How to Make Money on eBay: 10 Best Things to Sell on eBay for Profit

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Do you want to make money on eBay but don’t know the items to sell? Here’s a list of the best things you can sell on eBay for profit.

There are many ways through which you can make money online. eBay is the right platform for you if you need to raise money quickly.

eBay is a popular online marketplace in the United States. When you list an item on eBay, you will have access to 180 million active buyers throughout the world. You can expect money in your bank account within a few days once you make a sale on eBay.

In this post, I will show you the best things to sell if you want to make money on eBay. These items convert well and have high-profit margins.

Ready to make some quick cash? Let’s get started.

1. Vintage Clothing

One of the best things you can sell to make money on eBay is vintage clothing. Vintage clothing has a high selling price.

You can find these items at thrift stores and yard sales. Once you find some vintage clothing that you can sell, take some great pictures and write engaging descriptions so that your listing can be noticed.

It is also advisable to buy some mannequins that you can display your vintage clothing on so that prospective buyers will have an idea of how it looks.

Ensure you do your research on vintage clothing so that you can sell your listing for the best price. Check the tags and ensure your descriptions are well written and detailed.

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2. Shoes

Apart from vintage clothing, you can also make money on eBay by selling shoes (such as limited-edition sneakers and sportswear).

You can earn a living selling designer shoes for profits on eBay. You can easily run an eBay store by reselling designer shoes that you got in thrift stores.

A pair of designer shoes that you picked at the Outlet Malls for $5 can be easily sold for at least $20 on eBay. Original designer shoes can even earn you more money.

Flipping shoes for money on eBay can make you massive profits.

3. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are some of the items that sell well on eBay. Unused musical instruments are usually sold in yard sales. When buying musical instruments that you want to resell, pay attention to popular brand names.

Some of the brands of musical instruments that have the highest value include:

  • Conn
  • Yamaha
  • Bach
  • Shure
  • Fender
  • Jupiter
  • Gibson

4. Antiques

Antiques are profitable items that you can sell on eBay. You stand a chance of making good profits from these items if you find them at the right price.

eBay is one of the best platforms where you can sell antiques. The items put you in front of buyers that are ready to pay for what they want. You can find antiques that you can resell at auctions and estate sales.

These auctions and sales are usually local and physical, not online. Since sellers at auctions want to dispose of their items quickly, you can find great bargains at these places.

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5. Textbooks

Textbooks are very profitable items that you can sell on eBay. One good thing about reselling textbooks is that you can easily store and post them. Simply put them in an envelope and post them on eBay.

Thus, the packing methods are not complicated.

Used textbooks can be found at yard sales and thrift stores. People usually donate textbooks; you can easily resell these textbooks for hundreds of dollars. So snap and upload them if you can source for them.

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6. Mobile Phone and Accessories

Mobile phones and their accessories are also some of the best items that you can sell to make money on eBay. People are always changing their mobile phones to meet up with the latest technologies. This makes mobile phones and accessories hot-selling products on eBay.

An average of 666 items is sold in this category per listing. Some of the items you can sell in this category include silicon cases of iPhone 6, 6S, and 7, an in-car iPhone holder, and tempered glass screen protector amongst others.

Spigen, Mybat, Storm Buy, Apple, and Otterbox are some of the brands in cases, covers, and skins and they sell well. A peak is usually observed in selling mobiles and mobile cases as new mobile devices are released (especially from Samsung, Apple, and other popular brands).

7. Video Games

Video games are best-selling items that you can make profits from on eBay. In terms of the listing, about 118 items are sold in the video games category. The price for these items ranges between $4.99 and $88 with an average price of $25.23.

Irrespective of the type of video games that you want to sell, you will always find a buyer on eBay. These games sell for good prices and also have good margins.

Some games and the prices they sold for include:

  • Super Ninja Boy and Final Fantasy 2: They sold for $2,000 each on the SNES.
  • Donkey Kong 3: It sold for $5,350 on the NES.
  • Super Mario Bros’ Asian:  It is the most expensive game that was released on the NES and was sold for $25,000.

The commonest game controllers are produced by large console producers such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, although generic brands also perform well. The Microsoft XBOX ONE Controller sold 1,846 units within 30 days (the average selling price was $35.99).

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8. Health and Beauty

The bests selling products in the Health and Beauty category on eBay are vitamins and dietary supplements, hair straighteners, skincare products, hairdryers, and perfumes. About 88 products are sold in the Vitamins and Minerals category per listing.

The top-selling brands in the Vitamins and Minerals category include LifeVantage, Healthworks, Optimum Nutrition, GNC, and Puritan Pride.

The products with the highest number sold in this category include Omega XL Joint Relief tablets produced by Great Healthworks. These sold 1,140 units within 30 days at an average price of $37.

Most people prefer to sell beauty products since they can be used for gift purposes and also for customers’ care. Beauty products also sell well on eBay.

Statistics obtained in 2020 showed that the beauty category has 15 products among the best-sellers on eBay. Some of the best-selling products in this category include maquillage mirrors, bio-oil, and razor blades for men.

Moroccan oil’s treatment kit was also one of the best-selling products. The total revenue gotten from the sales of these items was over $5 million.

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9. Home and Garden

Home and garden products are also best sellers on eBay. You can get huge revenue by selling these items. Buyers can easily buy plant pots, old wall prints, cushions, or lamps that are no longer used.

One of the best-selling products in this category is a set of Egyptian bed sheets. It got about $500,000 in revenue with a sale of 40,000 units in 2018. Other items in this list include gas-powered generators for outdoor purposes, LED light strips, and a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

Home décor products such as coffee tables, lighting, and sofas are also best sellers in this category and they have an average price of $55.

In the garden category, items such as parasols, barbecues, and garden furniture are best sellers on eBay with an average sales price of $80.

10. Computers and Tablets

Computers and tablets are necessities in both homes and offices. They are important in helping people to accomplish tasks within a short period and are also one of the best-selling items on eBay.

The sales of tablets and computers are improving due to the new products that big brands release. Sales of these items usually reach a peak in the festive period. The best-selling items in this category on eBay are scanners, printers, computers, and laptops.

The brands that got the highest number of sales are Asus, Apple, Ghia, Samsung, and Kocaso amongst others.

How Much Can You Make in a Month Selling on eBay?

New sellers can sell 10 items with a value of $500 per month. This implies that in a month, new sellers cannot sell more than 10 items for a total value of $500. This is the limit for new sellers on eBay.

Where You Can Get Products to Sell on eBay

Now that you know the best-selling items that you can sell to make money on eBay, the next thing is to find a supplier. You can be the supplier if you sell second-hand products.

If you want to scale your business, you need to consider the impact it will have on your supply chain. Consider the huge resources that you will need to sustain the business in the long term if you want to buy these items yourself.

Here are some of the places you can find best-selling items that you can sell on eBay:

  • Dropship suppliers
  • eBay
  • Competitor retailers
  • Partnership with local businesses
  • Thrift stores
  • Upcycling discarded goods
  • Craigslist and other classified sites
  • Pawn shops
  • Flea markets, and
  • Neighborhood consignment

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Can you make money on eBay?

Yes, eBay is a global marketplace that connects you to millions of buyers around the world. The platform is a great way to make money.

Whether you want to work from home without investing much or you want to be a reseller selling large amounts of products, you can make money on eBay.

Can you make $1000 per month on eBay?

Yes, you can make $1,000 per month on eBay. You need to consider your eBay store fees, shipping, and supplies; these can amount to 50% of the sales price.

This implies that you need to sell items worth $66.66 per day to have a gross sales of $2,000 per month or $1,000 gross profit per month. Let’s assume your average selling price is $17, you need to sell about 4 items daily to make a $1,000 profit per month.

Can you make a living on eBay?

Yes, you can make a living on eBay. eBay attracts millions of active buyers every month. If you sell any item in the list contained in this post, you can record huge sales.

Doing this consistently can earn you an income that you can live on.


The items described in this post show that you can make money on eBay.

People log on to the internet every day shopping for different kinds of stuff, such as musical instruments, homemade items, and toys. This makes online stores great places to make money online.

There are lots of items that you can sell to make money on eBay. So, ensure you do your research to find the best items. If you want to start, you can focus on the most popular products, and consider factors such as the competition, size, and profit margins.

These factors will help you find the item(s) that will make you money.

The items in this post are a good starting point that you can use to re-evaluate your portfolio on eBay. However, I also suggest you take some time to dig deeper and carry out some research.

You need to have an in-depth understanding of the best sellers on eBay so that you can identify the sales opportunities that you omitted before.

Talking of selling online, here’s a guide on the best items you can resell for great profits. Thanks for reading.