Franchise Business Ideas: Make Profit from Already Existing Brands

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Whether you choose to start a side business or go all-in on your own, the franchise business ideas in this article can help you get a good start.

Nevertheless, when it pertains to picking the appropriate franchise business idea, there’s a lot of buzz out there.

There is a lot to consider while deciding which franchise to join. Nevertheless, among the most crucial considerations is whether or not you will be able to make a profit and expand your company.

The capacity to earn high profits requires the correct combination of the most successful franchise business idea and the chance to earn massive returns.

As a result, in this piece, I’ve gathered a list of the top franchise business ideas for you to get started with.

Let’s get to it.

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Best Franchise Business Ideas

This segment provides a comprehensive analysis of the best profitable franchise business ideas discussed in this post.

1. CarePatrol

CarePatrol, which was established in 1994 by a social worker, assists families in finding aided living and independent living options. Nursing facilities, memory care, and in-home care facilitators are among their offerings.

Furthermore, its services are provided at no cost to end-users. Additionally, over 20,000 pre-vetted insurance brokers around the country pay franchise business owners.

CarePatrol will be a viable franchise business idea for you if you wish to help families overcome the difficult emotional process of home placement.

This franchise offers personal advantages in addition to concrete economic gains, as you assist meet the rising demand for families in your neighborhood.

You’ll undergo training about becoming a trusted senior care expert as a franchise business owner. CarePatrol is a low-cost company that you may start from the comfort of your own home.

This way, you won’t have to worry about hiring people, renting an office, or dealing with other regular business issues.

To get started, CarePatrol franchising requires a small upfront investment of under $100,000.

2. Chester’s Chicken

Among the low-cost franchise business ideas is Chester’s Chicken. In essence, it’s one of the most cost-effective fast-food franchises available.

Based on your layout, you can open your own Chester’s for less than $15,000.

The franchise price is quite inexpensive, at only $3,500. Becoming a Chester franchise can be the ideal option for the appropriate person and location.

Chester’s is a prominent southern fried chicken franchise that offers a variety of franchise choices, including store-in-store possibilities.

For instance, if you currently operate a supermarket or convenience shop, you can join Chester’s franchise and begin selling Chester’s Chicken in your current location.

Many Chester’s outlets are placed inside food courts, malls, college campuses, airports, and truck stops, in complement to store-in-store locations.

3. Sports Clips

You must be prudent in your business investments because the economy will always be subject to recession.

Sports Clips has been in business since the 1990s and is widely regarded as one of the finest franchises in 2018.

They made a name for themselves by branching out from traditional men’s salons and transforming themselves into an engaging sports ecosystem for their customers.

Since then, operations have been simple, and the low costs have made it a cost-effective investment. However, revenues are high because the environment is truly viable for both men and boys.

The haircare sector is one of the most dependable industries. This business, which is expected to be worth around $105 billion by 2025, has a bright future.

It also doesn’t necessitate a full-time administrative presence because it essentially completes the task on its own.

In addition, both men and women are constantly looking for haircuts and beauty products. This is why franchising a hair and beauty business like Sports Clips is a no-brainer.

While competition in the men’s haircare market is relatively low, growth is constant. Especially when you’re as well-known as Sports Clips.

4. Weed Man

If you enjoy getting down in the weeds, this Weed Man franchise business idea is for you.

Des Rice founded Weed Man over 45 years ago.  The goal is to assist customers in transforming their withering, weedy yards into lawns that they can enjoy. It now has over 400,000 lawn care clients across North America.

Being a Weed Man franchisee, you’ll go through a 10-day training program to learn about all parts of the business. Technical aspects, administrations, planning, marketing, and budgeting are all included in this training.

Following that, you’ll receive continuing support and periodic seminars to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the lawn-care sector.

You’ll also get access to the Weed Man computer system. This keeps track of your work and assists you in setting realistic goals for expanding your customer base.

Besides that, their marketing strategies and material aid in the development of strong consumer relationships as well as the measurement of the outcomes of your efforts.

The upfront cost for this franchise is $43,700 for a single territory with a population of up to 150,000 people.

A dual territory with a population of up to 300,000 people costs $58,540. To get started, you’ll still need to pay a franchise fee ranging from $20,000 to $33,750.

5. Baskin Robbins

Joining the world’s largest ice cream brand as a Baskin Robbins franchisee might cost as little as $100,000.

Baskin Robbins’ menu includes not just its famed rotating 31-flavor ice cream, but also ice cream cakes and frozen beverages.

Even though Baskin-Robbins has been established in 1945, the company is always developing and evolving to keep ahead of the competition.

In recent years, Baskin Robbins has introduced dairy-free and gluten-free choices. Customers can also order online and earn points with a mobile app.

Baskin Robbins partnered with DoorDash to provide home deliveries in 2017.

Baskin Robbins offers franchise funding for the establishment of new locations, as well as a $25K franchise fee waiver and discounted royalty rates for veterans.

On its website, Baskin Robbins easily provides options to buy existing Baskin Robbins shops. Baskin is presently interested in non-traditional settings in addition to typical restaurants.

College campuses, airports, transit terminals, and other locations with a captive audience and heavy foot traffic fall under this category.

6. Ace Hardware

Given that Ace Hardware has been in business since 1928, it has become a household mainstay for hardware and other related items.

It’s a piece of cake to run an Ace Hardware store. Ace Hardware provides a variety of alternatives, including merchandising shares, stock, and services.

You’ll also have the option of running Ace Hardware alongside additional business, including a grocery store.

Ace Hardware also provides Ace Handyman Services, which allows you to extend your franchise to include handyman and in-home services.

If you’re a small business owner looking to expand, Ace Hardware provides start-up loans to help you get started with the hardware behemoth.

If you’re still not convinced, an Ace Hardware business costs only $5,000 to start. You’ll also make a lot of money because it’s already known for being a one-stop shop for hardware and household necessities.

Despite strong competition, the hardware market has grown at a constant rate of over 5% since 2016.

7. Soccer Shots

A Soccer Shots franchise may well be exactly up your alley if you enjoy being sporty. Also, this is for you if you would like to make a positive difference in the lives of youngsters in your neighborhood.

On the Entrepreneur 500 list, Soccer Shots is now the top-ranked children’s soccer franchise.

The company was formed in 1998 as a result of the proprietors’ frustration with the absence of soccer programs tailored exclusively for young children.

Their current course content centers on character improvement and skill development for children through soccer activities.

Coaches also undergo thorough training that spans beyond soccer and educates them on how to engage and motivate children.

You’ll introduce the brand’s product into daycare centers, preschools, parks, and elementary schools as a Soccer Shots franchise owner.

That means you won’t have to deal with the trouble of purchasing or renting a field. The procedure begins with the use of their proprietary CareerPlug tool to find local coaches.

This entails creating awareness of Soccer Shots through marketing collateral, enrolling children after organizing a free soccer day, and then providing the 30-40 minute session through soccer sessions.

Franchisees receive branded equipment as well as sales, operational, and marketing assistance. They are also taught how to form ties with schools and other community groups.

To get started with Soccer Shots, be prepared to pay a franchise fee of up to $34,500.

8. Property Management Inc.

Rather than owning a home, almost 36% of Americans rent. The property management industry has a lot of potential with the growing number of renters and rental properties.

Property Management Inc., which has over 200 franchise locations, provides franchisees with the coaching, technology, and marketing resources they need to be successful.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be a specialist in property management since Property Management Inc. will provide comprehensive training.

Are you a property manager that wants to expand the reach and support of your company? Or maybe you’re new to the field and want to start a new career as a Property Manager?

This franchise provides you with a tried-and-true blueprint for starting your successful property management agency.

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9. Baby Boot Camp

Baby Boot Camp provides a variety of fitness sessions for women. This includes popular outdoor fitness activities that new moms can attend with their stroller-age children.

The major goal is for nursing mothers to regain back their shape after giving birth. This business does, however, provide fitness and nutrition workshops for pregnant women.

The communal aspect of Baby Boot Camp is cited by clients as the primary reason they enjoy these programs.

They provide a safe environment for new mums to meet other women with children of similar ages in their community.

The majority of the instructors are franchisees. All you require to get started is included in the low franchise cost, including your area.

Old franchise regions for sale are also listed on their corporate website, which you may be able to purchase at a discounted price.

To start your own Baby Boot Camp franchise, you don’t need any prior fitness teacher expertise.

Since there are only about 150 Baby Boot Camp franchises in the US, this franchise could be an excellent way to get into a sector that hasn’t yet become saturated.

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What is the process of establishing a franchise?

To set up a new branch of an established company brand, you must pay a licensing fee when you purchase a franchise. This could be a salon, a restaurant, or a banking institution.

If you pay a franchise fee, you’re getting more than just the right to use the name of a business. You’re also getting precise instructions on how to run your company.

What exactly is a franchise?

A franchise is a form of business agreement that allows a franchisee to use a franchisor’s exclusive business methods, expertise, and trademarks.

This gives the franchisee the ability to market a product or service using the franchisor’s brand.

The franchisee needs to pay the franchisor an upfront start cost as well as annual licensing fees in exchange for obtaining a franchise.


As you can see, there are a plethora of franchise business ideas available today, and I’ve just begun to scratch the surface.

My suggestions for the most reliable, economical, trustworthy, and well-established franchise business ideas should provide you with an excellent starting point for your investigation.

So, do you think you’d be better off starting a franchise or forging your route and starting a business from the ground up?

Out of the franchise business ideas in this piece, CarePatrol is my top recommendation. This is owing to the premise that you will be performing a social duty while also profiting.

This post is about the most creative small business ideas you can implement with minimal money and your talent and I highly recommend it.

Thank you for reading.