How to Make Money Reselling: 14 Best Items to Resell for Great Profits

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Looking for your next side-hustle project? Learning how to make money reselling can help you make extra income in the long run.

There are lots of opportunities that you can take advantage of to resell items for profit. The interesting thing about this business model is that anyone can do it.

If you are ready to learn and invest in the required work, you can turn this from being a hobby to a profitable, full-time source of income.

Just like any other online business, reselling requires you to be patient and committed. In this post, I will reveal some of the best items that you can resell for huge profits.

I will also show you the platforms where you can resell the items.

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1. Clearance items

When you visit the clearance section of websites or retail stores, you will find very cheap items that you can buy and resell at a high price. The goal is to find items that are in high demand and worthy enough to make a profit from after all expenses.

Search for popular brands, seasonal items, and limited editions. Branded goods are highly desired because people will be willing to pay more for brands they are already using and like.

Here are the platforms where you can resell clearance items:


Clearance items (also known as “clearance arbitrage”) can be resold on Amazon.

You can look for good deals, ship them to Amazon’s warehouse, and let Amazon handle the fulfillment whenever someone buys them. You don’t need to bother yourself about returns, item descriptions, or shipping to buyers.

Here’s an interview that will show you more on how to make money reselling clearance items. In the item, a reseller spoke about how she and her husband sold items worth over $1 million on Amazon.

Online arbitrage

If you don’t like the physical trips associated with reselling clearance items, then you can source your inventory online. This is referred to as online arbitrage.

The idea behind this process is to find price gaps that are wide enough for you to make profits when you resell the items.

Software, such as Tactical Arbitrage and OAXRAY can help you with this.

2. Furniture

Reselling furniture is a popular and great side hustle. People are always moving and want to redesign their look or downsize their items. People in these situations are always interested in reselling their items quickly, which means you can buy from them at cheap prices.

Whether the furniture is made of wood, upholstery, or outdoor furniture, you can find someone that wants to sell it off quickly as well as someone interested in buying.

Quality used wooden furniture is durable and has lots of potentials. In most cases, people don’t want to go through the stress involved in making old furniture look new again. By putting in some work, you can increase the value of the furniture and resell it for a good profit.

3. Video games and consoles

You can also resell video games and consoles for big profits. However, you need to know the types of games that sell and those that don’t. You can easily sell games for the latest gaming systems. Vintage games and consoles between the 70s and 90s are also in high demand.

You can resell these items on eBay and Amazon Marketplace. You can also sell them locally through Facebook Marketplace. These items have a potential profit of about $20 to at least $100.

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4. Collectible toys

Go through all the toys that are on offer at Flea Market, thrift stores, and garage sales to find the collectible ones.

Toys like American Girl dolls, vintage toys from the 80s, and Legos are easy to resell for good profits. The same thing goes for toys that are tied to popular movies, such as Star Wars.

You can resell collectible toys on eBay. It is easier to reach more collectors on eBay than selling locally. These items have a potential profit of about $20 to at least $100.

5. Bikes

People are always buying bikes. In most cases, they were a novelty purchase that ended up being abandoned and gathering dust. You can buy them at cheap rates on Craigslist, garage sales, or Facebook Marketplace and can then resell them for good profits.

6. Ink and toner cartridges

The price of the ink and toner cartridges of printers shocks everyone. Thus, the resale market for unopened ink and toner is huge.

Those interested in buying these items usually set up alerts on auction websites so that they will not miss the items when someone lists them.

This implies that you can resell these items within a few hours. You can resell ink and toner cartridges on eBay. The potential profit is at least $20.

7. Books

If you are not a fan of taking huge risks, you can resell books. Just use websites like to see what over 40 buyers are currently buying, and you will know if you should either take a book to the register or leave it on the shelf.

You don’t have to store the books until they are sold. Since you’ll already have a buyer on ground, you can pack up the books and ship them directly to the buyer.

To resell the books, you can either go with the buyer that offers you the best offer on BookScouter or resell them on Amazon.

You can earn between a couple of bucks to several hundreds of dollars reselling books. To increase your profits, search for first editions. You can also focus on textbooks.

8. Sporting goods

Sporting goods are some of the best items that you can buy at cheap prices and resell for huge profits.

There are lots of second-hand sporting goods stores where people go to trade their old sporting equipment for other items. This business model is making these stores profits, so nothing is stopping you from adopting the same model.

If we consider how expensive sporting goods can be, many buyers are willing to buy equipment that is fairly used to get a good discount, and you can bank on this demand.

Just ensure that the sporting equipment is in good condition and does not have any stains that may be difficult to remove.

9. Picture frames

Picture frames are popular consumer items that are always in demand. The more embellished, larger, and older the frame is, the more valuable they tend to be.

When you are shopping for picture frames to buy and resell, pay attention to the ones that are in good condition. If the need arises, you can touch them up to improve their condition.

Also, look for picture frames that already have photos in them, because the frames alone may not be worth a lot.

Note that it will be easier to ship smaller frames than large ones.

10. Watches

Buying watches for low prices and reselling them can be a great way to make good money in your spare time. All you need to do to make good profits from this side hustle is to polish the watches up and add a new battery to make them new.

Ensure that the watches still work (i.e. the watch engine must be in good condition) before you buy them.

You can resell watches on Amazon.

11. Brand name clothing

You can also make money reselling brand-name clothing. We all love to be associated with a popular name in the fashion world, and many people are ready to pay lots of money for these items.

You can find lots of items with brand names on them from clearance racks or thrift stores. Although you may need to do lots of digging to find decent items, it’s worth it considering the huge profits you can make from reselling them.

You can even earn bigger profits if you’re lucky to find a fashion item that still has its tag on it. You can resell on platforms like TheRealReal and Poshmark.

12. Antique goods

Antique goods are appealing and attractive to people. The reason for this is not far-fetched; it’s because they are no longer manufactured today, and this mesmerizes people. There’s this nostalgic feeling that comes with owning antique items.

Irrespective of the types of items they are, most antique goods are valuable. Thus, you can realize good profits from reselling them, especially if you find one at thrift shops or garage sales.

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13. Old sewing patterns

Vintage sewing patterns are still in demand, especially patterns that are at least 20 years old. You can find some of the patterns for a couple of bucks at yard sales. These patterns can be resold for at least five times the price you got them.

14. Drone and accessories

Flipping drones and their accessories is another way to make money reselling. Drones are becoming more popular and also gaining attention in many industries. Almost all industries, from film to agriculture, use drones.

Thus, you can make huge profits from reselling these items by targeting a particular niche that’s crazy about drones.

You can also sell drone accessories such as landing pads, bags, batteries, propellers, and lots more. You can easily find different drones and their accessories on websites like Chinabrands.

These items can be resold on eBay and Amazon.

How Much Can You Make from Reselling?

According to the entrepreneur and public figure; Gary Vaynerchuk, you can find at least 7 to 15 items every time you visit a pound store that will sell for about £5 to £10 per piece.

Although some people may see this as being optimistic, if you play your cards right, you can sell the items for about £100 each.


Are reselling items profitable?

Reselling is a popular form of side hustle that anyone can do. It does not require huge capital. However, it is not every item you come across that you can easily resell. You need to focus on items that have high demand.

By focusing on items that are in demand, you will be able to sell your items faster and easier.

Is reselling for profit illegal?

It is not illegal to resell items that you bought legitimately. Once you buy an item at retail, it is yours and you can decide to do anything you want with it. However, if you plan to use the manufacturer’s logo to advertise your items, you should seek their permission.

Where can you find items to resell?

You can source profitable items from garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, individual sellers, estate sales, wholesale vendors, as well as online outlets and retail stores. The goal here is to find a good deal and also find a buyer within a short period.


We have considered the different items that you can resell to make huge profits.

Reselling is one of the easiest ways through which you can make additional income. With a little effort and research on the resale value of various items, you can end up making some cash. You can also convert this from being a side hustle to a full-time income.

Be ready to do some sort of trial and error when you are just getting started. You may sell some items for a small loss or just break even. Some items may also sell for good profits. Stick with the process until you stumble on items and brands that give the best returns.

Now that you know how you can make money reselling, you may be wondering where you can resell the items and make huge profits. You can resell them on these platforms:

  • Auction websites, like eBay
  • Local flea markets
  • Amazon
  • Etsy (useful for reselling vintage and handmade items)
  • Craigslist
  • Depop
  • The RealReal
  • Poshmark

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