How to Make Money as a Brand Ambassador: 10 Success Tips

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Brand ambassadors have already learned how much influence their voice can have on a brand and how much money they can make. Each social media post that contains an affiliate link or a product endorsement earns a small amount of money as a payment per tweet. On Instagram, sponsored posts result in engagement that is several times higher than regular posts. 

Over time, as more and more people see your posts, the cash starts to add up. However, becoming a brand ambassador is not always as glamorous or profitable as some may think, but it can be worth it for some. 

In this article, I will go over some of the basics of how to make money as a brand ambassador and how you can go about finding jobs. If this sounds like something you might want to give a try, keep reading.

1. Find Platforms Where You Can Get Brand Ambassador Jobs

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of platforms and jobs available at your fingertips. What makes one better than another? Do brand ambassador jobs even exist on some of these channels? You’ll have to get familiar with each online marketplace to settle on your favorites. 

If you want to make money as a brand ambassador jobs, start by scouring job boards. These are the most popular:

  • Open Influence: A great influencer database for finding brand ambassadors. Register and fill out your profile to be eligible for possible campaigns. Afterward, any initiative that matches your profile will be contacted directly by Open Influence.
  • Tribe: A nice platform to promote items and services you currently use. Sign up for the platform first. Then choose the brand you want to advertise. Post a promotion of their product or service, charge for it, and submit it for approval. The brand will compensate you if your post meets their criteria.
  • Tidal: A  massive influencer community where you can connect with businesses. Sign up and build a profile to become a brand ambassador. A complete profile should include your bio and social media links. Consequently, if a project matches your profile, you will be contacted and allowed to negotiate.

Being a brand ambassador requires hard work and effort. After all, you’ll be responsible for representing multiple companies at the same time. Put those extroverted skills to good use by helping companies promote their products and services through your unique content.

2. Make Money as a Brand Manager Through Blogging

This is it. The creme de la creme of making money as a brand ambassador. You have built a loyal audience through your blog, and you are now in a position to make serious cash as a brand manager. The company is coming to you with offers, not the other way around.

There are many ways to make money online through blogging. You can post content that has links back to your brand’s website. These links will generate sales from your blog visitors, and the commissions you earn will be what you make from this particular mode of brand advertising.

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3. Reach Out to the Brand’s PR Team

 So you want to get paid to evangelize that brand you love so much? Maybe use your social media clout to show the world what’s so cool about the newest teeth whitening product? Or maybe you want to rock some of those sweet swag bags at the next tradeshow. First things first, yes, you can get paid as a brand ambassador. 

If you’re interested in being an ambassador for a specific brand, start by finding out who their PR team is. Reach out to them directly with your request. You can ask the PR team in advance if you can be a brand ambassador at an event that a brand is organizing. 

They will let you know all of the details about becoming an ambassador, what it entails, and how much money you can make. Your chances are higher if you have some experience as a brand ambassador.

Brand ambassadors can attend brand events, post pictures of themselves using the product, and give their opinion on the product. Furthermore, you could get a fee for attending events and/or exposure should your blog gets liked by many people.

4. Earn Cash for Referrals

You can make money by telling your friends and family about the great products and services you experience as a brand ambassador. In addition, you can get paid, including earning cash rewards or gift cards for selling products to all of your friends and family.

While there are many ways to make money as a brand ambassador, the best part in my opinion is the ability to “earn” money for referring people. You don’t necessarily have to hit up all of your friends and family either because companies will usually provide a referral link/code that only you have access to.

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5. Become an Influencer

If you love a brand and happen to live in an area where lots of people have an interest in what you are doing, why not get paid to promote that brand? If you’re already posting about brands on social media, then this is a great way to make money. 

It’s no secret that influencer marketing is on the rise. The top influencers in the world can make over six figures just by posting a few sponsored photos on Instagram. Becoming an influencer is the ideal way to make money online by using products you love and recommending them to your friends and family. 

By doing this, not only are you getting paid for the product, but you can earn a commission on sales generated through your referrals. Being a brand ambassador can be a lot of fun. You also get to work with great products and experience a new culture. You meet interesting people, travel, and have your photo taken.

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6. Do Paid Reviews and Product Testing

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large following on social media and high engagement, brands will be willing to pay you money to advertise their products. Similarly, some product companies will allow you to test out new products, leave a review in your own time, and keep the products in exchange for your review.

When you are looking for ways to become an ambassador and make money, consider doing paid reviews and product testing. A survey is a simple means of making money as an ambassador and getting free products as well. 

Through reviews and product testing, ambassadors can earn a very nice income. Additionally, brands may pay you simply to test items, or to give your opinion of them. If a product is good, people looking to buy it will likely look at the reviews first. If they like what they read, they might just purchase it. Hence, reviewing products is quite important, which means companies pay well for good reviewers.

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7. Build Connections with Potential Event Managers, Sponsors, and Brands

The opportunities for making money as a brand ambassador are endless, but if you are an aspiring model and have no connections, it might prove even harder to find opportunities. The way around this is to build connections with potential event managers and get yourself booked.

Event managers, sponsors, and brands always need a hand before, during, and after events. As a brand ambassador, you’ll get to experience everything from event planning to meeting and greeting attendees at the actual event. The best part is that all of this is done in exchange for free admission, beer, and food. 

Furthermore, you can also get discounts at restaurants and stores, or even request VIP access to exclusive events. Once you are connected with one company as an ambassador, it’s easy to meet more.

8. Learn to Use Social Media Effectively

If you dream of working from home, you can turn your social media skills into a real job. Brand ambassadors are part of a marketing team. They manage their brand on social media and create a buzz around the products in exchange for free or discounted goods.

The Marketing and Advertising world is changing and there are lots of opportunities for people to make money as brand ambassadors. When word-of-mouth advertising was very important, friends and family of a brand were used to spread the word about their favorite products or service. 

According to Oberlo, 73 percent of marketers say that social media marketing has been impactful for their brand. Many companies offer brand ambassador programs as an incentive to reach out to networks on behalf of their product or service.

By enforcing proper use of hashtags, social media tools can be your best friends when you’re out there looking for work. Hashtags are similar to keywords. They make it easier for people who are looking for things to find them.

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9. Get Featured in Well Known Publications

You can buy your ticket as a brand ambassador, but to do that, you have to be on the right track. Also, you have to reach out to as many well-known publications that are interested in talking to people as brand ambassadors.

Also, you might be surprised at how much editors and reporters need brand ambassadors to get the word out about their products. It’s a very effective form of advertising, especially for new products that need to be introduced to the market.

Getting featured in a well-known publication is also a great way to establish thought leadership and increase credibility. By being featured, you get the potential of highly targeted leads coming to you, which gives you a much better chance of converting one into a customer.

10. Find an Ambassador Program That Fits Your Personal and Business Goals

Regardless of how you choose to make money as a brand ambassador, the key is first to find a brand ambassador program with your goals in mind. Most brands have a variety of options for becoming an ambassador. 

Therefore, understand the benefits and compensation provided by each program, and find one that meshes with your personal and business goals.

Furthermore, it’s a great way to add extra income to your household and meet some new folks along the way. So go ahead, get started, and find a brand ambassador program that’s a good fit for you.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Brand Ambassador?

The amount of money you can make as a brand ambassador will vary depending on the number of events you work on and which brands you promote. An average brand ambassador earns between $20,000 and $58,000 a year, or $18 an hour. Besides, brand ambassadors can be paid a salary or make money as freelancers. If you choose the latter option, you get to set your hourly rate and hours of work. 


Is becoming a brand ambassador worth it?

Yes, becoming a brand ambassador is worth it. There are many advantages to being a brand ambassador. Besides, becoming a brand ambassador will not only add excitement to your professional and personal life but can also make you extra money.

How do you become a brand ambassador for a brand?

There are two main ways to become a brand ambassador. You can become a brand ambassador by applying directly to the company. You can also get recognized if you have a large following on social media. However, you must have meaningful and promotional content that will attract the target audience. 

Final Thoughts 

Being a brand ambassador is a great way to make money. Additionally, you get to promote products that you enjoy and earn some extra cash in the process. Finding out which companies are looking for brand ambassadors and how to approach them to see if you’re a good match is all it takes. 

If you do find a few companies that you want to apply to, make sure that your approach matches what they’re looking for. Furthermore, make sure your goals match the company’s goals. If you are also confident, professional, and personable, you can make money as a brand ambassador. 

It may take some time, but if you put your mind to it, you could be making decent money within a few months. Also, learn more about how you can make money from existing brands. For more information, read the article that outlines the top franchise business ideas

Thanks for reading.