8 Proven Tips on How To Make Money with Good Handwriting

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Although you may not want to admit it, handwriting is important. It goes beyond the simple act of writing. It is an art form that can be much more than just a way to leave a note for someone or jot down contact information. 

We rarely think about handwriting in a time when typing is the preferred method of communication. However, some people can make much more money by selling their handwriting online than you might think. 

Be honest. How much time do you spend practicing your handwriting?  If the answer is “not much”, then you’re like most people who stopped practicing their handwriting once they made it to adulthood. But have you ever considered that good handwriting can be your ticket to money? 

In this post, I’ll suggest 8 tips on how to make money with good handwriting. I will also share some tips on how to improve your handwriting for those that may be interested. 

1. Teach calligraphy

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make money with good handwriting is to teach it. Hey, good handwriting could be taught. Are you surprised? Of course not because if you are a teacher, I hope you do this already. 

Besides, if you are good at cursive then this is a profession that can make you some extra cash. The field of calligraphy covers many different areas, especially if you combine it with other artistic skills. 

Calligraphy is an ancient art with hundreds of styles, based on the shapes and strokes of the letters. Each letter has a particular form and must be written with a specific movement. 

People who have good handwriting skills are always appreciated, because not only do they look sophisticated, they also know how to express their ideas. If you like calligraphy, you should start teaching it and make money!

2. Work as a mail hand writer

Have you tried your fortune with professional mail writers? Well, there are some pretty decent ways to make money with good handwriting as a mail writer. Mail-hand writer is a job role for people who are skilled in handwriting. 

In this kind of job, a person writes letters into envelopes by hand. The person should be able to write neatly and cleanly and the handwriting should be clear and readable. 

Some institutions which need help with mail-hand writing include legal firms, educational institutions, international shipping companies, beauty salons, etc. 

The perks of being a mail-hand writer include flexible working hours, low competition as well as a high pay scale which is generally on the higher side. Customers look for people who have good handwriting to accomplish this task effectively.

3. Offer hand-lettered certificates and awards

For me, getting a handwritten note from someone is one of the most thoughtful gifts. If your handwriting is artistic, you can turn it into a small business by providing services such as certificates and awards for students, office workers, or anyone else. 

You could make money by offering hand-lettered certificates and awards. Many certificates, medals, and trophies are printed in type now. 

Yet, there’s still a real demand from both parents and grandparents to get their children’s achievements presented in this option instead. 

Create certificates/awards that are original and of good quality. Sometimes, the best writings are those related to people’s achievements and memorable moments in life.

4. Work in the graphology field

Working in the graphology field is another way to make money with your handwriting. In this type of job, you would analyze and interpret people’s handwriting to try to determine what their personality traits are.

It’s upsetting when someone’s handwriting is messy because it can reveal their personality and character flaws, but you just want to shout for joy when someone writes beautifully because they are a pleasure to read. 

The ability to understand handwriting is a skill that is in high demand by employers in today’s digital age. Employers are hiring experts such as handwriting analysts, court document examiners, forensic document examiners, and fraud examiners. 

These workers examine documents sent to them for authenticity purposes on legal situations or instances of fraud. Peoples’ handwriting has often been used as evidence in matters like divorce hearings, child custody cases, tax audits, and insurance claims.

5. Make and sell fonts 

It may sound like something that is no longer possible in this day and age, but making and selling your own font is still a great source of income. You can either create it on your own or use font-building software such as Glyphs App to create one from scratch. 

People are generally going to pay you if your handwriting looks cool and appropriate for commercial use, so you don’t need to make much effort to make money with good handwriting. 

You can keep it as your hobby and generate some cash on the side, or you can attempt to develop it into a sustainable business model.

6. Sell handmade greeting cards 

Handmade greeting cards can be a fun hobby, but if you want to make money with your handwriting, then you’ll want to take it to the next level. Selling handmade greeting cards not only brings in some cash but also helps create a more personal connection with family and friends. 

If you get good at it, you can even start selling these online as well. There are several ways to make money with greeting cards, such as making them for a business selling them or even making some personalized greeting cards for your friends. 

As a bonus idea, if you have graphic design skills above average, you may want to explore creating handmade greeting cards. 

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7. Make signage for local shops

If you live in a highly-populated area, there’s a good chance you might have driven past a shop or two which has your handwriting on the front. 

These shops are looking for ways to stand out from their competitors and making their signs by hand is often the best way to do this. Making signage for a local shop can bring you a lot of extra spending money. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to be a great artist. You just need to know how to write with a good handwriting style. The best thing is you can start this business at home, even if you don’t have any artistic talent or drawing skills.

8. Write and sell custom quotes/artwork

Have you ever read a quote on someone’s Instagram page and thought, “That was pretty good. I wish they’d make it into a print or something.” Good news! You don’t have to just imagine the awesome artwork that makes your heart go pitter-patter, you can make money from it by selling hand-written quotes. 

The general process is simple, you ask people what they would want to see with their name on it, and you create it. If the product is a success, your prices will rise automatically. The average price for handwriting a quote/saying depends on the complexity. You can start with $10 per quote for simple handwriting.

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Quick tips on how to improve your handwriting

1. Use a good pen

The right tool for good handwriting is a good pen. You will notice an immense difference in your writing when using a rollerball pen or gel pen compared to using one with a felt tip. 

Not only will your handwriting look more rounded and flow better, but it will be more comfortable on the paper and less difficult to read.

2. Be mindful of your posture

A large part of what defines your handwriting is your posture and how you hold the pen/pencil. As a child, we learned to develop good handwriting habits by practicing the basic strokes: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, round, etc. 

Having good handwriting is just as much about holding the pen well and having good posture as it is about being able to draw these strokes correctly. If I were going to stress anything when it comes to improving your handwriting, this would be it.

3. Copy handwriting you like

Copying favorite handwriting styles might improve your handwriting. This is the tip that should be most useful for improving your handwriting. You don’t feel nervous when you’re copying someone’s style, right? 

Nonetheless, do not try to create new handwriting that looks 100% like your favorite one, it may not work. What you need to do is loosen up and write as if you’re writing with him or her. Also, pay attention to every small detail of the letterforms.

4. Check the heights of your letters

It’s the little things that add up to become a huge design flaw. Make sure that all your letters in your handwriting font are the same height. Furthermore, your handwriting should be upright and easy to read, but there’s more to it than that. 

You will want the height of your letters consistent across the page as well. A tall “t” with a short “f” is going to look odd. If you consistently have wide lettering for certain words, add a few more strokes to all the letters in that word.

5. Use the right paper

There are a lot of things to consider when writing especially if you want your handwriting to be nice and neat. One of the most important things when writing a letter is the paper you use. 

You can’t use any old piece of paper for your letter because it will have a negative effect on the strokes in your letters. When you were a child, every one of us was forced to write on lined paper. We used to use that paper, but nowadays, we can’t. 

If you want to have good handwriting pay attention to this tip. A wrong choice of paper can make your handwriting even worse. You should use a good quality paper that is neither too thick nor too thin and rough to avoid discomfort while writing.”

6. Don’t rush

This tip might sound somewhat strange, but it is the most important tip of all. When you are trying to improve your handwriting, don’t rush through the motions of writing. 

If you try to rush, it will never come out looking good. Instead, take your time and think about each letter you are writing. This will help create individual letter shapes.

7. Practice and practice

We must always keep in mind that improving our handwriting takes time and practice. Just like when we were learning how to walk, run, talk, and do other things, so it is with handwriting. With practice and perseverance, your writing will improve with time.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, some say the world has moved beyond pen and paper, and people today are communicating with computers, tablets, and smartphones. Handwriting is unknown to most people today. But that doesn’t mean it is dead. 

It is quite the opposite in fact as there are still professionals who use handwriting for their work – writers, teachers, journalists, graphologists, and even law enforcement officers (just to mention a few). 

Well there you have it, those are the 8 tips that I promised you plus tips to improve your handwriting. It was a pleasure to write this post for you and I hope that it was useful. All the best.

Thanks for reading.