How to Make Money With Child Care: 11 Tips to Become Successful

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Are you thinking of getting into the childcare business and want to know how to make money with child care? This article is for you.

Being a childcarer can be an excellent way to make money at your own time and pace.

Childcare is a booming business and with competition reaching an all-time high, it’s important to find new and creative ways to attract potential customers. 

In this article, I have highlighted helpful tips on how to make money with child care, and how you can effectively run your childcare business.

1. Get Listed on Local Childcare Websites and Agencies

Are you struggling to compete with mega-chain daycares? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of competing with them, but there are other options available. 

Whether you are looking for part-time work or building a career in child care, it can be hard to find jobs that are just right for you. That is where local childcare agencies and websites come in, they often have lists of available child care roles in your area.

The easiest way to make money with child care is to go through childcare agencies. Get listed on local childcare websites and allow potential parents to find you.

Just be sure to create a profile and an updated resume on these sites, and be sure to detail your experience caring for children. 

2. Make Money with Child Care by Offering Personalized Babysitting Services

With a huge turnout of parents working outside their homes and the number of households and children on the rise, there has never been a better time to become a childcare provider. However, with the high costs of real estate and licensing fees to provide such services, many people wonder if it is feasible.

A recipe for success on how to make money with child care also lies in personalized services. Customize your services to meet the changing needs of families. Whether they need the occasional help keeping their kids after school, childcare before and after soccer practice, or childcare during holidays, offering a tailored experience to your clients is sure to make you more money.

3. Make Money with Child Care by Starting a Blog

Start a blog to share your knowledge and experiences with parents. Start with the basics, like how to keep kids safe around pets, or common disciplinary issues that kids may have. You can also make your blog more unique for added views by including some more niche content, like how to choose the best child care, or why you chose to become a parent. 

Monetizing this blog is sure to make you some extra cash. In addition to this, having a well-equipped and informative blog is a great addition to your profile and shows potential clients that you know your stuff. 

4. Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool

One of the best ways to promote a childcare service or child care business is to use social media. Social media is used by a lot of people to find interesting free-time activities. That means there is also a big market for child care. 

Join the right groups on social media that are likely filled with parents and post information about your childcare service on your social media page and groups. Your followers and members of the groups will see it when they’re on the site, even when they aren’t looking at your page.

 Also, frequently upload content about child care on your page. Content can range from tips, educational pieces, fun facts, trivia, and advertisements for your services. 

Most potential clients will define you by what they see on your page and status updates. They should be able to define you as a passionate childcarer.

5. Determine the Structure of Your Child Care Services

Determine the type of child care services you would like to offer. There are a few different types of child care services you can offer, but all will require some degree of training.

Home child care services can include child care programs conducted by other agencies like nursery schools or the government, before-and-after-school care, and infant care.

6. Create Playgroups and Charge for Your Services

The vast majority of families today need extra help with childcare. The demand for quality babysitters and child care providers is huge.

Partner with parents whose children are old enough to play together. For example, if you have three children in your care, consider forming a playgroup, inviting other parents who are looking for someone to provide childcare for their children. 

This makes it far easier for you to look after more children and boost your earnings at the same time when their parents need to meet important adult commitments like a community event.

7. Improve Your Childcare Skills and Credentials

Want to make more money as a childcarer? Build up your skills and credentials with a childcare training program. 

You can take a course at home or college and learn how to help kids develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. During the course, you will have the chance to find out all about childcare qualifications. Your childcare skills could lead to paid work, further study, or even a career change!

Most childcare training focuses on practical skills and includes lectures, exercises, and activities to help you gain qualifications that will enable you to work with children. You will learn about legislation and safeguarding issues, the moral and spiritual development of children, and the best practice guidance for the care and education of children.

8. Expand Your Services and Interests

Whether you’re just starting or have been running a successful child care business for years, more opportunities for making money exist than ever before. 

Instead of limiting yourself to caring for children in your home, why not expand your services and interests to include childcare facilities, preschools, day camps, after-school programs, and community centers?

The additional services are sure to help you make money with childcare and increase the diversity of clients you get to service.

9. Offer Educational Talks on Child Care and Charge for Your Service

Most parents know little about child care than they think. While skills and common sense go a long way, if you feel like you need to make more money, consider offering educational talks on child care and charge for your service. 

For many families with small children, reliable child care is one of their biggest expenses. Your guidance can help ease the stress of finding good quality care for their children.

Arrange events, invite and encourage parents and guardians to attend. You could charge a set fee or ask for donations.

10. Make Connections with Other Child Carers and Share Resources

The key to a successful child care business is building a strong reputation in your area. Let people know what you have going on in a group setting before they even need your service. 

Creating a network of friends and acquaintances who can verify your experience and professionalism could be the start of a successful business.

11. Create a Package and Determine the Prices of Each Package Offered

The best way to promote your child care business is to create a price list and charge in advance.

It is a good idea to include several extras such as camps, meals, activities, and excursions when working out your prices. Clearly stating what you will be offering in the package will help parents to decide if they want to sign-up for your service or not.

You can charge for your service in several ways, most commonly by the hour, day, week, month, or any suitable combination. Usually, a per-session charge works best if care is required for an extended period, such as overnight. 

Your fees can also vary according to location, level of care required, and your experience as a childcarer. In cases where home care is provided, you may agree on a fee that covers travel from the child’s home to other locations, such as parks and theaters.

Requirements Needed to Operate as a Child Carer

Working parents recognize that there are many options available to them regarding childcare. While commercial daycare centers may be some parents’ choice for child care, others believe the home environment often is better for communicating with a child to make sure their child learns and grows. 

When one considers the benefits of in-home child care like personalized attention, real intimacy, and quality care that commercial daycare centers just can’t provide. Most parents would prefer child care in someone else’s home rather than theirs or commercial daycares. That could be an opportunity for you to earn money as a child carer.

Here are the requirements needed for you to run a child care service: 

Licensing and Permits

There are several permits and licenses you need to apply for before starting a babysitting business at home. As part of the licensing process, you may have to meet minimum square footage requirements in your home depending on how many children you plan to care for. Other requirements include:

  • Children’s vaccination records
  • Plumbing and ventilation
  • Adhering to lighting rules
  • Getting the ideal equipment for food preparation
  • Annual medical examination for yourself or any other staff handling the children
  • Setting emergency procedures in place and first aid requirements.

Get Insured

To operate a child care business it is advisable to protect your house and livelihood with liability insurance. 

In addition, you should also have insurance that covers the security of your children and the costs of defending yourself or your business against claims of sexual or physical abuse.


Is running a childcare business profitable?

A childcare business if done properly is very profitable. Earnings according to Ziprecruiter, can vary from $20,000 to $60,000 yearly. With most daycare owners recording an average yearly profit of $36,000.

Does childcare make sense as a business venture?

Yes, childcare is a worthy business venture. The love of children, if turned into a business, can be a lucrative endeavor for emerging entrepreneurs. 

In comparison to other businesses, starting a childcare business from home has lower startup costs and fewer risks but provides more opportunities for emotional and financial rewards.

Do you need certifications to run a childcare business?

Yes, most states and regions require that you have some certifications before you can care for children. Some of these certifications include

  • First Aid and CPR Certifications
  • Health and Safety Permits
  • Food Handler Certification
  • Family-Child-Care Home License
  • GED or Diploma
  • A general business license
  • Group Family Child Care License. 

Learn what certifications are required for running a child care business in your state. 


Child care is a moneymaking business, but if you manage it badly, you can end up losing more than you earn. Make sure to choose a good location for your child care center and plan carefully before opening your doors to customers.

Once you decide on your profession as a childcarer, know your responsibilities as a childcare provider. Make sure you are licensed or certified to work operate as a child carer. Check out training programs at nearby colleges to make sure you or the staff you hire meet current standards on how to handle infants, toddlers, and even sick kids.

Additionally, when it comes to children, trust is everything. Particularly in this sensitive industry, charging parents for the care of their kids is a business in which you absolutely must win and retain their loyalty to succeed and grow in the long run. The tips and resources I’ve provided in this article will help you do just that and more.

Finally, here are other businesses with low start-up costs that you can try out and record massive success in.

I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for reading.