How to Make Money Online Without Investment: 15 Proven Ways to Earn Online Without Paying Anything

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Want to make money online without investment? Keep reading.

Thanks to the level-playing ground created by the internet, it is now easy to make money. The interesting fact is you can make money without a huge investment, by using the internet, right from the corner of your home.

Whether you want to make some extra bucks every month, or you want to build a highly successful business, you don’t need to spend lots of money to make money online.

In this post, I have compiled a list of 15 ways to make money online without investment.

1. Start a blog

Blogging is a long process of earning money online. To start a blog, you need to buy hosting, themes, and domain. However, you can still start without spending a dime. It is one of the most effective ways to make money online.

If you want to make money from blogging without investment, you can start by writing articles on Medium and monetize them on Medium partner program. You can also create a free blog using Blogger or WordPress.

Remember that money is necessary for traffic generation in blogging. More so, you can monetize the content by selling products and marketing. Although the process is long, it is one of the best ways to make money online without investment.

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2. Content writing

If you are good at writing and you have a good command of the English language, you can write for people to make money online. Although writing is time-consuming because it needs in-depth knowledge and research.

However, you don’t need to invest any money to work as a content writer. You need to write samples and send them to your prospects. You can also work for a site that pays you for writing. To start on such websites, sign in and start writing to make money.

3. Freelancing

If you are good at marketing, programming, and designing, you can also make money online without paying anything. You must be patient to do this work.

Also, you need to have two essential skills to work as a freelancer. The first skill is the core skill that you have while the second skill is your marketing skill.

You can also leverage the expertise of a professional marketer if you are not adept at marketing. You need to have excellent communication skills so that you can attract more clients.

4. Online surveys

Although completing surveys online may not make you rich, it is an easy way to make money online without investment.

There are many survey panels, but Swagbucks is one of the best. It is free to join Swagbucks; you can earn $10 after signing up and completing some simple tasks.

Here are the steps that you should take to earn from Swagbucks:

  • Register on the platform. After registering, the site will match you with a survey to complete.
  • Earn points for each of the surveys you complete. The surveys include watching videos online, online shopping, and lots more. You can earn between 40 and 200 points per survey (100 points on Swagbucks will earn you $1).
  • Get rewarded by exchanging your points for cash or a gift card.

The other sites that you can earn from include Survey Junkie and Vindale Research.

If you don’t like completing surveys, you can also earn by watching videos on different topics such as sports, news, and entertainment.

Simply play the video while you’re doing other chores at home. You may not make lots of money from this but you’ll be able to make some money in your spare time.

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5. Freelance design

If you are artistically skilled, you can make money by offering your service as a freelancer. This is a great option to earn extra money online without investment.

You can offer services such as graphics, book covers, logos, or even web design, and find clients on 99designs. It is free to register and find clients on this site. Your earning will vary per project, but you will receive your payment within three days.

6. Write reviews

You can also get paid for providing honest feedback about a product or service. An example of a site that pays for writing reviews is SoftwareJudge. This site pays people for reviewing different software products.

After testing a software, provide a detailed and accurate review, and get paid. If you’re interested in making fast money, this is the site to turn to. You can earn at most $50 for writing a great review. The site pays via western union.

Also, you can review physical products like small gadgets, appliances, and books. You can sign up on Pinchme to earn for reviewing these products.

7. Teach English online

Another way through which you can make money online without investment is to teach English online. A platform like VIPKid can pay you about $22 per hour to teach kids English through video chat.

Another platform is GoGoKid can pay you about $25 per hour to teach English online from the comfort of your home. SayABC also pays about $19 per 40 minutes to teach English. You are free to work for as long as you want.

All these sites should give you at least $100 per day. The websites make it easy to teach English online by providing different templates and lesson plans that you need.

8. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing makes it possible to make money online by using free websites from or, Youtube videos, and social media amongst others. To do this without paying a dime, you need a free website with traffic to help you get approved for Etsy and Amazon Associates. You can also sign up on Clickbank (this does not require any website for approval).

Either way, to do this without investment, you may not collect lots of emails. This will affect your conversion rate which will be lower than those that use email to market your products to subscribers.

9. Information marketing

You can also make money online without investment by selling information products such as ebooks and courses. Since you want to do this without spending anything, you don’t have to sell them on your website.

To sell ebooks, you can sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing. It is a free service that allows you to self-publish ebooks and sell them on Amazon. You can earn about 70% royalties from the sales of the ebooks.

To sell courses, you can sign up on Udemy. This will help you avoid the cost of building your own website. Udemy charges a commission on your sale for hosting your courses on their platform.

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk allows you to complete simple tasks on Amazon for money. If you are above 18 years, you can sign up on the platform and complete the tasks. There are tons of tasks available on the platform every day.

You can earn a good amount of money by practicing and being focused. The site will pay you for each of the simple tasks that you complete. Although the tasks are simple and easy to execute, you don’t find them every time.

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11. Fotolia

Fotolia is a website meant for photographers. The site allows you to sell photos that you take. You can showcase your work to millions of buyers throughout the world by uploading your images and videos on the platform.

If someone is searching for a photo and you have a photo that meets their requirements, they can buy the rights of your photo through Fotolia while you get paid.

Apart from getting paid for taking random photos, you are also making money from your passion. But don’t ignore the quality of the photo. That plays a key role in getting people that will be interested enough to pay for your photos.

12. Online coaching

You can make money online as a coach or a consultant by selling your knowledge and expertise. If you portray yourself as an expert, you will find lots of people that are ready to pay you for your time and knowledge.

There are platforms where you can start your career as a consultant, coach, or expert. An example of such a platform is Chegg. On this site, you need to answer questions that students ask. You will earn about $3 for every answer.

To be approved, you need to qualify for the platform’s online test and submit your details. You must also be a degree holder to work on the site.

Another platform where you can offer your coaching services is

13. Social media management

If you are always fond of being on top of the latest trends on social media, you can venture into social media management. You need to have great marketing, creativity, and management skills to excel in this service. You also need to have people skills.

Businesses and individuals are always searching for experts that can take over their social media platforms. As a social media manager, you will be responsible for creating more awareness for brands through campaigns.

You will also promote engagement with brands and also analyze the performance of the campaigns.

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14. Website flipping

Website flipping is a hot business that you can do to make money online without investment. You need to create a website and exercise patience for about 3 to 6 months before making money from the website.

After making money from the website for 2 to 3 months, you can auction the site on EmpireFlippers or Flippa. You can make at least 15 times the amount you earn monthly from doing this. It is easier to grow old websites than newly established websites.

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15. Data entry

There are lots of opportunities to make money if you are ready to sit for hours performing data entry tasks. You can even do this as a full-time job if you spend enough time on it.

Many sites pay data entry personnel very well to perform various tasks. Most of these platforms will require you to create an account and state your educational qualifications. Some of these websites include Clickworker, Fiverr, and Hubstaff Talent.

How Much Can You Make Online Without Investment?

There is no fixed amount that you can earn online without investment. Your earnings will be determined by what you do online and your commitment to it. For instance, you can make an average of $500 to at least $2000 monthly as a freelancer depending on the type of jobs you do.


Which website is best for making money without investment?

Websites that you can earn from without investment include Amazon, Fiverr, Upwork, Swagbucks, and Meesho.

Can you make money from home without investment?

Yes, you can. Freelancing, blogging, and affiliate marketing are some of the ways to make money from home without investment. As a freelancer, you can work with companies temporarily and earn from offering your services to these companies.

How can you make $100 per day online without investment?

You can make $100 a day online without investment by teaching English online, offering freelance services, selling digital art and merch, selling information products, and promoting affiliate products.

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I hope this article has guided you on how to make money online without investment. I have walked you through 11 ways through which you can make money from home.

Irrespective of your skills or interest, you can start making money online today. You can do this anywhere you live in the world as long as you have access to the internet. You can even do it while you have a full-time job.

Once the income from your side hustle is enough to sustain you, you can quit your full-time job and pursue it as a full-time task.

If you want to work as a freelancer, ensure you state your price as a base for negotiation. State the least price that you are not willing to go below. This will ensure that you earn what you’re worth from your freelance services.

Thanks for reading.