Best Businesses for Small Towns: These Businesses Thrive in Small Cities

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Are you a townie who wants to start their own business? If test, this list of profitable best businesses for small towns is compiled for you.

Starting a business can be difficult for anyone with or without money. But are there types of businesses suited for small towns?

If you are looking towards starting a new business in a small town, there are some great opportunities with little to no capital required.

In this post, I’ve compiled the list of the best businesses for small towns you can start today without robbing the bank. Each business on this list is proven to be profitable and easier to start.

Let’s get to it.

Quick Reviews

Here is a quick list of the best businesses for small towns that you can start to begin your entrepreneurial journey if you live in a small town.

  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Coffee Shop
  • Clothing Store
  • Landscape Contractors
  • Grocery Store
  • Children’s Daycare
  • Massage Therapist
  • Barber Shop
  • Painting Contractors
  • Tutoring Service
  • Thrift Store
  • Flower Shop
  • Gas Station
  • Writing for a Living
  • Computer and IT Repair
  • Photography Service
  • Fitness Studio
  • Poultry Farming
  • Sports Bar

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Best Businesses for Small Towns

In this section, you’ll get a detailed explanation of the various best businesses for small towns covered in this post.

1. Auto Repair Shop

Small-town residents who require to commute to work or get products or services that aren’t easily available would own a vehicle.

An auto repair facility is nevertheless one of the best businesses for small towns since it puts you in front of people who have flat tires, automotive problems, and other concerns.

Since emergency help might have unusually long wait times in rural locations, there’s a good possibility your local business will receive the call if a car breaks down in the area.

You can assist with routine vehicle maintenance like tire rotations and oil changes even when repair services aren’t required.

2. Coffee Shop

Coffee is an important aspect of many people’s lives, and selling it may be lucrative.

In most cases, big retailers will not open a store in a small town. Specific models can’t be supported because the populations aren’t large enough. If you happen to be the only store in town, you may be able to charge a premium for high-quality coffee.

Of course, adding other sweet delights to your menus, such as pastries or doughnuts, is a good idea. This enables you to reach out to the few individuals who do not enjoy coffee.

3. Clothing Store

A tiny town can be a fantastic market for you if you’ve ever dreamed of running your own apparel store.

This business in small towns is mainly limited to a mall some few miles away or online with delivery expenses.

As a result, starting a clothes boutique can help you become the go-to place for necessities like T-shirts, jewelry, and presents.

If you add some items to your collection, your new store will be ideal for travelers as well. You can even market to people outside of your community via the internet to keep your retail store stocked.

Consider running your boutique as a thrift store where residents may trade in old clothes and buy recycled products if you desire to engage your community somewhat more.

Study about the local neighborhood and what style of the store would best meet their needs by conducting research

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4. Landscape Contractors

Establishing a landscaping business is the perfect option if you only want to dedicate a small amount of time to the business.

Landscape design permits you to work at your own speed and at any time of day. You also get some exercise while enjoying the fresh air.

It is really simple to begin providing landscaping business. Nonetheless, if you’re establishing an enterprise on a large scale or have a great business idea, you may require additional funds to handle everything professionally.

You’ll need a modest office, tools, and equipment, as well as a start-up cost to get started.

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5. Grocery Store

A grocery store is one of the few businesses that everyone requires. However, not every small community has easy access to food. Even if they do, it may only be a fortnightly farmer’s market or a small store with limited inventory.

Establishing a grocery store that sells a wide range of fruits, vegetables, meats, pantry products, and even basic medicine cabinet staples can quickly turn you into a weekly stopover for the vast number of a small community.

By getting your items from local farms, you can give your community a reason to select you over Walmart or other large businesses.

6. Children’s Daycare

Starting a daycare is among the best businesses for small towns if you have any experience teaching or caring for children.

Parents, particularly working parents, will always want childcare, particularly until their young children attain school-age and even after school hours.

Of course, a nearby daycare will be much handier, allowing parents to leave their children before work and pick them on their way back home. If your town doesn’t already have a daycare center, this can certainly be a profitable venture.

7. Massage Therapist

People in small towns, like those in urban areas, suffer from aches and stress. If you enjoy working with your hands and meeting new people, becoming a massage therapist could be a lucrative business to establish in your small town.

It may take a couple of weeks to learn how to massage if you have never done it before. It also requires a license, although there are a number of schools and programs where you may enroll to earn one.

This business gives you the freedom to choose your own hours and work from wherever you want. Most people will request your services time after time if you’re good at it.

8. Barber Shop

Everybody, irrespective of age, needs barber services several times a year. Many young males give their hair a lot of thought.

They are willing to pay as much as they are charged for a good haircut. As a result, if you enter into this business, you can make a lot of money. If you want to own a barbershop, you’ll need to master how to cut hair skillfully.

This is simple; but, if you have prior experience in this field, it will be simple to ensure that you give standard services in accordance with your clients’ needs. As a result, your business will be able to expand quickly.

9. Painting Contractors

You can choose to serve homeowners, businesses, or both as a painting company. In towns and cities where buildings are built and remodeled, this is an offering that is always in demand.

While there is plenty of opportunities for a painter to launch a profitable business in a small town, you’ll need a proven business strategy to get started.

If you want to expand your business, you’ll need to assemble a team of subcontractors to help you handle more projects.

Choosing the proper subcontractors and professionally marketing your business are two of the most critical tasks to take when starting a business in this field.

10. Tutoring Service

Tutoring services are one of the thriving best businesses for small towns. However, this is not a good place to start for everyone.

Only present or previous teachers with a good history in the classroom are the ideal candidates for the job.

The tutoring enterprise can be run on one’s own, but other teachers can be hired to assist as needed.

While it will pay you, it will be preferable if you use this wonderful vocation to convey information for the benefit of others.

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11. Thrift Store

If there’s something that everyone has in common, it’s that they’re always looking for a good deal. Since people have a natural desire to find the cheapest deal, thrift stores will always have a continuous stream of consumers.

Refurbished stores are not just a less affordable shopping alternative for cash-strapped customers, but they also serve as a recycling center for unwanted products in the community.

We all outgrow our outfits or find that certain items in our homes are no longer needed at some point. Instead of throwing them away, why not give them a new lease on life?

Remember that if you operate a thrift business, the bulk of your stock will be donated or sold on commission.

While this unique approach to replenishing shelves cuts costs on inventory and vendor management, it adds additional layers of complexity.

For example, you’ll need to schedule donation drop-offs and pickups, take stock, and keep a record of any items you’re selling on commission so you can pay the sellers on time.

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12. Flower Shop

A flower store is one of the most cost-effective best businesses for small towns. The fridge is the only additional cost because it is necessary to preserve the flowers fresh and cooled.

Local residents will be pleased to see a flower store in their neighborhood, but you will still have to compete with online flower delivery providers.

Make an effort to establish a good relationship with the residents of your target area. It will assist you in breaking their habit of purchasing flowers over the internet.

Other strategies to spotlight your business include reasonable costs, thoroughness, and excellent customer service.

13. Gas Station

Locals, whether they drive trucks, cars, or motorcycles, all require petrol to travel around, even if it is only around their small town.

Regardless of where you reside, gas stations are necessary enterprises, and they can be particularly successful if truckers frequently travel through your little town.

You can even add a car wash or, more typically, a convenience shop to the same lot as an extra service.

14. Writing for a Living

After a website has been built, it must be populated with content. The use of a freelance writer to produce articles is a popular option.

You may contribute to the hundreds of websites that are looking for compelling content. The favorite aspect is that you can do all of this from your own house.

Indeed, many freelance writers work remotely to provide content for a variety of websites. Locally, offering your services can aid the growth of other surrounding firms.

You may even hire local writers to assist you with out-of-state clients. This is one of the cost-effective best businesses for small towns that can show profitability in a short period of time because it can be undertaken from home.

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15. Computer and IT Repair

Let’s face it: most individuals are just plain incompetent with computers. They have, nonetheless, become an inseparable part of our daily life.

This indicates that there is a high demand for computer assistance. This might be anything from removing a virus to being locked out of your computer.

Furthermore, upgrading or changing computer parts is a typical occurrence. A decent computer service center may be quite profitable even in the utmost rural of locations.

16. Photography Service

You may turn your passions into a career even in a tiny town. If you’re skillful with a camera, you can start your own business by providing family photos, senior portraits, and other professional photographic services to your small town’s residents.

You can also provide small business owners with social media and product photography to assist them to attain that online presence they desire as more retail establishments begin to sell online.

If you live in a remote region with abundant natural surroundings, this business might be extremely lucrative.

Customers may be eager to travel to you for outstanding photographs, especially if you have a strong online presence.

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17. Fitness Center

The fitness sector gives opportunities for some of the best businesses for small towns. It is possible to predict whether it will be effective or not based on the location.

If you live in a remote location where people are interested in sports and are concerned about their fitness, a gym or workout studio can be a profitable business.

You’ll need to purchase gym gear, which might be a moderate expenditure. You can, nevertheless, purchase good used gym equipment to reduce the initial start-up cost.

18. Poultry Farming

You can’t discuss the best businesses for small towns without mentioning poultry farming. It’s about growing livestock for a variety of uses.

Chicken is a vital supply of animal protein and a staple of human nutrition. As a result, this business provides a possibility to make you lots of money.

Chicken farms can be established on both a small and large scale. Do not believe that the competition is fierce. It could be, but there’s also a lot of demand.

As a result, there is room for new poultry growers. It is ideal for entrepreneurs that are enthusiastic about livestock production and farming.

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19. Sports Bar

Are you looking for one of the best businesses for small towns that brings sports fans together? Then, think of a sports bar business.

Sports bars provide services for people to watch their favorite sporting events while also enjoying cold drinks and hot cuisine.

This enterprise is similar to that of a restaurant or a bar. If you’ve worked in either of these places before, you’ll be fine at the sports bar.

Most major sports leagues last for several years, so your business will continue to draw crowds throughout the year.

When opening a sports bar, you should consider having a good sound system, large screen TVs, a space to sit, and a liquor license.


Is it possible for me to run a business from home?

Yes. Indeed, analysts estimate that as many as 50% of small firms are run from the owner’s home.

So, if you operate a small business from home and are the sole employee, you’re just one of many others in the United States who are performing something similar.

Which line of business should I pursue?

The ideal business for you is usually the one in which you have the most experience and passion. If you are a teacher, for example, you might want to start tutoring services.

It’s a good idea to talk to local experts and businesspeople about prospects in your area while you consider your options.


Small towns are excellent places to start a business and develop your entrepreneurial spirit. Starting an enterprise in a small town might be a great way to get started on the road to financial independence.

The first step is to find the ideal community for you, and choosing one of the best businesses for small towns listed above can help you narrow down your options.

There’s no doubt that some of the best businesses for small towns you’ve seen in this piece or elsewhere won’t go out of style anytime soon.

I will recommend that you start with a business in which you have prior experience, most likely as a result of your background, schooling, or professional training.

This article on how to start a small business will assist you in reducing your learning curve. Also, if you can’t locate a business concept that appeals to you for whatever reason, you’ll find a large list of small business ideas here.

Thanks for reading.