How to Make Money As a Demolition Contractor: 8 Ways to Get Paid

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If you have ever thought about being a contractor tearing down structures, this article will help you discover how you can make money as a demolition contractor.

Most people think that demolition contractors tear down homes for fun. Or to just get rid of old, dilapidated houses. Both could be true but mostly, they tear down houses to make money.

Are you just getting started or you’ve been in the industry for years but looking to make more money? Here are how you can make money as a demolition contractor.

1. Start Your Own Demolition Business

If you have experience in demolition and a strong work ethic plus the monetary resources required, you might be able to start your own demolition business.

Your costs will vary depending on the type of demolition work you do. If you’re working with large commercial clients, you’ll likely want to be licensed and bonded. You’ll also need to have proper insurance.

If you’re working on a residential job, check with the local building department to see if a permit is required. You’ll need to check with the state’s contractor’s board to make sure you’re licensed, bonded, and insured. You’ll also want to make sure you have the proper safety equipment and protective gear.

It’s a good idea to partner with someone who has experience in demolition when you’re just starting. In addition to splitting the costs, you can also split the work, the profits, and the risks.

Some of the things to start your own demolition business include:

  • Excavating equipment
  • An inspection licence and other permits
  • Contractors liability insurance policy
  • Lifting equipment
  • Demolition hammer
  • Safety kits to keep you safe

2. Sell and Rent Out Demolition Tools

Decaying buildings, bridges, and other manmade structures can be a dirty business, and demolition contractors need specialized tools to get the job done. If you’re thinking about how you can make money as a demolition contractor, it pays to sell and rent out demolition tools.

The demand for demolition equipment is high. Across the United States, the construction industry employs more people than any other sector. So, if you’re a demolition contractor, great news.

There are plenty of demolition contractors who don’t have their tools because renting demolition tools is generally cheaper than buying them. Therefore as a demolition contractor looking to make more money, you may want to rent out your tools to other contractors.

As a contractor, you can approach demolition companies about renting or selling your demolition equipment. You can rent equipment, such as jackhammers and concrete cutters, by the day or by the week.

You can sell your equipment through online marketplaces, such as eBay, Craigslist, and LetGo. However, while this is a reliable way to make money as a demolition contractor, you will need a huge capital to purchase these tools and equipment as they’re expensive.

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3. Work for a Residential or Commercial Demolition Company

In general, demolition companies pay their employees well. However, not all demolition contractors are paid equally. And, not all demolition companies pay their employees equally.

Many demolition contractors work for demolition companies that have other lines of business. For example, some demolition contractors work for construction companies that build homes, and these contractors usually work for a big construction company that does a lot of demolition.

If you work for a big demolition company, you might be able to negotiate a salary that is high compared to non-union demolition contractors. However, if you are working for a small demolition company, your salary may be low compared to non-union demolition contractors.

So, if you are planning to work as a demolition contractor with a company, it’s important to compare the salaries of other demolition contractors in your area to better negotiate your salary.

4. Become an Emergency Demolition Specialist

The industry is rapidly growing as the demand for demolition grows. Individuals and companies who learn how to be effective as emergency demolition specialists will find that there are many job opportunities available.

Demolition work is one of the most rewarding and dangerous jobs in the world of construction. Demolition contractors play an important role during emergencies when lives are on the line.

Whether it’s a fire, flood, or natural disaster, these contractors are needed to save property and lives. You will always have work to do because companies need your services to clean up after major disasters or fires.

By becoming an emergency demolition specialist, you will be able to earn a good income by being able to work odd hours as well as having the opportunity to prevent accidents from occurring.

5. Get in touch with Government Bodies to Bid for Contracts

One of the best ways to make money as a demolition contractor is to get in touch with the government bodies that oversee the work in your area. These agencies can tell you about upcoming projects and what work they have available. Then, contact these agencies and tell them you’re available to work on their projects.

The chances of finding a lucrative contract are very high. The government is always looking for qualified contractors to demolish buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures.

As a demolition contractor, you will be offering your services to help rebuild after a natural disaster or war; however, depending on the type of project it may take weeks or months before work begins on rebuilding.

Most government departments have guidelines for how they choose contractors, and these guidelines often include requirements that contractors meet before bidding on jobs. So it’s your job to find out what the requirements are.

Once you have this information, you may be able to bid on these jobs directly or through a sub-contractor. The bids you submit could be for small-scale jobs or larger-scale jobs.

Larger-scale jobs will require more equipment, materials, and labor, make sure you have all it takes to complete a project successfully and efficiently.

6. Offer Interior Demolition Services

Another way to make money as a demolition contractor is to offer interior demolition services. Interior demolition is different from exterior demolition in that it involves removing interior materials from a structure without causing damage to the structure.

This type of demolition involves removing interior elements from a building and replacing them with new ones. This could include walls, floors, ceilings, ceilings, doors, lights, windows, etc. These services are in high demand because they can be completed quickly and inexpensively, even if they’re done by hand.

To get more jobs as an interior demolition contractor, you can partner with a business that already has an established client base. Alternatively, you can seek alternative means of promotion (such as advertising on bulletin boards) or work with another contractor who has many projects to work on.

Interior demolition jobs can be physically demanding and extremely dangerous. It is important to learn how to protect yourself from injury while carrying out interior demolition jobs. You can choose to charge by the hour or charge by the job.

7. Create a Blog About Demolition Process

One of the best ways to make money in the demolition business is to blog about it. The goal is to be knowledgeable and helpful to potential clients. With a blog, you can easily share information with others who might be looking for information about demolition work.

Your blog can provide valuable information on how to safely demolish a building, how to evaluate the safety of the materials used in building construction, how to properly dispose of hazardous materials, and much more.

You can keep people informed about new products, services, or techniques. You can even include pictures of your work so people can see what your company does. This is a great way to market your services to people who are interested in learning more about demolition.

Once you start getting a good number of traffics, you can make money with your blog through the following:

While this may take time before you start making money, it’s one of the cost-effective ways to make money as a demolition contractor.

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8. Start a DIY Demolition YouTube Channel

The enthusiasm is there and it builds over time. There’s more than one way to make money as a demolition contractor. If you enjoy doing demolition work and want to make some money doing it, then starting your own YouTube channel may be a good option.

Your videos don’t have to be long or complicated. You just need to share what you know about demolishing buildings and help others improve theirs. Once people start watching your videos, they’ll want to learn more about what you do and how you do it.

But how can you monetize your DIY demolition YouTube channel?

  • Use affiliate links on YouTube
  • Become a YouTube Partner and earn from video ads
  • Become an Amazon Influencer
  • Sell channel memberships
  • Create sponsored content

Starting a YouTube channel is similar to blogging, therefore it also requires some patient and effort before you can start making money for your channel.

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How much money can you make as a demolition contractor?

A professional demolition contractor can make an average of $4,873 per month and $58,485 per year. More experienced demolition contractors make even more.  

Do you need a license to work as a demolition contractor?

Yes, to work as a demolition contractor in several different states, you need a contractor’s license. “A contractor’s license is a document issued by the state which allows individuals and companies to legally bid on and be awarded contracts for projects such as building, excavating, paving, and electrical work.


Who is a demolition contractor?

A demolition contractor specializes in carefully tearing down or removing structures of large or small sizes, including buildings, bridges, or even small house structures.

Typically, their services include building demolition, process plant demolition, environmental remediation work, renovation projects requiring the removal of old structures or facilities, and construction site cleanup work.

Demolition contractors can be any size contracting firm including large, medium, and small companies. They may also be sole proprietors working on their own.

Can you make money as a demolition contractor?

Yes, but the majority of a demolition contractor’s income is generated by government contracts, commercial building site projects, and the occasional residential job. Also, remediation work by environmental investigators for asbestos removal or mold can earn a demolition contractor an excellent profit.

Is demolition job for anyone?

No, demolition jobs require people who are physically fit and are able to carry heavy equipment without causing damage to themselves or the environment. Most contractors work as part of a demolition team, but some choose to operate as independent entities.

What time of year is best to start a demolition business?

It is best to start a demolition business in late fall or early spring. This will give you the chance to establish the business before the snow flies, and do advance marketing for the upcoming season.


As a demolition contractor, there are many ways to make money. However, only very few are worth it when it comes to making a living as a demolition contractor, and those are the ones highlighted in this post.

The best way which offers substantial pay and the opportunity for advancement is to start your own demolition business. However, be aware that it requires a lot of resources and finance to set it up and running.

While you can do it alone, I will encourage you to first partner with someone or a company that has been in the business for a long time. This way you learn the rope faster and also spend less trying to get jobs.

However, if you don’t want to be involved in the heavy lifting of demolition hammer, you can start a blog or YouTube Channel. But it’s much easier to get a good deal of following when people know you are actually in the field.

Finally, since demolition jobs are particularly for men who are physically fit, you may want to check out business ideas for men that require low capital to start for an alternative.

I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for reading.