How to Make Money Knitting: 10 Ideas to Knit Your Way to Steady Cashflow

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Trying to make money with knitting can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. Sometimes it feels like everyone is a professional knitter but you. You hear about people making a lot of money with knitting and while it seems hard to believe, many people do make a living with it. 

There is also a belief that knitting must be for old ladies who are retired, but this is not true either. What if there were things you could knit that would earn you a decent side income? 

What if you could turn those knitting needles into cash, without making cheesy neck-warmers for relatives or afghans for strangers in the hospital? There are ways to do just that.

If you want to make money knitting from your free time, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 ways that you can make money with knitting.

1. Work with yarn companies

The biggest and obvious way to make money with knitting is to consult or work directly with yarn companies. 

There are so many ways to do this. You can be a consultant, take workshops, learn about yarns and create new patterns from that knowledge. You can also test products as a tester/reviewer/blogger/enthusiast, wear their stuff, and model their items in catalogs and online campaigns. The list goes on.

In today’s market, yarn companies are popping up left and right. There are an array of yarn companies filling the market currently in the US if you are interested in being a designer (knitting clothes, accessories, etc.). 

If you can design patterns as well as knit clothes, I would recommend getting in touch with them. Companies may pay you $50 to $100 per photo shoot, or more, depending on your experience and skills. Some companies will even pay to fly you to conventions and industry meetings.

2. Start a podcast online about knitting and knitting patterns

If you have loved to knit but have never gotten around to it, why not put your creativity to use and start a podcast about knitting. 

Try to imagine how helpful and engaging it could be for other knitters who are considering learning knitting or who are already knitters and wish to improve their skills. Here are some insights on how to go about a knitting podcast.

  • Know your audience and focus on what customers want to hear
  • Have a set schedule
  •  Create high-quality episodes with attention to detail
  • Sell your podcast on iTunes
  • RSS feed your podcast or find a transcription service to do it for you
  • Make sure you get paid for your podcasts

To get inspiration for your knitting, you can listen to different knitting podcasts then fill missing gaps. Podcasts are a lot easier to record than you may think. If you have a decent microphone, follow the simple steps to recording and podcasting. 

There is nothing more inspirational than someone speaking who sees a bigger picture. You can provide comfort and inspiration to other knitters. You could get anywhere from $1,000 a month hosting a podcast online and you can charge anywhere from $10 to $100 per month for each dedicated subscriber.

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3. Host knitting events or fundraisers 

If you love knitting, why not share your passion with others? Host knitting events and fundraisers to bring in extra cash. 

The easiest way to make money with your knitting hobby is to simply host an event. You’ll likely be offering a service that many people are interested in and will pay for, such as hats and scarves, so you can sell your product at the event and make money right there.

By hosting a community knitting event, you may find that people get more invested in your cause. It can also help to gain the attention of local news outlets who may want to film the event to share it with others.

For knitters who enjoy showing off their projects to others, consider hosting regular knitting events or fundraisers. By charging a small entry fee and asking for donations, you can quickly build up a nice little sum of cash. Publicize the events and get people to sign up early.

4. Produce and sell knitting patterns

If you’re a crafter or knitter, why not create and sell knitting patterns? It sounds as simple as selecting the perfect yarn and writing out some basic instructions. Many crafters will buy your patterns if you have a special skill like knitting exceptional designs.

Here are some tips on how to come up with knitting patterns.

  • Look to vintage aunts, grandmothers, mom’s
  • Pick a pattern off the web
  • Buy ready-made patterns then adapt them – start with a simple design that works and make alterations to suit
  • Experiment different yarns
  • Research what’s currently selling and what’s not
  • Test your patterns with friends, family,  and on the internet
  • Use your creative skills and quick hands to make something new and different

There’s no need to be a skilled knitter—just use graph paper and write out the patterns for the different sizes. Then have them for sale on sites like Etsy or eBay to other knitters. You could turn your hobby into a passive income stream.

5. Create and sell custom handmade knitting products 

Knitwear is a creative niche, capable of producing income for designers and sewers. Start small by selling your products to friends and family. From there, you can work your way up to craft fairs and eventually retail shops.

Here are some of the few knitting products or accessories you can produce and sell

  • Bags and purses made of knitting yarn
  • Needle felting accessories
  • Crochet or knit slippers
  • Scarves, shawls, and cowl
  • Household items such as blankets, runners, and rugs
  • Creative or holiday gift sets
  • Baby clothes
  • Diving gear knitting patterns
  • Lace knitting designs for teddy bears
  • Yoga pants made from stretching cotton jersey, with a drawstring waist and a pocket in the back

Buyers are willing to pay more for personalized items that only they will have or use. If you can figure out a way to create customized knitting items that your buyers can’t get anywhere else, then you can sell them for a much higher price.

6. Create knitting YouTube channel and tutorials 

Ever since it gained popularity, knitting has become more and more popular among young and old alike. You can make a living as a knitting instructor by teaching your material in the form of videos. 

Pick an easily understandable method, show it on a YouTube channel, and have a tutorial that would help new knitters learn the craft. The following tips will help you get started on creating your knitting YouTube channel.

  • Think like an entrepreneur
  • Know your competition
  • Be original
  • Perform the action you are teaching
  • Build a strong subscriber base before monetizing your channel
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Plan and schedule your projects in advance
  • Put links to your online store, website, or blog in the video description

There is no end to the number of knitting tutorials that can be created. As you build your audience, you will notice them asking about your other products. This is where you can mention it or link directly to your sites.

YouTube channels can earn between $3 and $5 per 1000 video views with an average of $18 ads per 1,000 views.

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7. Start a knitting blog and monetize it

Knitting has become quite popular these days and with that, people are searching for knitting techniques, stories from knitters around the world, and patterns. With a knitting blog, you could make money simply by helping others learn more about the hobby or even by selling your patterns. 

Here are some considerations for starting a knitting blog;

If you are a passionate knitter, why not start a blog about it? Earning money through knitting is extremely popular among knitters. It’s easier than you think to earn online.

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8. Teach knitting in schools and get paid for it

Do you have expertise in knitting? There are opportunities to teach knitting in schools and get paid for it. Some schools have vocational studies that allow students to learn various skills that they can apply when they enter the job market. 

Other schools just want their students to know the basics of a particular skill. You are sure to find a school or two near you that may be interested in learning how to knit, crochet, or do some other type of needlework.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional teacher to teach knitting in schools. You can be an enthusiast who wants to teach your craft in school, and earn some money out of it. 

Teaching knitting will allow you to make anywhere from $25 to $100 per class.

9. Work with and promote independent designers

To make money, you need to offer a product or service that solves problems for your customers. Some of the best businesses combine many solutions with one focused product or service that people use over and over again (i.e., Amazon, Gmail).  

If you are a knitwear designer, you should be reaching out to independent designers who sell products that solve problems. Partnering with these designers is an important part of your strategy for success. 

A great way to make money with your knitting is by selling items made by independent designers. Think about it, they’re the perfect pair to help you promote your items on your blog and/or Pinterest account. Also, there is a good chance that they will contact you before promoting their items themselves.

10. Sell your work at craft shows and flea markets

Knitting is a great way to make money if you are interested in interacting with people and receiving instant feedback. Sell your work at craft shows and flea markets if you are passionate about knitting.

Grab your knitting needles and a ball of yarn, and start working on some new projects. Then sell your work at markets, fairs, craft shops, or online. Most knitters get most of their money from selling wholesale to retailers, but you can try all the different approaches to see which works best for you!

In my one experience with hand-knitted hats, I went with a friend to her first craft show, where she sold one for $15 each. I was so scared! In about 3 hours we had made nearly $300 and I couldn’t believe it. 

Imagine how much you will make if you go to a craft show with different knit items.

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You don’t want to sell your products in your small town, what should you do?

If you do not want to sell your products in your local stores, then what you can do is target people in other towns, who are looking for an alternative source of merchandise. You can offer to ship to them at a reduced rate. 

First, list down all possible towns near where you live where people might be looking for what you are selling. You could also sell your products in online stores like Etsy.  

Keep in mind that it is not easy to convince people to spend money. Hence, you will need a good sales copy and need to be sure you can fulfill orders quickly and accurately.

How do you make your pattern?

You make your knitting pattern by first deciding on the type of design you want to make. Also, pay attention to the yarn and its weight as well as the needle sizes each pattern may require.

You can make it in colors or you can simply choose a simple black and white design and add color with yarns. Once you have decided on a pattern, you then sketch it out on paper so that it is easier to follow later on.

Who should venture into the knitting business?

Anyone interested in learning how to knit is a good candidate for knitting as a business idea. You do, however, need some background in knitting to make it a viable income-producing business. 

Knitting is an art. Not everybody can venture into the knitting business with ease.

What is the best way to start with knitting for money? 

If you want to start with knitting for money, I recommend doing what everyone else does. Try making hats, socks, and scarves for friends and family, and sell them online if you can manage them. 

Look around your city or town to see if any events call for homemade items like scarves, hats, or mittens. Knit sweaters or baby blankets for local gift shops and see if they are willing to sell them for you at a price you don’t mind taking. 

Also, this guide is a resource for the best ways to make money with knitting.

How do you get more people to buy my products?

To get more people to buy your products, you have to make it as easy as possible for them to make their purchase. You start by describing your product most appealingly as well as offering a lot of details about your product. 

The best people to sell to are the people who know and trust you. Family, friends, or other people who know about your passion for crafts would be a great start. Next, you could create a presence on social media such as Facebook or Twitter and connect with people there. 

You could also join crafting forums and blogs where people will likely have questions about products they are looking at buying. These kinds of websites allow you to answer people’s questions and build a relationship without ever requiring contact information or immediate purchase.


Is there anything in the world that’s more relaxing, calming, and satisfying than taking a few hours out of your day to knit? I don’t think so, but here’s something that might make it even better – turning your hobby into a money-making side gig.

The ideas listed above will help aspiring entrepreneurs develop business skills and get the most out of the knitting they do for fun. If you enjoy knitting, you could be interested in crafts, right? There are other interesting articles on the blog that highlight various ways to make money. 

Furthermore, I recommend that you read my post on how to make money with art. The article highlights some effective ways to monetize your creativity. One way or another, we all want to make money. One of the best things we can ever ask for is a collection of guides that will help us make money. 

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