Blue Collar Business Ideas — Build A Profitable Blue Collar Business

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Opposed to the general misconception that blue collar businesses are inferior to white-collar jobs, blue collar business ideas are in fact more lucrative than most white collar jobs in many parts of the world. 

Unlike white collar jobs, blue collar businesses are more in demand and less competitive, thereby creating an avenue for better pay for blue collar job workers.  To prove this, try to recall the last time you tried to unblock your clogged water closet and how difficult it was finding someone to do a proper job.

Therefore, the opportunities for money-making with blue collar business ideas are eye-catching and as such, starting a business in this line is a smart move.

This article highlights some profitable blue collar business ideas and ways by which you can turn them into a desirable business venture.

Let’s get to it.

1.  Construction Business

The construction business is one of the most profitable blue-collar business ideas to be involved in. The building and construction industry keeps evolving, and the desire of many individuals to keep up with trends makes this business a goldmine. As such, new buildings and houses are continually rising in cities/, towns, and even the villages.

It’s not just profitable but also has several niches you could venture into, which are;

  • Structural construction (concrete laying, roofing)
  • Finishing contractors (flooring, painting)
  • Construction of utility systems (water, sewer systems)
  • Building engineer
  • Manufacturing of bricks and blocks, etc.

Although it could be a hassle to start up, as you would have to deal with the initial cost of equipment and timely delivery of services, the construction business is still gratifying.

To further expand your reach and patronage, ensure that your services are professional and of good quality, as your first Job could bring you an unbelievable influx of clients.

Suppose you are diligent enough to put in the work and plan accordingly, you can have a successful construction business up and running in no time.

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2. Plumbing Business

The plumbing business is in high demand in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors, as consumers cannot maintain their sewer systems. Therefore, the opportunities available in this business are impressive.

However, to run a successful plumbing business, you have to develop unique marketing strategies to be a step ahead of your competitors constantly.

Also, it would be best if you also stay updated with new materials and improved technologies. Lastly, every project you undertake should impress your clients as your business would rely heavily on referrals from them.

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3. Electrical Business

Running an electrical business involves the service and maintenance and installation of electrical systems in office buildings, homes, schools, industrial plants, or anywhere else.

Due to the technicalities involved, the electrical business is highly specialized, and skilled electricians are in high demand. Therefore, being skillful in this line of business is a perfect opportunity for making money as your services would always be needed.

In addition, consider the old methodology of creating a business card that you can give to people as this is handy and easy to carry about. Also, it presents you as a professional in your field.

You may build a website to attract traffic from local clients, and it remains one of the best methods for client generation.

4. HVAC Business

HVAC is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Heating and cooling services are rendered to homes, cooperate facilities, and industries through the HVAC business. Amazingly, you can start up the business with little capital and minimal time input.

You might also want to factor in periods when new designs and functions are introduced in heating and cooling units because HVAC experts are in high demand at such periods.

Furthermore, you could start by sending proposals to organizations to manage their HVAC facilities at a pretty steep rate compared to other established HVAC firms. And from there, the possibilities of building a high-flying venture that creates employment for other individuals can be a reality.

5. Waste Management Business

This business involves the collection, transport, treatment, and proper disposal of waste products and the supervision of waste management processes.

Most persons might think that starting up this business is as simple as getting a pick-up truck and hitting the streets, but you should take several other steps to guarantee its smooth operation.

Business licenses, geographical plotting, and strategic advertisement are factors that would strengthen the business and help you keep up with the daily requirements.  

However, the opportunities in this business make it a worthwhile venture. In addition, you are helping the environment get rid of toxic substances.

Some business ideas within this venture include:

  •  Plastic Recycling Business
  • Electronic Recycling Business
  • Scrap Business
  • Rubber Recycling Business, and so on.

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6. Fertilizer/Manure Manufacturing Business

The agricultural sector is one of the largest economic sectors, and it is responsible for the employment of millions of individuals all around the globe.

There are several lucrative branches in the agricultural field that any diligent individual can leverage on.

One of such is the manufacturing of fertilizers. Farmers are always in need of fertilizer to enhance the growth of their crops. As such, you would never run out of demand for your products.

Furthermore, it would be best to focus on the manufacturing of organic fertilizers as this is unique and more in-demand than inorganic fertilizers.

Most importantly, you should note that this business is capital intensive; therefore, you could partner with already established farmers or seek agro-grants to get started.

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7. Painting Business

If you enjoy painting and you’re good at it, why not start this up? Executing a painting job requires a lot of time, patience, and precision.

Moreso, not many individuals possess the skill; as such, home and office owners are always looking for skilled painters who can give their spaces a fresh and unique look.

Additionally, the painting business is easy to start and requires little capital to start, yet it’s fun and lucrative.

An excellent way to start is to paint your friend’s or colleague’s homes for meager fees in exchange for a testimonial. These testimonials would serve as proof of proficiency when pitching to companies and top clients. Who knows, you may land a job that would change your life drastically.

8. Food and Bakery Business

Who doesn’t enjoy moist, delicious pastries? Or soft, hot bread on a cool morning? This is one of the best blue-collar business ideas to start.

You could decide to go into cakes alone or bread-making alone. Either way, you are sure to earn good returns from this business.

Your customers would consist of private firm workers who need to grab fast food or perhaps as some refreshment.

Furthermore, you could approach local stores to help market your products, particularly in places that enjoy massive patronage and traffic.

Some other lucrative food business ideas include:

  • Food Truck
  • Fitness Food Preparation
  • Opening a Juice Bar among others.

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9. Disposable Item Manufacturing

Paper plates, cups, and spoons are a preferred alternative to glass, ceramic, and steel items in social functions because they are handy, leak-proof, and disposable.

Therefore, looking into this blue-collar business idea is not out of place. Furthermore, it could be started with little capital, and with a proper plan for the business, your chances of making good money are sure.

10. Bricklaying Services

Although many individuals belittle this business, this blue-collar business idea is a highly profitable source of income for those involved.

The demand for bricklayers is unending as they are an integral part of the building and construction of homes, offices, or what have you.

However, starting this business would require you to have previous experience working on-site and practical building skills.

Also, you should effectively plan and manage the activities going on at the bricklaying site. Lastly, you may employ skilled individuals to work with you as you expand.

11. Car Wash Services

Next up on our list of profitable blue-collar business ideas is car wash services. The good thing about this business is that you do not need any skills to get started.

What is needed is space, a constant water supply, and the equipment to get started.

Furthermore, have you ever thought of taking the services to the customers, rather than them having to drive all the way to get a car wash?

This would be an excellent option for persons who have high-grade vehicles and are not comfortable with the idea of driving them downtown for a wash. Plus, you can avoid the initial startup costs for getting a physical location.

12. Scrap Collection Business

We are used to discarding old materials when they are damaged or no longer in use. However, metal is a resource that can be recycled repeatedly without any depreciation in quality.

Recycled metals are just as relevant to builders and manufacturers as newly mined ones.

It would be best to link up with already-existing scrap business owners, though, as that association would help you grow and build your business.

13. Cosmetic Production

Perhaps you are interested in makeup or skincare; developing a product along this line is one of the most lucrative blue-collar business ideas to consider.

These products are often in high demand by people, especially women as such there’s is a large market to serve.

If you are well-grounded in combining cosmetic ingredients starting your product line should be an easy task. However, as an aspiring blue-collar business entrepreneur, you may check out some tutorials on YouTube or get trained by a professional on making these products.

Furthermore, it would be best to research competitors to come up with unique ideas for your products. For instance, you may focus on selling purely organic products, anti-aging cream, or anti-enzyme skincare products.

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14. Clothing Business

The clothing business remains one of the most profitable business niches globally. Furthermore, the need for trendy wear makes the industry highly lucrative as a blue collar business idea.

You could get started by designing clothes for specific demography or creating your clothing line. Other clothing business ideas include:

  • Tailoring
  • Fashion designing
  • Tye and die
  • T-shirt print
  • Making of Uniforms and so on.

Whatever you choose is enough to build a sustainable and successful business.

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15. Transport Business

Truck driving, ride-hauling, boat driving, etc., are all lucrative and approachable blue collar business ideas to consider.

Furthermore, you necessarily don’t need to acquire a vehicle of yours to get started; you could start by working for shipping companies or by obtaining a car and paying in installments.

Either way, you’re sure to make a load of money in the transport business.

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What jobs are considered blue-collar?

Blue-collar jobs are jobs that are done with the use of your hands. You can take this type of Job without a university certificate. Examples are plumbing business, construction business, HVAC business, clothing business, transport business, etc.

How much does a blue collar worker make?

Blue-collar workers, on average, earn between $20000 — $50000 yearly, with bonuses that are usually 10 — 15 percent of the annual income.

Which blue collar business idea should you start?

If you do not have any hands-on skills, then starting a car-wash business is good. However, starting a construction business is good if you have civil engineering skills.

Are blue collar business ideas more profitable than white collar businesses?

Yes. Most blue collar businesses are more profitable than white collar jobs because of their high demand and less competition.


There you have it, our top fifteen lucrative blue collar business ideas. We could go on and on and on as the opportunities are indeed endless.

To help you get perspective, go for a blue collar business idea that suits your skill and interest. For instance, if you are a fashion enthusiast, venturing into the clothing business is good for you. You may also look into painting if you have the skill for it.

However, one of the less costly yet highly profitable blue collar business ideas to look into is disposable material production. Even if you do not have the necessary skills to embark on the business, you can take tutorials from YouTube or get employed in a recycling firm.

Lastly, if you are a woman seeking to be your boss, see entrepreneur ideas for women for business insights.

I hope this post was helpful.

Thanks for reading.