How to Make Money with Your Phone: 6 Legit Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

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Looking for ways to make money with your phone? You’re in the right place.

The advance of technology has made it possible for everyone to make money with their smartphone. As a result, you can use your phone to support your basic income.

People are now earning what is called mobile money via their phones by using different methods. It’s important to point out that these methods may not make you rich quickly. I have put together options that have the best potential to make you rich, even if you need to put in extra work.

That is why I omitted options such as survey apps. You can use them to make money on your phone but the hourly rate may not be as good as the options in this article.

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1. Investment apps

Investment apps are good for making money. With investment apps, you can get:

  • Free investment trades
  • Automatic savings without losing anything
  • Automatic investment for your portfolio

By laying your hands on the right apps, you can set up an investment portfolio that will take care of your future. Here are some of the investment apps that you can use:


With Acorns, you can invest as little as $1 per month. The app rounds up your purchases to the next dollar and automatically invests the difference. You can start investing with small amounts that you will not even notice.

There are no minimums as well as no overdraft fees. Also, Acorns is in partnership with more than 300 companies that provide cash bonuses when you buy from their online store. The money is then applied directly to your investment account.


Robinhood allows you to trade funds, stocks, and other financial products via your phone. There are no commission fees on self-directed accounts. Robinhood allows you to invest as little as $1 in over 5,000 cryptocurrencies, ETS, and stocks.

If you are looking for a way to trade with your phone for free, then you should get Robinhood.


Betterment helps you to invest and save. With Betterment, you can create a personalized investment plan that aligns with your lifestyle. The app also helps you to track your investment and make deposits on the app.

The app charges a 0.25% annual fee. Betterment offers a great option if you need an investment account and set up an amount that you can automatically deposit every month. You will be surprised by the amount you would have made after some years.

2. Delivery service

If you have some spare time, a smartphone, and a good car, then you can make money from working with a grocery delivery company such as Instacart. When customers place orders, simply shop for them and deliver the groceries to them.

Since you have the flexibility to choose the orders to accept, you can boost your earnings with some planning.

If you don’t like delivering to customers’ homes, then you can sign up with Instacart to offer shopping. You can also work with Shipt and you can make between $15 and $20 per hour.

Since you will be notified on your phone when you have new orders, you can embark on trips that best align with your schedule and make some additional cash whenever you have time.

3. Driving service

If you have a phone and you’re ready to drive around town, you can use your phone to earn from driving services like Lyft and Uber. An average driver working with these services earns between $8.50 and $11.70 per hour.

You can earn more if you can drive in bad weather or during peak hours. The apps (i.e. Lyft and Uber) will notify you whenever there is a rider and you can accept or deny a fare anytime. You will be in charge of maintaining your car and its insurance.

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Let’s take a look at each of the apps one after the other.


Lyft allows drivers to rent a car that they can use on their routes for an additional fee. The app charges 20% to 25% commission on all fares but you can keep all of your tips. They also provide additional insurance for drivers and drivers can also rate passengers.

Lyft runs a background check on all vehicles. You can withdraw your earnings immediately via Express Pay.


To work with Uber, you must have a driver’s license for at least a year. You must also have a 4-door vehicle that is in good condition. If you are below the age of 23, you must have at least three years of driving experience.

You will be asked to submit copies of your car registration, insurance, and driver’s license. The company will also run a background check to verify the documents. Once your application is approved, you can start scheduling rides with the app.

Uber will deduct 25% of the ride fares.

4. Sell stuff you don’t use

We all probably have some items that we don’t use at home. Instead of these items littering the home, you can sell them to make money.

With your smartphone, you can easily take pictures of these items and post them online. You don’t need to bother about settings, setting up backgrounds, or getting a fancy camera. The following apps will help you make money with your phone by selling the items that you don’t need:


After creating an account on Poshmark, simply take pictures of designers and post them for less within minutes. There’s little stress involved. Poshmark charges 20% of the price of the item while the rest is yours.

Poshmark also acts as a marketplace where people can buy and sell. So register an account and search for a deal that offers about 70% off the retail price.


Depop is similar to Poshmark; simply snap the item and sell it. The app retains a 10% commission on all sales. Apart from clothes, you can also sell collectibles, accessories, and other items. Instagram users use this app for flash sales.


Letgo is a platform where people can buy and sell used stuff. Here, sellers keep 100% of the sales generated and they won’t incur any shipping fees since exchanges are made in person.

It is easy to use this app to post items and find similar items in various areas to compare prices. Since the platform favors in-person exchanges, you might need to go through their safety guidelines to protect yourself.


The mobile selling platform of eBay has improved ever since the platform was launched many years ago. Create an account, post stuff for sale, and wait for buyers to bid. The platform is simple, swift, and easy to use.

It is also effective for cleaning out your home and getting rid of all the items you’re not using. If you are worried about maintaining your seller score and giving feedback on the platform, you can try the eBay valet service.

On eBay valet, the platform will do all the hard work for you while they charge a percentage of the sales you make.

5. Flip items for profit

If you love finding good deals at thrift stores or garage sales, you can use this method to make money with your phone. Simply buy and resell the items for huge profits.

The process of doing this is referred to as flipping. Flipping entails finding things for free or at a discount and selling them for good profits. This process helps you make money quickly and also serves as a recession-proof source of income.

Flipping items online can be a great way to make money with your phone. This is the process many people make to make over $100,000 every year.

6. Offer gigs and services

Many gig or service apps allow you to build a side hustle for extra income. Irrespective of the skills that you have, you will find a job that suits you.

Here are some apps that you can use to offer your services:


Fiverr is a platform where freelancers can find work in different niches, such as digital marketing and computer programming amongst others. You can earn a good amount of money on this platform depending on the service that you offer and your expertise level.


Gigwalk connects you with jobs in your area. To get started, you need to apply to a gig that you like, complete the task, and wait for the work to be approved by the customer. Your payment will be directly transferred to your PayPal account.


Handy works just like Gigwalk and Fiverr. However, it focuses on jobs that relate to handiwork, like home cleaning and small repairs. The more jobs you do, the more your rates on Handy increase.


Upwork helps those with computer-related and creative expertise to find freelance gigs. If you are adept at graphic design or marketing, this platform is a good way to make money with your phone within a short period.


JustAnswer is a platform where users pay experts in different fields (such as engineering, tech support, and law amongst others) for their advice and opinions. If you are an expert in a particular area, this platform is a good way to make money from your expertise.

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How Much Can You Make with Your Phone?

This depends on your interest and the task you do. For instance, if you flip items for profit, you can make about $100,000 or more per year if you are committed to it.

If you are a freelancer on Fiverr, you can earn about $500 or more every month.


What jobs can you do from my phone?

There are lots of jobs that I have already mentioned in this article that you can do on your phone. Below are some of the most popular ones that you can do to make money with your phone:

  • DoorDash: Deliver food to customers using a car, bike, or your feet.
  • Instacart: Get paid to shop for groceries and deliver items to clients.
  • Handy: Get paid to do tasks like lawn care or cleaning.
  • Rover: Earn income for pet sitting or walking dogs.

How can you make $50 instantly?

Here are ways through which you can make $50 quickly:

  • Claim $50 free by signing up on the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel.
  • Earn cashback by signing up on Rakuten
  • Complete online surveys
  • Watch videos and get paid for doing so
  • Sign up on Fiverr to offer your services
  • Rent your free space on Airbnb
  • Deliver food via DoorDash

How can you make $50 a day online?

Listed below are the best ways through which you can make $50 a day while working online:

  • Sell on eBay
  • Offer a social media marketing service
  • Sell on Poshmark
  • Offer your service as a freelance writer


There are lots of ways through which you can make money with your phone. Most of these methods are simple and easy. Irrespective of the method you stick to, you will earn additional income to supplement your main source of income.

It pays to use your phone for tasks that are productive and beneficial than wasting time on social media platforms. Making money with your phone does not mean you will become a millionaire overnight.

However, it will go a long way in meeting your basic needs and putting extra money in your pocket.

The first step to living your dreams may be to make money with your phone. But there are countless ways that you can also use to earn extra income, and some of these methods may make you more money than the strategies discussed in this post.

If you are ready to boost your income, I want you to check out the Make Money section of Tosinajy to find out other ways through which you can make money both online and offline.

Thanks for reading.