documents and make some extra money. You don’t need to be a professional translator, because usually, clients look for native speakers first. 

Today, more and more jobs and opportunities require translation into multiple languages. Translators typically earn $10 to $50 per hour, depending on their skill and the complexity of the text to be translated.

3. Write and publish eBooks

Writing and publishing an eBook is one of the best ways to make money with writing. In today’s publishing marketplace, the barriers to entry are low. Anyone with a good idea can write and publish an eBook and get paid for it.

eBooks are incredibly affordable to produce – just about any writer can do it on their own using a word processor. As a writer, you have something to say and your opinion is valuable. So why not write an eBook and make some money while you’re at it? 

You’ll gain valuable experience working in that niche and will get a name for yourself as well. After all, readers trust what’s written by the people who are experts in their field. 

What most eBook writers do is sell eBooks on Amazon. You can aim for this too. By selling eBooks on Amazon, you can make about $10.99 to $20.99 for each eBook.

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4. Write guest posts on other peoples blogs

If you are relatively new to blogging yourself, this is a great strategy to build up your writing portfolio. A guest post is an article you have written, which is published on another blog.

You can make a lot of money writing guest posts but you have to love what you’re doing. Always be genuine, never sell. Write something good, positive, and something that will help people. 

Write guest posts on other people’s blogs, and then make a point of exchanging guest posts with them. To strengthen your chances of success, write a blog post that answers a question that many people have asked online. 

You might even consider writing two versions of the same post — one aimed at the general public, and another for an online community where you have more in common.

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5. Proofread academic papers and documents

Academic papers and documents required a lot of time and effort to finish. Some are even daunting enough that they can bring the worst out of a writer. 

Due to the numerous errors and inconsistencies present within these types of works, they require additional proofreading to ensure their quality is acceptable. If you have a knack for spelling and grammar, then learning how to proofread academic documents might be your perfect fit.

Here are some things you need to know about proofreading academic papers and documents to make money.

  • Avoid grammar mistakes
  • Avoid plagiarism mistakes
  • Be willing to give and receive critique
  • You don’t have to quit your current job
  • Job is not finished until the client is satisfied
  • Understand that proofreading academic papers and documents is a challenging task. So you have to give your best efforts.

Whether you’re a full-time academic writer or don’t mind writing some papers on the side, you will surely need this gig. Advertise your abilities to edit and proofread papers, and make some pretty decent income in the process.

Pay rates vary widely depending on the institution and written assignment. Nonetheless, some are willing to pay $20+/page for a thorough proofread.

6. Write and sell fiction or non-fiction books

From your travel adventures or expertise in a specific field, you can write and sell non-fiction books. From books about making money, to cooking healthy food, most topics can be written about with specific details. 

Genres such as horror, thriller, and historical fiction are particularly popular these days. And people who read fiction are looking for great storytellers. Amazon Kindle and other online self-publishing companies help authors to reach hungry readers more easily than ever before.

As a writer, it is possible to generate a full-time income from your books. Writing fiction and non-fiction can be rewarding and your earnings can make you a millionaire especially if you write a bestseller.

7. Start a blog

Start a blog to create your web traffic and generate online revenue from it. A blog is an ideal marketing platform for budding writers and poets who want to share their creative ideas and thoughts with the world at large. 

At the same time, blogging isn’t as stressful and hectic as you might think. There are dedicated software available on our laptops and gadgets, which makes it easier than ever to create blog posts. Consider the following if you want to start a blog.

The easiest way for most people to start making money with their writing is to write a blog. If you have something interesting to talk about, and you can do it in an engaging, entertaining way, you are on your way to getting people to visit your site. 

Once you have a critical mass of regular readers, you can start earning money through advertising on the site and selling your products or affiliate products

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8. Win cash prizes by entering writing competitions

As a writer, you can earn money by entering competitions, which are usually sponsored by local or national newspapers, magazines, and websites.   

Writing competitions offer prize money ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars worldwide. Making money from writing competitions is one of the best ways to make money as a writer. 

While you need to master the art of short-story writing, you don’t need to write a masterpiece. Focusing on competitions that require different styles can add variety to your submission portfolio and open doors to new genre markets.

Regardless of the outcome, you’ll gain more knowledge by entering contests. Your effort is going to get you a long way and hopefully, you can use the knowledge to win more future contests. 

9. Online tutoring services

Yes, you can work from home as an online tutor. The pay is surprisingly good as well. Many students do their studying from home or online, so tutoring is becoming an increasingly popular service. 

The arrangement is straightforward – you perform the service and are paid directly by the student. You don’t need much to start an online tutoring service. Consider the following;

Hey, you are a whiz at writing professional resumes or writing generally. Turn your knowledge into cold hard cash with an online tutoring service of your very own.

You can make about $30 per hour from online tutoring. 

Another option is to create a series of courses online and charge for it. Your earning options are limitless if you start online tutoring services.

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10. Become a ghostwriter and make money

There are many ways to make money with writing. One is by becoming a ghostwriter. Ghostwriting is your opportunity to make money from writing without being recognized if you don’t like being in the spotlight. 

Ghostwriters are hired by people to pen stories, scripts, books, articles, reports, or many other monographs. 

You can still call yourself an author, but you work behind the scenes while someone else takes the spotlight. A ghostwriter can make a lot of money assisting others with their writing projects.

How do you avoid copyright issues in writing?

A lot of people associate writing with typing, copying, and pasting. It is more than that. In fact, as a writer, you will agree with me that avoiding plagiarism is one of the basics of creative writing or any sort of writing, for that matter.

Copyright issues arise when you use more than a few words out of someone else’s writing. You don’t need to worry about this as long as you only use your own words.

Furthermore, it is crucial to avoid copyright issues when writing, especially concerning creative works. Since original work can be copyrighted, make sure you do not publish or profit from someone else’s work under the guise that is your own. 

Copying or paraphrasing too closely another writer’s work will not pass a decent alternative to the plagiarism checker test. Take time to read carefully and fully understand a source before rewriting for your purposes.


How many words per day should you be writing?

Your daily goal should be at least 1000 words. That is the bare minimum for a writer. If you are a new writer, it’s hard to say because it depends on several factors. 

These factors may include your goals, skills, ability to discipline yourself to sit down and write for 10-12 hours per day. 

Do you need formal training and qualifications to become a writer?

No. You do not need formal qualifications to become a writer. All you need is imagination, curiosity, and the ability to think clearly and communicate your ideas through the written word.

Of course, if you’d like to continue to build on your skills and earn more money, then you could undertake some formal training. It could be in the form of a short course, further qualifications, and even master’s degrees.

Final thoughts

Writing has always been a worldwide profession. Millions of people all over the world make money by writing for other people on a freelance basis. Other people, who can write well, make a considerable living writing articles for small magazines and news agencies. 

It is very simple to make money with writing if you know how to do it. Here are some simple tips that will help you make money with your writing!

You are not left out if you have good handwriting. You can use your gift to make money. I have a guide that highlights proven tips on how to make money with good handwriting. If you are still working on improving your handwriting, the article offers tips to help.

Perhaps you have poor handwriting, but you’re an angel with a voice that can change anything. Well, if you’re wondering if you can make money with it, I say you’re extremely lucky. There is an article on the blog that also highlights tips on how to make money with your voice

Tosinajy walks you through the process of making money online, provides you with the software you will need, and guides you on how to handle common problems.

Thank you for reading. Your friends and family may find this useful, share it with them.