How to Make Money as HR Consultant: 6 Side Income Ideas

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Looking for ways to make money as HR consultant? Here are proven side income ideas for HR specialists.

The COVID-19 pandemic has mounted lots of pressure on businesses in the Human Resources sectors like employee engagement firms, recruitment firms, and lots more.

Some of these professionals have lost their jobs and are thus, looking for ways to make money with their expertise.

Also, you may have some free time between recruiting, administrative tasks and enhancing employee relations. You might have thought of spending this free time to earn extra income. After all, we all need more money.

As an HR consultant, you have useful skills that you can use in different jobs apart from your current position. The internet has created a more connected world and you can use this connection to tap into the massive digital market that is at your disposal.

The most important thing is to figure out what suits you. If you’re ready to discover how to make money as HR consultant, check out the side income ideas below.

1. Etsy

Etsy is a popular online marketplace with 1.7 million and 28.6 million active sellers and active buyers respectively. This online marketplace provides the right platform for hobbyists to sell their projects which can include handmade, rustic, or vintage items.

It is easy to set up your shop on Etsy; this makes the platform easily accessible for newbies in online selling.

Etsy deducts 3.5% of sales while you keep the rest as profit. You can make money as HR consultant on Etsy by selling funny HR prints and resume templates.

Consider what your strengths and interests are and go through the platform’s homepage to get ideas of what you can sell to generate side income.

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You can also go into other products if you are creative. For instance, Louise Verity started selling on Etsy while she was working as a full-time HR Administrator. She was copying prints on book pages and framing them into block frames.

Selling these on Etsy turned out to be lucrative for her and eventually became a full-time hustle.

Click here to visit Etsy.

2. Resume Writing

You can also make money as HR consultant by writing resumes. As an HR consultant, you already have the expertise and insight required to write the kinds of resumes recruiters need.

In other words, you have the skills that you can use to coach job seekers on writing effective resumes. 71 percent of employees are searching for new jobs; this gives you the perfect opportunity to offer resume coaching service.

Due to the stiff competition, it is more important to have a good resume than gaining an interview with your dream job. Lots of people are willing to pay for that expertise.

Writing a resume that is targeted towards your client’s needs is a skill that you already have as an HR specialist. If you want to offer a resume coaching service, you can offer the following to your clients:


It is important to have a good knowledge of your clients’ backgrounds and expertise so that you can write resumes that portray their strengths and accomplishments.

Insider Expertise

The standard of the industry for ATS systems and resume formatting is not stable. As a result, your clients will depend on you to make their resume scale through the initial screening stage.

Crafting the Resume

You will need to write personalized resumes for your clients. The resumes must be tailored to their specific industries.

Editing and Proofreading

After gathering enough information about the client, you will need to write a resume. However, you still have more work to do.

You need to edit and proofread the resume drafts until your client is satisfied with what you’ve done.

The starting remuneration for HR consultants in this field is $20 per hour. Since most resumes require between 6 and 8 hours of work, you can make a good income if you work with lots of clients.

Another benefit of offering this service is that you can offer most resume writing services remotely. This implies that you can work with clients anywhere they are in the world from the comfort of your home. This makes it a perfect side job since you can work during your spare time.

If you are interested in offering a resume writing service, you can make use of different resources. For instance, The National Resume Writers Association is a non-profit organization that allows resume writers to showcase their skills in writing competitions.

More so, the organization offers certification and webinars and also matches resume writers with clients.

3. eBook Writing

Another side income opportunity for Human Resources Consultants is eBook writing. Other HR professionals are looking for useful information and innovative ways to boost productivity. Here is where eBooks come in.

When you are writing HR eBooks, you need to consider these 3 things if you want to be successful:

Valuable Content

Irrespective of what your eBook is about, you need to have killer content; one that will meet the needs of your customers. The content can be about how to recruit employees or how to solve issues in the workplace amongst others.

Professional Images

People find it easier to process and understand visual information than plain text. Thus, you should fill your eBook with quality images that depict what your content is about.

Eye-Catching Cover Design

A professional cover design will attract more readers while a bad one will irritate them, even if you have the most valuable content.

After creating your eBooks, you need to find a store where you will sell them. You can use Sellfy for this purpose.

Sellfy is a platform where HR specialists can set up an online store and sell their eBooks. Since the earning potentials from eBooks are more substantial than a traditional job, they are a great side income potential.

Due to the passive nature of the income, there is no limit to the number of hours you can work. You are only limited by the number of units of eBooks you can sell.

Click here to visit Sellfy.

4. Teaching

As an HR Consultant, you can also teach at a local university or college. You can teach graduate students in HR while you’re still engaged in your full-time HR jobs.

Junior colleges, local universities, or extension campuses are always searching for part-time adjunct instructors that can teach HR-related courses and also with practical experience. In most cases, you may need to have a master’s degree.

To earn more from your HR experience, you can check with the psychology department for colleges in your location. You can also teach in business schools as a part-time staff.

Every year, the schools determine the number of adjuncts they need and the courses they need adjuncts for.

The requirements of the institutions change every semester. So if you are not hired the first time you try, don’t be discouraged; keep trying.

Some institutions are even willing to allow you to propose a new course. If the course fits their needs, they can add it to their curriculum and hire you as the instructor. The increase in the growth of online learning and remote work has also compelled many institutions to shift to online classes.

Adjunct instructors earn between $2,000 and at least $5,000 per course. Apart from the income, teaching can help you develop your presentation skills and confidence. So as you mold future leaders, you’re also developing yourself.

Another interesting thing about teaching as an HR consultant is that lots of colleges will allow you to record your classes and use the content for anything you want. You can monetize this content and earn more from it.

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5. Interview Coaching Service

Another side hustle through which you can make money as HR consultant is interview coaching. As an interview coach, you will help job seekers scale through job interviews and land their dream jobs.

You will typically provide your clients with a customized plan that will help them approach interviews with confidence. The tasks that you will work on as an interview coach include the following:

  • Mock interview and feedback
  • Objective assessment of your clients’ interviewing skills
  • Face-to-face or over-the-phone coaching
  • Personalized interview answers and essential messages

When you are positioning yourself as an independent interview coach, ensure you highlight your skills and specialty (such as tech positions, health care, executive roles, finance jobs, and lots more).

This is essential since clients are looking for an expert that understands their field; someone that they can talk to comfortably and confidently. These are the kinds of coaches that are worth their investment.

6. Publish Articles on Medium

If you love writing articles, then you can make an additional income by posting your articles on Medium. Medium allows you to share your valuable HR experience with others. You can talk about the HR projects you’ve worked on within 300 to 500 words.

There is no limit to the number of articles you can write.

Medium will play a key role in revolutionizing the way articles will be written and marketed in the nearest future, and this should excite you as an HR consultant that loves writing.

A great feature of this platform is that anyone can join Medium’s Partner Program for free and make money when any member reads their publications. Simply write on topics that you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Also, present unique perspectives to your readers.

On Medium, you will come across lots of articles on Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Management. Some of the active HR authors on Medium are Richard Lewis-Jones and David Smooke.

When you become a member and you submit your idea, the editorial team will go through your article. If your article aligns with their quality standards, it will be recommended to their readers that are interested in the topic.

If you have existing articles, you can join the Medium Membership Program and post them. It does not matter if you have published your article somewhere else, you can also post such an article on Medium. This is a great opportunity for you to build your portfolio.

You can later combine these articles into your online course or book. The earning is also interesting, medium uniquely calculates earnings. You will earn per month depending on the number of Medium members that read your posts.

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You will earn more if a member spends more time reading your article. Although just 8% of active writers on Medium earn at least $500 per month, you can earn more than this if you have good writing skills and you post consistently.

Click here to visit Medium Partner Program.

How Much Can You Earn As an HR Consultant?

Your earning as an HR consultant depends on your experience. HR consultants that have less than 5 years of experience earn an average of $60,000. This rises to $71,000 in the middle of their career.


How do HR consultants make money?

As an HR consultant, you can make money by selling consulting services to other companies. You can charge hourly, and you may be on a retainer for some clients.

How do HR consultants get clients?

To get clients, you need to demonstrate that you can accomplish some key goals and objectives. You can do this through your background and experience.

Your potential clients want to know what you can deliver and they are interested in seeing proof that you have done similar work in the past.


Hopefully, you’ve learned some eye-opening ideas on how to make money as HR consultant. I believe the ideas that I shared in this article will help you have a more profitable HR consulting career.

As a human resource consultant, you can use your in-demand skills to generate a lucrative income in your spare time- all you need is to be creative. You can specialize in different areas of HR, so consider your strengths and weaknesses before settling for a field.

If you are thinking of the idea to choose from this article, I suggest writing and selling eBooks on Sellfy. If you are adept at writing, this is a great way to monetize your skills and expertise. The passive nature of the income also implies there will be no limit to your earning potential.

You can also offer a resume writing service. The earning potential here is high and you can work with many clients.

If you want to consider resume writing as a side gig, here is a guide on how you can make money writing resumes.

Thanks for reading.