How to Make Money Online for Free: 10 Legit Ways to Earn Without Any Investment

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Want to make money online for free during the coronavirus pandemic or after? Do you want to know more about the options you can use to make money online so that you can fund your immediate needs?

With the coronavirus having locked down the world and affecting the global economy, there’s no better time than this period to earn some income from home. From writing to creating online courses, there are many methods you can use to make money online for free.

Today, I will shed light on some legitimate and simple ways to earn income online. Anybody can do this; irrespective of your age or job, you can go through the options and pick the one that suits you.

Let’s get started.

How do you make money online for free without any investment or capital?

1. Write Articles for Medium

The first way through which you can make money online without any investment is by writing for Medium. If you are learning about Medium for the first time, I will give you a glimpse into what it’s all about.

Medium is a site where people write and share articles about any subject. The site works just like newspapers and also works on a subscription basis.

You can join Medium right now for free and read articles. But you will be limited to a specific number of articles until you upgrade by paying the $5 monthly fee that allows you to read the entire site. This monthly fee allows you to get paid for your work when you write articles for medium.

I know I said I’ll show you how to make money online for free, but the $5 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you stand to earn from the site.

Moreover, it is to write articles for Medium.

You can visit right away, sign up, and start writing and sharing your articles. Simply attach your banking details so that you can be paid when your articles are published and accepted on the platform.

How you can start making money writing for Medium

If you write for Medium, your earning will be determined by the number of views your articles get and how long people spend while reading your articles.

Medium has lots of publications on its platform. Publications refer to curated articles that people like you submit on the site. These publications have tons of followers.

So, if you submit an article to a publication and the publication shares the article with their followers, the followers will view and read your article. You will be paid for the views your article generates.

Apart from writing articles without paying anything, another good thing about Medium is that they don’t deduct any commission from your pay and you can also submit your articles to as many publications as you want.

Hence, you can continue writing and submitting your articles to as many relevant publications as possible.

Note that not all your articles will be accepted. However, that shouldn’t discourage you. Instead, continue writing and submitting your articles and your articles may end up being accepted by a huge publication that has tens of thousands of audiences.

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2. Sell Your Skills on Fiverr

If you are looking for how to make money online for free, Fiverr is the best platform for that.

The website allows you to offer any form of services that are knowledgeable in and also get paid for it. It is easy to start working on Fiverr, and the site is designed for people like you that want to make money from home.

Fiverr has lots of success stories. Once you go through the site, you will come across different ideas that you can use to get started. The best part is that it is free to sell your services on Fiverr.

So, join Fiverr right away and start making money without any investment.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

This is another good way to make money from the internet without any investment. The demand for virtual assistants keeps increasing due to the increasing number of solopreneurs. A virtual assistant is like a personal assistant that works virtually.

As a virtual assistant, your job involves:

  • Replying to emails
  • Carrying out research
  • Moderating blog comments
  • Writing ad copies or web content

As a virtual assistant, you can earn between $2 and $30 per hour. If you cannot move out of your house and you want to make money from the comfort of your home, becoming a virtual assistant is a great option.

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4. Complete Online Surveys

I know lots of people hate it when these annoying online survey ads pop up on the website they are viewing.

However, some survey sites will pay you for your activities. They can pay you through cash or Amazon gift cards. Completing online surveys is a legit way to earn from the internet without any investment, especially for those with lots of spare time and no cash.

Here are some of the best survey platforms that you can join to make money immediately:


Swagbucks is an online survey website that offers different options for making money. Apart from doing surveys and signing up for offers, you can also get paid for playing games and watching TV.

There are different withdrawal options. For instance, you can get paid via PayPal or a gift card. The platform has lots of businesses that offer gift cards, such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. You can also donate your earnings to any of the charities they offer.

If you prefer physical items, then you can exchange your earnings for merchandise. Go over to Swagbucks today and register for free. Once you do that, you will receive a $10 welcome bonus. Note that you need to verify your email address before you can claim the welcome bonus.

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Survey Junkie

This is another online survey platform that you can use to make money online for free. If you are interested in completing only surveys, then you can register on Survey Junkie.

You need to complete your profile so that you can receive surveys that are relevant to your demographics and situation. When you sign in, you will see the available surveys. The site will tell you the duration it takes to complete each of the surveys and the points that you will earn.

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After earning a certain number of points, you can redeem your earnings for different rewards. If this is something that you’d love to work on, go to Survey Junkie and register today to earn extra cash in your spare time.

Other online survey sites that you can check out include:

It is important to point out that you will not make a full-time income from completing surveys online. However, it is still one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online for free.

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5. Sell Your Photos

If you have photo skills or reside where images are in huge demand, you can sell your photos to stock photography websites. These websites cover almost all subjects you could imagine.

Here’s how it works…

You can upload your images to any of the stock photography databases. The magazine editors, designers, or any other organization that has a website can buy them. The good thing about this option is that you can sell the image as many times as possible.

Thus, you can keep making money without any additional effort. Some stock photography websites that you can check out include Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Photoshelter.

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6. Create How-To Videos

YouTube has grown to become the go-to source for all forms of video courses and guides. As an instructor, you can make money by monetizing your videos and charging a subscription fee for viewers to have access to the videos.

Ensure you know the phrases that people are searching for so that your videos can reach your target audience. To find relevant search phrases, type “how to [your topic]” into YouTube’s search bar. Pay attention to the auto-fill phrases that are generated in the dropdown.

Use the same keywords when writing the title, description, and tags for your video.

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7. Convert Your Interests into a Profitable Podcast

Podcasting does not have to be difficult. You can start podcasting with a microphone, a laptop, as well as free recording software.

Also, you don’t need to run podcasts every day. You can run your podcast once every week.

Podcasts are more effective when they are short. There are different ways through which you can make money from a podcast. One of the best ways is via commercial sponsorship. You can also use your podcast to sell your products and services.

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8. Establish a Content and Website Development Business

Offering content and web development services is another good way to make money online for free.

You can offer these services through the use of tools that create eye-catching websites within a short period.

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9. Translate and Interpret

Are you fluent in another language?

You can offer interpretation and translation services in expat communities and places where English is not the first language.

You can also offer these services online on platforms like Fiverr. One of the best resources that you can use as a translator is Welocalize.

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10. Create an Online Course

You can go beyond creating an ebook by setting up an online course that comprises tutorials, PDF downloads, and videos. Creating an online course is a great way to make money online and earn passive income since people are ready to pay for information that answers their pain points.

If you want to create and sell online courses, you can make use of Thinkific. This platform allows you to profit from sharing your knowledge and experience with others.

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How Much Can You Make Online Without Any Investment?

The amount depends on who you are and the online opportunities you opt for. If you go for online surveys, you can earn about $100 in at least 6 months on Survey Junkie provided you are committed to completing all the surveys you qualify for.

Although it is possible to make money online for free, you need to be patient because it takes time. It also involves some elements of luck.


Is making money online ideal for me?

If you have some spare time, you are self-motivated, and you love making money online, then it is right for you. You will be able to generate extra income by making money online.

What are the best ways to make money online?

There are many ways through which you can make money online, but some are more lucrative than others. You can start writing for companies online. Apart from the fact that you can start writing without any investment, it also has good earning potential.

Irrespective of the route you take, there are many things you can do to make money online.

Can you make enough income to quit my full-time income and use online money-making as a full-time job?

Yes, it is possible, but difficult. For instance, if you are working online as a writer and you have lots of companies that you are writing for and you’re making a good income, you can turn this opportunity into a full-time job.


We have considered some of the best ways to make money online without any investment. Earning an income online is a great way to make additional income in your spare time. It can also help you to drop your 9 to 5 job and become a full-time online income earner.

By thinking about different online business ideas and deciding to start an internet-based business, you will enjoy financial freedom, become financially secure, and also live on your terms.

It is possible to make money online for free if you work hard and remain focused.

Tosinajy contains numerous ways through which you can earn money online. Why not check the Make Money section to pick the hustle you will try out first. If you’re a business owner, check out the Software Reviews and Guides section to learn how to run your business efficiently.

Thanks for reading.