How to Make Money as a Carpenter: Discover 10 Effective Tips to Succeed

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Professional carpenters, makers, and woodworkers who want to expand their business. From the novice to the expert, this article is for anyone looking to make money as a carpenter. Whether you would like to stay self-employed or work with a company, this post will suggest ideas to execute.

Carpentry can be a lucrative career if you put your heart into it. In the United States, the average yearly salary for carpenters is over $48,000. However, carpentry is not just about swinging your hammer into pieces of wood relentlessly. 

It takes skill to be good at this job. If you are thinking about entering the field, here are some simple yet effective tips to help you succeed.

1. Craft Items You Can Sell Online

The best way to make money as a carpenter is to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. Instead of being limited to local markets, you have the ability to sell your creations online nationwide or even internationally.

However, just like any business venture, there are important questions you should ask yourself before getting started. What items will you be selling? Is there enough demand for your products? Can you create useful products that are exciting and in high demand? What resources will it take to get started? 

People are willing to spend big bucks on unique, handmade creations, so craft something unique and sell it online. Carpenters are craftsmen, but that doesn’t mean they have to produce the same old stuff everyone else is making. Find a unique angle for what you’re selling. 

For instance, if you build kitchen cabinets, consider selling hand-knotted kitchen rugs as well.

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2. Start a Blog on Carpentry

Not all of us are employed as carpenters. For your part, if you are interested in this field, you can start a blog on carpentry. You can also use your blog platform to teach online lessons to aspiring members of the carpentry industry. 

It is important to deliver lectures or classes on topics such as carpentry skills, resources, materials necessary for construction projects, etc. This will broaden your exposure to potential customers and also promote your credibility within the carpentry industry.

There are no barriers to starting a blog online, so don’t wait. Make your platform and share your knowledge and content with others instead of making money at big brands like Facebook, and Instagram. Carpenters can become their own bosses and make money.

There are so many things you can learn from carpentry and it would be a shame not to share them with others. And when you start sharing your knowledge, people will also want to pay money for your expertise.  

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3. Offer Repairs and Maintenance Work

Whether it’s a botched repair job by professional or one-off customization, people always need to get things repaired. Start your own business repairing furniture and fixtures, installing countertops, fixing broken garage doors, changing light fixtures and windows, etc.

Throw in a free service call to convince customers that you care more about their home than the security of your bank account. Within each plan, outline what you’ll do. 

If you perform good repairs, then people who are proud of their properties will be glad to refer you and will pay good money for it. Generally, only one visit is required to fix it.

4. Teach Carpentry Classes Online or Offline 

If you have a keen interest in carpentry, why not make money teaching it? Many people would be willing to learn all about the art of carpentry from an expert. 

In fact, you could even teach courses on specialized carpentry topics such as timber bridges or building materials. You can offer the courses either online or run them offline at your workshop or garage.

Have you turned out to be a proficient carpenter and would like to share what you have learned with the local and global community? If yes, here is your opportunity to start an online carpentry business. 

Create online DIY carpentry tutorials or write how-to carpentry articles. Or you can sign up on Skillshare or Teachable, create your course, and monetize your knowledge.  

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5. Look for Extra Work Outside Normal Hours

If you are willing to do extra work outside of your regular working hours, you could also make extra money as a carpenter. Carpenters may pick up additional jobs during non-busy hours. These do not count as overtime and may pay well. 

Extra work ranges from building storage sheds for homeowners to helping them pick new paint colors. Some carpenters hire out regularly to do odd jobs before or after hours. It’s not uncommon for small residential carpenters to earn an additional $1,000 per month or more with this kind of effort.

Also, ask your clients if there is any work that they would like done outside of your normal hours. Even if it is only a couple of hours, this off-the-clock work will help supplement your income and make it easier to make ends meet all month long.

6. Partner with House Flippers and Interior Designers to Remodel Houses

Since the late 1990s, house flipping in America has become a popular investment opportunity. You can also make money as a carpenter by partnering with house flippers, interior designers, and homeowners. 

Partnering with these professionals helps you reach the audience that will probably use your services. For instance, if you were to partner with an interior designer then you could provide the carpentry services to the homes he or she remodels.

House flippers are often in need of crew members to help them quickly remodel properties to sell them for a profit. If you have an eye for design and basic carpentry skills, this could be an excellent way to make money as a carpenter.

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7. Create and Sell Custom Fencing and Other Structures

Fencing is an excellent way to make money. Use your creativity and imagination to create attractive fencing and other structures, and sell them at a higher price than what you would pay at the hardware store.  

For instance, you can add a pergola for shade or even enclose the patio with high mesh fencing to keep pool toys within reach. More complex projects can include custom gates, doors, and gazebos.

The cost of materials for building a fence is low. If you use scrap lumber, then the cost will be almost nothing. You can easily make more from selling custom fences than from a regular 9-5 job.

When setting up a business as a carpenter selling custom fences and other structures to homeowners, there are several things to consider. You will obviously need the right tools to run your business, but you need to be convincing, work quickly, possess some basic carpentry skills, and set fair prices.

8. Join Forces with an Established Company

Partnering with an existing firm can be a great option for those who want to make money as a carpenter. Like you, these companies have employees and projects that need to be done, so why not offer them your services? 

As long as you complete tasks and provide results, there’s no reason they can’t become a repeat client for you for years to come. Contact home-improvement stores and search for local and national companies that hire carpenters to get started.

9. Create Wooden signs for Local Shops or Restaurants

Signs and plaques and the like can be a great way to make some extra cash as a carpenter. Creating wooden signs for local shops or restaurants can be a source of income if you are talented in that area. In fact, it’s easy to start your own business as a carpenter making money creating wooden signs. 

First, create a basic wooden sign as a sample, and approach the owner of a local business about this project. Once agreed to, have several different signs made in advance so that you can deliver them as soon as the order comes in. 

This way, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to complete a job because you didn’t plan.

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10. Turn Shipping Crates Into Adorable Rooms Pods for Money

Just because you’ve got a tool belt strapped around your waist doesn’t mean you can’t think outside of the box. This ingenious setup shows that sometimes you have to get a little creative when it comes to making money as a carpenter.  

As a carpenter, you are no doubt used to working with wood. That is why this next opportunity is perfect for you. It combines your experience with woodworking, your knowledge of construction, and your creativity. And the best part is it allows you to make money by doing what you love.

Turn shipping crates into cute, cozy rooms for your family or friends. The best part is you can send them right to your friend’s home, office, or dorm. 

DIY Room pods are easy to make. DIY Room pods are the perfect bedside tables project, which allows you to make money selling these room pods or use them for your home decor. You can also get more cash for these by selling them on Etsy, eBay, or any other sites that would be interested in buying them at a cheap rate.  

Bonus Tip

If you want to make money as a carpenter, it’s best not to worry too much about competition. In fact, the more the merrier, since there will always be enough work for everyone. 

Not a day goes by when a homeowner isn’t thinking about adding a room, redoing their kitchen, or refinishing their floors. As a carpenter, you will be in great demand.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Carpenter?

Across the United States, a carpenter makes on average $20.67 per hour. Carpenters can also expect to make over $48,000 a year.

Carpenters also have a high job satisfaction rating thanks to the fun of creating something new and the satisfaction of a well-done job. Most carpenters begin their careers as apprentices, earning about half of what a professional carpenter earns.


What is the difference between a carpenter and a woodworker? 

A carpenter is a person who builds, repairs, and fits wooden structures. A woodworker is someone who constructs or creates any object made of wood or wood-based products. 

Some of the things they create are furniture pieces, workbench fixtures, staircases, light fixtures, signs, cabinets, and more. A carpenter has many roles and responsibilities. They must be able to work independently and with a team.

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What are the educational requirements to make money as a carpenter?

Carpenters typically only need a high school diploma or GED for formal education. Many carpenters gain their skills on the job rather than through training programs at community colleges or vocational schools.

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What industries hire carpenters?

There are a lot of jobs for carpenters. Whether working for a company or themselves, carpenters work in a wide range of industries. Residential and nonresidential building construction are the most common jobs for carpenters. According to their specific specialization, carpenters work in different types of industries.

Final Thoughts 

Working as a carpenter might not be so bad after all. You can make a decent salary and take pride in building things that others can see and use. If you’re looking for a few extra tips on how to make even more money as a carpenter, here are some suggestions to help you make a living with your hands and skills.

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You might find it worthwhile to explore the blog for more business ideas and money-making tips. Take your time to look around. 

Thank you for reading.