How to Make Money With Transportation Business Even With Zero Capital

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Do you have a clean record and a desire to make money with transportation business? If so, then you have come to the right place. This article will show the best lucrative ways you can take advantage of the booming transportation industry to make money.

I’m not just talking about starting a transportation business driving for uber, in fact, some of the options in this article don’t necessarily require knowing how to drive before you make money.

So whether you can drive or not, maybe you have your own vehicle or you don’t, there’s something for everyone to make money with transportation business. And below are the reliable ways you can tap into the great money-making opportunities in the transportation industry.

1. Own a Haul Trucking Business

Are you looking to make money with transportation business? Haul trucking business has been around for generations, but it is becoming even more popular for several reasons.

A Haul trucking business is a business that transports cargo by truck. This can include any freight company that needs to transport goods from one place to another. Profit margins are greater in this business when you are able to own your own truck or lease trucks.

Haul trucking business is definitely one of the most unique and untapped opportunities available today and at the same time, one of the highest paying businesses you will ever find.

2. Start a Shuttle Bus Business

Looking for how to start a passenger transportation business to make money? If yes, then, a shuttle bus service may be the answer to your question. This is not difficult to set up and will give you the opportunity to make money with transportation business.

Across the country, even in your city, there are a lot of people who need to go from one place to another. This is their daily routine. You can start a shuttle business and be the one who helps them.

To make money with this option, if you don’t already have one, you will need to buy a good bus and it doesn’t have to be new. You only need to make sure it’s in good condition.

3. Taxis and Cabs Service

Starting a taxi and cab business is a highly lucrative opportunity. With a taxi and cab business, you can charge a passenger a set fare for a ride to a destination.

This ride could be from the airport to the hotel or from the train station to the conference center. You can also have a company car take employees from their homes to work and vice versa.

4. Offer Limousine Service

If you want to earn money with transportation business, one particular route to earning the big buck is by offering limousine service.

Limo business is one of the fastest-growing types of small businesses. Everyone has special events and occasions to celebrate and wants to rent a limo. This service can give them satisfaction and brings smiles to their faces.

You can also offer a limousine service to visitors. A lot of tourists come from other countries who are in need of a comfortable or extravagant vehicle to cruise around. They may want to rent a limousine in the meantime.

5. Start a Delivery Business

You can start a delivery business by ordering a few oYou can start a delivery business by purchasing already available vehicles or renting vehicles daily, weekly, or monthly. fleet business is meant to save time and effort with all standard duties included.

You can also provide your services to the grocery store, mail center, dairy manufacturing line, hotels, supermarkets to get their supplies delivered. To get more business, you can also become an agent for courier companies or be an affiliate to courier service providers.

6. Become a Courier for Top Online Retailers

Millions of people shop online, and with so many successful online retailers, there’s never been a better time to start a courier business. People need packages delivered each and every day, and you can be the person to do that for them.

By working with the largest online merchants in the world, you can get a steady stream of reliable clients without having to drive to different destinations.

If you want to start earning money ASAP, for example, you can apply to deliver packages for Amazon Flex—you’ll make about $18-25 per hour without paying any membership or hat fees. Once you’ve become a courier for one of these top-rated retailers, it’s time to start driving.

7. Pick Up and Transport People

If you have a car, you already have a business. If you live in an area where many people commute from suburbs to work downtown, start picking them up and transporting them.

To make more money with this option, you need to find out the busy areas where there are many people moving. Also, you may join the medical transportation business or start a transportation business for the elderly with your car.

8. Help Businesses Promote Their Services and Products

Starting with the basic service of taking customers to their destination is, there are many ways to make money with transportation business. However, there is much more profit if you can use your transportation business for promoting businesses, services, or products for others.

This is a new form of passive income you literally don’t have to do anything, especially if you are in the transportation business already. You’re missing out if you don’t know about this already.

How does it work? You place ads on whatever vehicle you’re using for your transportation business and get paid while you drive around doing your business. It’s that simple. You can check out companies that will pay you to place ads on your vehicle here.

9. Buy and Sell Used Cars

One of the most obvious, and most lucrative businesses in the transportation business is to purchase used cars or trucks, fix them up with your company’s name on them, and sell them. This can be done at car shows, flea markets, swap meets, etc.

Some people turn parking lots into car havens by setting up booths that sell used cars. There’s no doubt that buying and selling used cars can make you some serious cash, however, ensure you acquire the know-how of what to look for in a vehicle.

You will be earning a very big amount of money if you know how to buy the right kind of used cars from the auction. An important tip: always appraise the value of the vehicle before buying and selling so that you do not lose money.

10 Drive for a Ride-hailed Company

Ride-sharing services have changed the transportation industry. Equipped with a car, you have instant access to more customers. You can choose your own hours or offer rides for special occasions.

The top ride-hailed companies like Uber, Lyft, InstantCab, etc, are always looking for eligible individuals to drive people around in their own cars. As an Uber driver, for example, depending on where you live, you can earn up to $20.96/hour

This is a great option to make money with transportation business if you really enjoy driving because you don’t have to do anything other than drive.

11. Start a Logistics Business

One of the most lucrative transportation business opportunities you can take up is logistics. A logistics business is designed to prepare and deliver goods. This includes shipping, storing, packaging, and delivery of goods on a large scale.

To make it with this option, you must know it’s not only about delivering but also having the knowledge to help one ship his/her products or services seamlessly or do international trade under optimum cost.

You need to know how prices vary from region to region, understand the terms and fees of the customs offices in different countries, and the customs documents required when shipping internationally.

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12. Own a Car Rental Business

Owning a car rental business can be an exciting opportunity. If you are interested in making money with transportation business, this may be the option you should consider if you have the resources.

You can earn money with a car rental business in different ways. Some of them are:

  • Rental of vehicles to customers who require them for several days or more.
  • Leasing of vehicles to people who require them for several hours while they complete specific tasks
  • Rent your car to tourist

The car rental business can be operated from your residence or normal storefront offices. If you’re concerned about the location of the car rental corporation office, contemplate creating a website for your enterprise and accessing details and reservations online.

13. Work With Local Schools for Their Bus Needs

If you already own a bus for your business, see if any of the schools around you need a ride for their students. This is often a very lucrative part of the bus industry as school systems usually have budgets allocated to pay for transportation needs.

Contact schools in your area and offer your help. School bus services are needed any time during the year. Schools need them before school starts and even when school is in session. So, you will enjoy dealing with many clients in a year.

Market your services to local high schools and middle schools and fill the gap when kids need to get to and from school. You can establish fees and rates based on distance, traffic conditions, and other variables that might affect travel time.

14. Start a Trucking Business

If you want to start your own business with the least amount of risk then a trucking company is for you. This is one of the transportation businesses that can be started on a very small budget with just one good truck and driver.

The great thing about it is each time your driver completes his delivery he would be bringing back money to support all your overhead expenses. To make even more money, you can be driving it yourself if you know how to drive, making it one of the profitable one man businesses.

Starting a trucking business is pretty straightforward; but to make money with transportation, you need to specialize. So be specific about what you want to be doing with your truck(s).

15. Offer Moving Services

One of the best and most successful ways to make money with a transport company is to extend the reach of your services and offer moving services. With people moving every year, you will always see markets for this business. Your moving services can include both household and office moving.

Moving is a very popular business that can bring in money. If you want to get involved in the moving business, you need to have proper licenses for each state that you’re going to operate.


How much can you make with transportation business?

While this depends on the type of transportation business you choose, on average you can make $364 a month, for example, driving for Uber. And if you own a car rental business, buy and sell used cars, or offer limousine service, you can earn even more.

Do you need to create a transportation business plan?

Yes, especially if you’re planning to start a haul trucking business or moving service. Creating a business plan for your transportation business is the best way to set yourself on the right path to building a successful transportation business.


All in all, the transportation business is one of the profitable businesses. It allows you to make money with different services. This is one of the best alternatives to a conventional job because it gives you complete freedom over how you work and when you work.

The most popular among the business is to transport passengers. This is the easiest way to start as you only need a driver’s license and a car to work with. You can offer a specialized pick and drop service or drive for a ride-hailed company.

If you have money to invest in the transportation business, you may want to start a logistic business, start a trucking business, own a car rental business, offer Limousine service, or buy and sell used vehicles.

Finally, since you’re interested in making money with transportation business, it may interest you to know have written a post on how to make money driving. I will encourage you to check it out.

I hope you found this post helpful. Good luck with whatever option you choose to make money with transportation business.

Thanks for reading.