Business Ideas for Single Moms: Make Extra Money for the Family

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Do you think that being a single mom makes it impossible to start a business? Or that you have no time or money to invest in starting a new business? Or do you find it difficult to make the right choice when it comes to business ideas for single moms? If yes, then this post is for you.

Single moms have a challenge when it comes to starting their own business. Aside from being a mom, they need to juggle with the budget for their family as well as personal needs.

For this reason, they usually do not have the funds to invest in a business venture. This does not mean that single moms cannot start a business – they can.

In this post, I’ll take you through some business ideas that could become profitable for mompreneurs who are willing to make an investment in their families without sacrificing everything.

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If you’re short on time and want to get right to the point, here are the best business ideas for single moms you should consider:

  • Blogging
  • Nutritional Consultant
  • Advisory services
  • Content Creator
  • Start a Baby-sitting Business
  • Salons and Beauty Parlors
  • Community Dog Walker
  • Pick-up Service for School-Age Children
  • Parental Online Influencer
  • Host on Airbnb
  • Event Coordinator
  • Selling Gift Basket

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Best Business Ideas for Single Moms

This section provides a comprehensive overview of the best business ideas for single moms discussed in this article.

1. Blogging

Even though you could work as a freelancer and write articles for other websites, you may like to pursue mommy blogging.

Mommy blogging has picked up steam, and as a prospective mompreneur, you’re probably ready to jump in.

This type of blogging blends motherhood and child-care experience with innovation, curation, and writing abilities.

As a result, there’s some fantastic stuff for other soon-to-be and young moms. Other women can utilize your parenting blog as a resource to help them through motherhood.

Most mompreneurs in this field benefit from having a big network of support of moms or from using their mother blog as a place to express their writing interests.

Additionally, if you know how to advertise, market, and monetize your mommy blog correctly, it could be lucrative.

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2. Nutritional Consultant

You could be a good nutrition consultant if you know a lot about nutrition and how to eat healthily. If you properly set up your place, you may begin bringing clients into your house on your timetable.

To formally conduct a business out of their home, most dietitians require degrees, waivers, or business licenses.

However, with the necessary paperwork in place, you may use your nutrition expertise to create a simple-to-run, flexible business.

3. Advisory services

Have you ever worked as a career woman and have a lot of expertise? You might want to start a consultancy firm.

Consultancy business can be done on a part-time basis and, of course, it is still centered on the baby’s care. However, to be successful in this field, it must be tailored to your academic background.

For example, if you have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can practice as a psychologist after acquiring a license to do so.

Another alternative for this career is to work in media relations, public relations, or event management. This can lead to you becoming an entrepreneur while still allowing you to spend time with your children.

Apart from public relations, single mothers can select from a variety of consulting fields, including financial consultants, career consultants, and marriage counselors.

4. Content Creator

Writing is capable of yielding promising financial returns, thus a lady with aptitude in this field should not be overlooked.

Content writing is one of the professions that a single mother who enjoys writing should choose. As the name implies, you will work as a content creator for a personal blog, another blog, or a freelance writing platform.

Becoming a content creator does not require as much time as being a journalist. When the kids go to school, you may do this from home.

Even if you can manage your time well and stick to deadlines, your writing schedule should not prevent you from spending meaningful time with your child.

As a content creator, it is preferable to set off a separate area in which to complete projects. Of course, the more experienced you are, the higher the writing charges you will be offered.

Becoming a travel or food blogger might provide you with additional perks, improving your chances of getting endorsed by major brands.

Always strive to increase your writing quality and add photos to your portfolio so that you would become sought-after content creators.

Even now, many content creators make significantly more money than white-collar workers.

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5. Start a Baby-sitting Business

As a single mother living alone, you can open your own babysitting business. All you need is approval from the local government, adequate space (which your home can provide). Other things are children’s resources, a helping staff, and proper administration.

You will also be compelled to publicize the fact that you are in business in your neighborhood.

You must be skilled in dealing with children, as well as cautious and joyful. Apart from toys and first aid equipment, you will require food, snacks, water, juices, and milk.

6. Salons and Beauty Parlors

For makeup and touchup, not everyone has access to well-known branded parlors and salons. The majority of people choose to go to reasonably priced parlors.

With the help of one employee, you can open a beauty shop and salon. You can do this from the comfort of your own home or by renting a store.

Your salon might be unisex, female-only, or male-only, according to your needs. Customers can enjoy basic service from you.

You can either complete a certification course or hire a professional to complete the task for you. Set a benchmark and charge a reasonable rate while considering the market competition.

7. Community Dog Walker

This business idea isn’t groundbreaking. But it’s a good one to consider if you enjoy dogs and are stay-at-home moms, mostly single mothers.

As soon as your kids’ return home after school, you may go out and walk the dogs of your clients. Thereby allowing you to spend the day with your kid while also earning money and enjoying the companionship of dogs.

To begin, go around your neighborhood and see if anyone has dogs that they don’t have time to walk daily.

Making money by charging an hourly or weekly charge would be a good way to get started.

8. Pick-up Service for School-Age Children

For most working mothers, the hours of elementary and high school can make life difficult because job hours are often from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

And most kids get out of school a couple of hours earlier than that. As a result, mothers sometimes struggle to pick up their children on time.

If you’re a single mother, you’re probably already picking up your child from school. So sticking around to pick up and drop off a few more kids for some extra cash could be a fantastic way to supplement your income.

Some states may require you to have a specific driver’s license and insurance, so keep that in mind while budgeting for your first few expenses. However, this could be an excellent business venture for you to pursue.

9. Parental Online Influencer

Parents now have an easy way to connect with other parents thanks to social media. If you don’t enjoy writing and don’t see yourself blogging, consider making YouTube videos to reach parents.

You may also use Instagram to reach out to other mothers by creating microcontent. Facebook groups are very popular for connecting and conversing with people who share common interests.

As an online influencer, you can earn money in a variety of ways. Businesses will compensate you to market the products to your online audience if you have a following and that audience trusts your recommendations.

You may also become an affiliate for a product and earn a percentage on every sale made through your special link.

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10. Host on Airbnb

Since you can be around at odd hours when other property owners are normally busy and unable to serve their guests, becoming an Airbnb host could be the ideal business for you to start.

That is where you may assist them, as you may have more scheduling flexibility during normal office and job hours.

Working with the homeowners to deliver a fantastic guest experience for their bookings would be the focus.

Laundry, cleaning, restocking amenities, key management, and other guest satisfaction chores are examples of services.

Your customers may be charged a per-unit or per-visit fee. If you reside in a big city, this is a fantastic option to consider because there are generally plenty of Airbnb rentals to choose from.

11. Event Coordinator

Have you ever been commended for your ability to manage people and arrange and give unique ideas for a special occasion or a friend’s birthday?

If you believe you have a creative streak that shines brighter than everyone else at virtually every other party, why not use it to your advantage and work as an event planner?

You will see yourself making money in no time by charging per hour or per project for your distinguished services.

Volunteer for making the arrangements, researching the most appropriate pricing and décor arrangements, and you will see yourself making money immediately by billing per hour or per project for your distinctive services.

After all, all that is required is for your creative juices to flow. This might be anything from throwing a birthday celebration to booking a vacation.

12. Selling Gift Basket

Some people are stuck when it comes to finding the perfect present for a friend or loved one. This is where your service comes in.

Custom gift baskets can be created for baby showers, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, and other significant occasions.

In this industry, you must figure out how to provide high-quality products while keeping your costs low.

You’ll need the supplies for the gift baskets, as well as your wholesale choices in case you can get some in quantity.

Then you might want to go through other suppliers for certain products to include in the box.

Consider if you need to work out voucher deals with local businesses or provide product samples in the box to boost sales.

You can promote your gift baskets at local events and select retailers by using social platforms or your website.

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Is hiring an attorney required when starting a small business?

No. Leveraging online services like LegalZoom and RocketLawyer, you can start a small firm as a solopreneur.

However, hiring an experienced business lawyer on board who has assisted many start-ups, on the other hand, is usually a good option.

What would be the ideal business to start for me?

Typically, the best business for you is one where you possess the most expertise and interest. If you have spare rooms, you might consider offering Airbnb.

While you explore your possibilities, it’s a good idea to speak with local experts and businesses about the prospects in your area.

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When it comes to beginning a business as a single mother, you don’t have to limit yourself. The business ideas for single moms presented in this article are a great place to start.

Simply keep them adaptable and willing to learn new abilities. Working remotely is always a viable alternative.

As always, my recommendation is to venture into a business that requires less investment and for which you can leverage what you already have.

In the end, it all comes down to your desire and willingness to put in the necessary time and effort to turn your dream business become a reality.

You may read more about how to make money as a stay-at-home mom in this post. It will show you other business ideas that are suitable for single mothers.

Thanks for reading.