How to Make Money with Crafts: 11 Places to Sell Crafts Online

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Are you aware that you can make money with crafts? Do you know there are other platforms where you can sell crafts apart from Etsy?

One of the best ways to make money from home is to create different crafts and sell them online. If you are skilled in sewing or if you are very creative, this is a side hustle that can make you some reasonable passive income every month.

In this post, I will share with you how you can make money with crafts by sharing some platforms where you can sell those crafts.

1. Artfire

Artfire is a popular marketplace for handmade items. Apart from buying handmade items, it is a great platform for shopping for crafting supplies.

It is free to list your crafts. However, the platform charges a particular monthly fee for your store. The fee is about $20 per month, but they have special offers and promotions sometimes. You can take advantage of those promotions to get cheaper monthly rates.

Your customers can order your items by paying through PayPal or Amazon Payments.

2. Shop Handmade

Shop Handmade is new, as a result, your items may not get as much exposure as they might get on popular stores. However, the site is free to use. You won’t pay any listing fees or monthly fees to use their store.

This makes Shop Handmade risk-free in selling your crafts and vintage items. You can register, create your store, upload photos, and create listings straight away. Payments from the items sold will go to your PayPal account.

3. Hyena Cart

Hyena Cart is a big platform for selling handmade items. Apart from selling handmade items, you can also sell manufactured items that are no more useful to you on this platform. Although the site does not charge for listing your crafts, you need to pay $5 every month for your store to remain accessible.

This fee is only applicable if your store is active. Hyena Cart does not bill automatically. That means you can omit a payment for a particular month if you don’t want to sell for that month.

The site is very easy to navigate and has lots of items to offer.

4. You Can Make This

You Can Make This is a little bit different from the platforms we’ve considered so far. On this site, you will be selling your patterns for handmade items, not the items themselves. You will earn 50 percent of every item that you sell.

When you list the patterns on the site, you can decide to require the buyer to credit you whenever he or she uses your pattern or not. You can also decide to allow the buyer to make your item and sell it.

You will receive the payment for the patterns you sell once every month.

5. Amazon Handmade

Amazon is also on the handmade bandwagon and it is competing with Etsy. Although it is a global company, most of its traffic comes from the United States.

At the time of writing this post, there is no fee associated with listing items on Amazon Handmade. This means that you can list as many items as you want without paying any fee.

However, Amazon will charge a 15% commission on every sale you make.

The benefits of Amazon Handmade include the following:

  • Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world
  • The platform has perfected buying and selling on the internet and sales is their major focus. They are serious with their algorithm (unlike Etsy where sellers complain about their unstable algorithm. One month sellers are making sales, the next sales drop and they may not even find their products in search results).
  • They have an application process to confirm that you are making the products you want to sell on their marketplace.

The downsides of Amazon Handmade include the following:

  • The fact that Amazon is the biggest online marketplace throughout the world is also a disadvantage. This is because of the fierce competition on the platform. You will need to do a lot of great SEO work to get your first few sales.
  • Amazon, just like Etsy, wants customers to remain their customers, not yours. As a result, there’s little you can do to capture your buyers and make them repeat customers.
  • The platform has fewer categories where you can sell your handmade items.

6. Cratejoy

Cratejoy is a marketplace that helps subscription box businesses get subscribers in their market. The platform works hard to help this type of business find quality subscribers.

The platform is good for makers and artisans that are interested in generating recurring income. If you have a new craft or you have a great inventory, Cratejoy is a great way to build a community around your products.

Cratejoy has over 500,000 subscribers every month. It is the only marketplace that is specifically created for subscription boxes.

7. Zibbet

Zibbet has over 57,444 artists, vintage collectors, and crafters. The site gives craft sellers exposure to millions of buyers all over the world.

The platform does not charge listing fees and sales fees. It offers a free account approach. So, if you need a low-risk marketplace that you can use to kick start the sales of your art and handmade goods, Zibbet is ideal for you.

With over 50,000 independent creative, the site provides unique items that you will love to list alongside.

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8. Folksy

Folksy is a marketplace where people can buy and sell handcrafted or designed items from UK designer-makers. The site is specifically created for makers and artists from the United Kingdom.

Hence, Folksy has a targeted market for those selling their crafts from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

9. Bonanza

Bonanza is similar to Amazon. The site offers commercial retail items and handmade items in different genres such as health and beauty, home and garden, jewelry, accessories, and clothing. Bonanza does not charge any listing fees or store fees.

Also, the sell rate on the platform is just 3.5%. You will only pay the sell rate if you sell something.

10. eBay

If you are conversant with shopping online, you must have heard of eBay. It is one of the largest and most popular sales sites for handmade crafts and other goods. eBay has one of the widest customer reaches in terms of selling your crafts.

The platform has different selling plans that you can choose from. If you are an occasional seller, you can list about 50 items every month without paying any listing fees. You will only be charged a 10% sales fee after you have sold your items.

If you list less than 50 items per month, you don’t need a store.

If you run a bigger business, you can consider opening a store on the platform. Here are the pricing options and fees of the store:

Basic Store

This pricing plan is available for $24.95 per month. If you want to pay annually, you will pay the equivalent of $19.95 per month. This package allows you to list up to 250 items at a fixed price.

The listing fees for the Basic Store pricing plan are between 20 and 25 cents. The actual amount depends on the items that you are selling. This plan’s sales fees are also between 3.5% and 9.15% depending on the item you’re selling.

If you want to list items on auction per month, you can also list an additional 250 items.

Premium Store

This eBay store plan is available for $74.95 per month. You will pay the equivalent of $59.95 per month if you decide to pay annually. This pricing plan allows you to list up to 1000 items at a fixed price. You can also list an additional 500 items on auction every month.

The listing fees for this pricing plan are between 10 and 15 cents per item while the selling fees are the same as what is charged in Basic Store.

Anchor Store

This pricing plan is created for big sellers. The cost is $349.95 per month but costs the equivalent of $299.95 per month if you want to pay annually. Judging from these fees, you need to be generating serious fees to be able to pay them.

The listing fees for this plan are lower and it’s between 5 and 10 cents per item. Its selling fees are the same as the other stores.

However, there are some exclusions to the fees. These exclusions usually relate to bigger items like real estate and motor vehicles.

11. GLC Craft Mall

GLC Craft Mall is an online mall designed for selling different handmade crafts. You can sell different items on the site. Some of the items include:

  • Arts and crafts items
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Bath and beauty items
  • Children’s toys, gifts, and clothing
  • Wooden items
  • Religious items
  • Glass items
  • Vintage items
  • Sportswear

The site has three store options that you can choose from:

The Basic Store

The Basic Store for GLC Craft Mall costs $3.50 per month. You will not incur any other fees apart from this for this plan. Also, you can list about 100 items.

The Semi-Pro Store

The Semi-Pro Store pricing plan costs a monthly fee of $6.95 per month and no other fees. This pricing plan allows you to list up to 250 items.

The Pro Store

GLC Craft Mall’s Pro Store option costs $12 per month with no other fees. This pricing plan allows you to list as many items as you want.

With each of the three store options, you have the opportunity to set your delivery rate and can also receive payments from your customers directly. Your customers can pay with a credit card if you want to create and set up a PayPal account.

How much can you make selling crafts?

There is no fixed figure on what you can make selling crafts since your income will be determined by what you are selling and the selling price. However, by using the right tactics (such as planning, getting rid of distractions, and being professional) while running your craft business, you will be able to make enough income that you can live on.

Here’s a formula that you should use when pricing your crafts; ensure you make at least 50% profits from the items you sell. It is advisable to have a wide profit margin so that you don’t end up losing money through commissions, promotions, and other fees.

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Can you make a living from selling crafts?

Yes, you can make money with crafts. Many people see making crafts as a hobby. However, you can make extra income from selling crafts, you can also take it up as a full-time job.

To make money with crafts, you need to strategize, prioritize, and run ads. These will give your items more exposure, thereby helping you generate more sales.

What are the best crafts to make and sell?

Here are some of the best crafts that you can sell online:

  • Velvet pillows
  • Children’s headbands
  • Glass pebble magnets
  • Palette clock
  • Pallet coasters
  • Decorative champagne flutes
  • Flower crowns
  • DIY lace bowls


If you love creating craft designs or craft products, and you believe that people will love buying your designs, then you need to consider selling those crafts on the platforms listed in this post.

These websites will help you make money with crafts. This is another way to make extra cash doing what you love, right from the comfort of your home.

Ensure you spend time researching each of the sites before diving in. Understand their fees, audience, and the steps involved in listing items. These will help you know the money and time that you need to invest. You will also be sure that you can reach your ideal audience that will help you make sales.

Tosinajy is a platform that offers all you need to know about making money online, the software you’ll need, and also guides you on how to deal with common issues you may encounter.

Thanks for reading.