Got a Dump Trailer? Here Are 8 Ways to Make Money With It

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I know what you’re thinking, dump trailers don’t make money. You hear it all the time that if you want to make money with your truck then you should just buy a box trailer and haul cubes. Well, the secret is – you can make money with a dump trailer.

If you’re interested in learning how to make money with dump trailers this article discusses the best ways to make money with dump trailers.

Dump trailers are economical and efficient to move large amounts of material. If you do a lot of local hauling or landfill work, you’ll want to check out these tips to help you make money and most efficiently use your dump trailer.

1. Dump trailer rental services 

When conducting business on your own, you need to provide services that will keep your customers coming back. One way you can do this is by offering dump trailer rentals to those who need them. 

Your dump trailer can make you money without even providing delivery service. You can rent it out and make money. If you own a dump trailer, you have the option to rent it to individuals or businesses for different purposes, to make passive income.

Dump trailer rental services can be started locally with minimal investment. The nature of this business is that it benefits greatly from high demand in seasonal-based businesses such as construction, roofing, and landscaping.

You can make about $50 to $200 per hour depending on the location for renting out dump trailers.

2. Junk removal services

A dump trailer is designed to haul away all types of junk. Many homeowners suffer from clutter and junk that is right out in the open. These items are just eyesores to many people, but those homeowners don’t have the means to get rid of them. 

Your dump trailer is a great way for you to help them move unwanted items and make money. Clear them out once and for all so your customer can enjoy their home without having to look at junk around the house.

A great benefit of providing this service is that it is available throughout the year and is not dependent on a particular season. Additionally, since it is your dump trailer, you are free to run your business as you choose. The hours you work are up to you. Work as many or as few hours as you like.

Furthermore, do you live in an area that gets tons of snow and you can barely make it through the winter? Then this business opportunity may be the right fit for you if you have a dump trailer. 

Many families cannot shovel their driveways because of physical limitations or even age, so they need someone else to take care of this winter weather task for them. You can make about $10 – $20 per hour depending on your location and amount of snow.

3. Construction site hauling

Dump trailers are used for hauling materials from one area to another. They are very similar to the dump trucks that you may have seen at your local dumpsite. If you are looking for a steady job with a local company, reach out to construction companies in your area.

The reason construction companies need dump trailer operators is simple. Dump trailers are the best way to haul dirt, debris, or anything else that they can throw their shovels in. They’re required for almost every build site and you could be the one to drive those trailers.

Using your dump trailer for this purpose is by far one of the most reliable ways to make money. Thus, the most important thing that you can do to ensure success in this line of work is to build a good reputation for yourself with your clients and contractors. 

Developing a rapport with individuals on the other end of the phone is crucial; after all, they are the reason why you have work. Good communication and positive feedback from your customers will make your career much easier down the road.

4. Move stuff for people who are relocating

We’re continuing to push our boundaries with dump trailer ideas. How cool does this sound? You can move stuff for people who are relocating. There are all sorts of ways to approach this idea.

The general idea is to make an opportunity to meet with people who are moving out for a new job, change of environment, or for other reasons. Talk with them about your dump trailer and see if they’d like you to move any stuff they don’t want to handle themselves – it can be that simple.

Furthermore, you can look up local companies near you that offer moves and see if they need an extra hand on weekends or after work hours. You’d be surprised by how many people are willing to pay you just to help out with moving their stuff.

Think of how much money you would make with a dump trailer if you could help people move their belongings from one house or office location to another. Your dump trailer, and the amount of stuff it can haul around, is capable of just that.

5. Landscaping supply transportation

To make money with your dump trailer, you might consider checking with your local landscapers to see if they need transportation services. Many people believe that landscapers can pick up all the needed materials for a project on their own, but they are often too busy to make the trip. 

Some of them do not have transportation resources. As a result, many landscapers hire semi-trucks or dump trailers to come by their premises and pick up all these supplies, hauling them directly to the job site.

Do you have a heavy-duty dump trailer? Do you want to travel and earn some cash? With the right schedule, moving an average of 30 loads per month can earn you more than $40,000 in a year. 

6. Offer delivery services

No one says that you must own a dump trailer just to collect scrap metals or construction site hauling. Make money by offering delivery services with a dump trailer in your local area. Make deliveries for individuals and businesses with your dump trailer.

Some companies will hire out drivers on an hourly or daily basis with a dump trailer for deliveries. This can be an excellent way to make extra money. Look around your area for these types of companies and inquire about being hired on as a driver. 

You could end up delivering just about anything; packages, produce, building supplies, laundry, even food from fast-food joints. The possibilities are endless.

7. Use dump trailer to save scrap metal and sell it to recycling centers

Whether you have a pickup truck or a full-size work truck, you can find a use for a dump trailer. Most people don’t think of using a dump trailer to collect scrap metal. 

But that’s a great way to maximize capacity and profit potential. If you are driving a dump trailer full of scrap metal, this is a great idea. 

It can be a great investment if you’re looking to make money on the price of metals. You can load the dump trailer and load up with scrap metal, and then drive to recyclers near you and sell it for a higher price. 

However, if you want to have your own business, then this is a great way to start earning money. You can call yourself a scrap hauler or whatever fits your brand best and start in your local area.

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8. Register with websites that provide dump trailer jobs

Before you even start looking for a truck driving job, you should register with several websites that deal with dump trailers. 

These websites are a great place to start since they provide a lot of the details you need to know including which of the companies they work with offer dump trailer jobs.

Once you get work, plan your schedule ahead of time. If you get paid per day, book at least 2 jobs in a week to receive good pay.

Here are some of the top dump trailer websites or companies to work with;


You may also join this trustworthy website to earn money with your dump trailer. The company can pair you with clients who need help moving household items or equipment. Earn up to $70 an hour plus tips when you work on your schedule.

Haul It Away

Make fast cash hauling things away with your trailer. If you have a dump trailer, haul away junk from farmers’ fields, barns, or construction sites. You also can make extra money taking away the unneeded items from houses with your dump trailer.  

Haul It Away enables you to make about $40 to $90 per hour hauling trash for clients with your dump trailer through their services.


U-Haul dump trailer jobs enable you to make money by transporting a customer’s belongings or loading and unloading trucks. You can make new friends while making money by working for U-Haul as a dump trailer driver. 

If you like to work outdoors, enjoy meeting people, and have a great attitude, this may be just the job for you.


Advertising on your dump trailer is possible with this company. You will get monthly payments of about $600 for covering your trailer with advertisements. In my opinion, placing adverts on your dump trailer is a relatively easy way to make money.

Your dump truck must also be able to go specified distances or go to certain locations to maximize visibility for the sponsors. Simple and stress-free ways to earn money with your pickup vehicle.


An on-demand vehicle or pick-up delivery service. Install their app and get going instantly. You join them and start earning money by driving trucks to customers. Just enter your dump trailer details, download the app, and go. 

You can make up to $500 in two days if you can have a proper time management schedule.

How do you choose between selling and renting the dump trailer?

If you are running a local business, the normal thing would be to rent a dump trailer. There are more and more people who need dump trailers every day. In this case, you should choose to rent it out. It is quite easy to do so as long as you have it in the condition that can be used.

When you sell a dump trailer, you simply look for the highest bidder. However, there are lots of hidden and unforeseen costs that go into selling a trailer. By renting your dump trailer out instead, you will not have as many expenses and can make some extra money this way too.

If you’re considering buying a used dump trailer, what should you look out for?

The dump trailer market is in many ways a buyer’s market, so you shouldn’t feel rushed into planning the purchase of a dump trailer. It is OK to take your time and look at several different trailers, ask knowledgeable questions, and get quotes from more than one sales representative. 

Here are some common questions to ask when buying a used dump trailer:

  • What is the dump trailer’s age?
  • Is the dump mechanism working properly?
  • Are there lights and indicators in place?
  • How’s the undercarriage? Piercings/rust?
  • What is the brake system like? Brake calipers and drums in good condition?
  • What about the wheels, rims, and tires?


Is this a real business to pursue?

Yes, the dump trailer service is a real business with many upsides. For example, who doesn’t need a dump trailer? There are millions of people in the United States who own pickup trucks but not dump trailers. 

This provides an opportunity for anyone interested in starting a dump trailer business to reach that target audience and generate sales quickly. As the services are in high demand, anyone with a little startup capital can establish this business and receive high profits.

In addition, you can simply buy and attach a dump trailer cart to your truck to start your dump trailer business.

Do you need to have a license to drive a dump trailer?

Yes, most dump trailer drivers must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Certain states allow Class A and B license holders to drive dump trailers as long as the trailer weighs less than 26,000 pounds. You may also be required to obtain additional training from the state. 

Do you have any tips for saving money in a dump trailer business?

If you are going into the dump trailer business, there are some things you should know about financing your dump trailers. People approach financing a dump trailer business in different ways, but some things to keep in mind include:

  • Take advantage of new technologies such as GPS and reverse camera
  • Get advice and support
  • Know where to get a loan
  • Do your research
  • Make sound purchases
  • Don’t skimp on quality
  • Make sure that load volume is proportional to the size of the trailer
  • Have a good business plan
  • Keep detailed records of all maintenance work, repairs, and purchases
  • Make sure all your trucks are licensed and insured

When is the right time to sell my dump trailer?

There is no right time to sell your dump trailer. The key to making money on any item is timing – knowing when to buy or sell based on supply and demand. 

Final thoughts

These simple ways to make money with a dump trailer have been researched and written so you can start making money today. There’s no need for extra work or the added expense of hiring employees or contractors. With these proven methods, you can start building a steady cash flow with dump trailers. 

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