How To Make Money as a Dancer: Dance Your Way To Wealth

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As a professional dancer, there are various ways to make money. Some dancers make their living entirely from dancing but most dancers use their professional skills to supplement income from another job. 

Dancing is often looked down upon as a frivolous endeavor, but there are many dancers out there who have made their art into a business. From teaching to choreography, to photography, stage performances, writing books or articles, here are some options for making money as a dancer.

Whether you are a ballerina or a hip-hop dancer, this article is for you. It lists different ways to make money using your dancing skills.

1. Make Money Teaching Dance Classes

Are you a dancer looking to make money? Well, one of the most surefire ways to earn some dough is by teaching dance classes. Are you a street dancer who wants to teach b-boy/b-girl classes? Or maybe you’re a ballroom dancer looking to earn a few bucks by teaching those seeking some swing dancing skills?

Teaching dance classes can be extremely profitable. If you already know how to dance, you can teach your knowledge to others with an established business or start your own studio. Just make sure you’re familiar with the local laws regarding dance studios and zoning ordinances.

The reality is that not everyone can get signed by a dance company or become a professional dancer, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make money dancing. If you’re trying to get your dance career off the ground, the very first thing you should do is teach dance classes.

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2. Get Paid To Perform/Choreograph for Special Events

While auditions are great for making money as a dancer, special events are another great option. Performing at clubs is fun, but you can also make money by choreographing performances for local organizations. Examples include dance troupes that perform at community events or ringing bells to raise money for charity.

Dancers can easily make a few hundred dollars a day just by performing at special events. A dancer could get paid just for dancing on a float or walking down a runway during a parade. You can even get paid to choreograph a group of dancers for a small community event. 

On average, you can expect from $50 to upwards of $200 per gig. This is not something most amateur dancers will find, but more experienced dancers can make this kind of money very easy with good connections.                     

3. Promote Products on Social Media With Your Dancing Skills

If you need money, and you also love to dance, take advantage of those two passions and make money online as a dancer. Social media platforms will allow you to create an appealing channel where you can entertain your viewers with your performances or market products for companies. 

Proudly show off your talents on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or any social media platform you use. If you’re good, chances are there are businesses that want to hire you. Dancers particularly make great Instagram models.

Take pictures of yourself dancing in trending outfits with the products you work with. For example, models on Instagram show off their dance moves in trendy clothes or the same goes with makeup artists on YouTube. 

Be sure to tag the products you work with so they are able to see your content. Make sure that the way you promote things is tasteful, not just showing off how great your body is.

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4. Enter Dancing Competitions To Make Money

As a dancer, you have to love dance competitions. Competition dance is one of the great ways to make money as a dancer. You can also win scholarships, go for invitationals, which could even lead up to nationals. Entering can be expensive depending on which level you enter, professional or amateur. 

Professionals could cost thousands of dollars to enter. Make sure to apply for each one that is right for you. There are a number of competitive events you can enter ranging from local shows to televised competitions. Training for these events takes time and commitment but they offer cash prizes and worldwide recognition. 

Dance competitions are also fun and a great way to build up your skills in front of an audience.

5. Make Money as a Dancer In Music Videos

Dancers are always hotter than the stars on the red carpet, so if you can dance, there is no reason you shouldn’t be making money as a dancer in music videos. When the music industry contracts, these stars often take more lucrative employment with bands and singers to supplement their incomes. 

While this may seem like an obvious way to make money as a dancer, getting professional gigs requires auditions and this takes dedication. Luckily there are tons of ways to get your foot in the door of this field without an official audition process. 

Your best bet is to start off by attending open auditions for your local music video companies.

You can also audition or email your resume to directors of commercials for a chance to be picked. The pay is usually paid by the job, but you can make from $50 for a small catch-up from there if you are hired as a star of the commercial.

6. Write Articles About Dancing or Choreography

To make money as a dancer, simply write about dancing or choreography. Write an article for a dance magazine and you’ll likely be paid for your writing. There are hundreds of magazines out there devoted to all types of dancing and appropriate choreography. And, often, they pay for submissions.

Whether you’ve been dancing for years, or you’ve just started to take classes, you can use your creative talents and passion to make money as a dancer. Think about what makes dancing so enjoyable to you and write about it. 

A good place to start is by writing an article about the art of dance. If you’re a beginner, do a short dance routine with pictures and write about it. If you’re a professional ballroom dancer, write a training routine that a beginner can learn from. 

Even if you’re not the best dancer around, don’t worry; you can still make money writing dancing articles.

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7. Be an Instructor at a Dance Studio

Be an instructor at a dance studio. If you’re passionate about dancing, then this might just be the ideal job for you. Studios are always looking for talented instructors to teach new, exciting (and sometimes advanced) classes to their students. 

For instance, a dancer who is a specialist in a particular dance style can approach a dance studio with a proposal to teach that particular dance discipline. In this case, he or she must be able to prove that they have the skills to teach the various skill levels from beginner to advanced dancers. 

This type of work is great as a side job or just as a way to make extra cash. When you have fewer classes, you can spend more time with family, so just keep that in mind. Not only will you be able to make money as a dancer, but it will also enable you to teach others and share your love for dancing.

8. Make Money By Renting Your Studio Space

These days, numerous dance studios, both public and private, are struggling to fill their vacancies. This is the perfect time to offer your studio space for rent. Whether you own a dance studio or just have a small space in your house that is perfect for practice, renting your space is a great way to earn money. 

Aside from the people in your own community, dancers from out of town will often search out studios, and if they find yours to be the nicest place available, they are eager to pay higher prices for instruction there.

You can make money by renting your space to other groups or classes. Contact local dance studios, singing schools, taekwondo centers, fitness centers, churches, associations, charitable organizations. There are endless possibilities. With the right pricing and marketing, you could see some pretty successful results in no time.

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9. Become a Judge On a Show With Dance as a Theme

There are a number of different shows that are on television with dance as a theme. By becoming a judge on one of these shows, you will have the chance to make money as a dancer. 

There are several television shows that are built around dancers too. Some reality shows pay thousands of dollars for experts. Think about how much money you might be able to make as a dancer by being a judge on a show like this.

This is not just for individuals that are competing, but for groups as well. You will be evaluated in appearance in order to ensure that you do have what it takes to be with this type of show in general.

10. Become a fitness instructor to make money

Dancers are often very flexible and physically fit. Taking a dance fitness class can be a great way to make extra money as a dancer. Dance fitness instructors often work at studios or gyms and they teach everything from Zumba to yoga.

Becoming a fitness dance instructor is a great way to make extra money as a dancer. There are many gyms, leisure centers, and even schools that offer fitness courses both for adults and kids. You can provide training in aerobic dancing, yoga, or even aerobics for children. 

Apart from that, you can also teach private lessons. Another advantage of being a fitness dance instructor is that you will have more free time to practice your dance routines.

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How Much Money Can You Make As a Dancer?

An average dancer can expect to make about $14 to $20 per hour and around $35,000 per year. A choreographer can expect to make about $38 per hour and around $50,0 00 per year. Depending on the market in which a dancer finds themselves, a professional dancer can expect to earn a range of salaries. 


What is the difference between a dancer and a choreographer?

A dancer is an individual who dances professionally for companies, events, movies, music videos, or for other venues that hire dancers. A choreographer is typically the person who creates the routine that dancers use in their performance.

Can you make money as a dancer who only specializes in ballet?

Yes, you can make money as a dancer who only specializes in ballet. You may have to hustle a little more, be a little more creative, and network outside your usual circle. The more you can diversify where you dance, the less onerous this financial hurdle of being a sole-proprietor will become.

Ballet dancers are usually taught technique from a very young age, so ballet is really more than just a dance style to them, it’s a life philosophy and passion. That’s why some dancers focus on one particular type.

What type of dance is best to make money with?

 Any style of dance is good for money-making, you just need to find the right crowd to sell to. If you like Ballroom dancing, you can make decent money at weddings. If you like hip hop, then try the club scene. You choose.

The point here is that there are ways to make money with any type of dance, but first, you should understand your market and where your potential customers are located.

Final Thoughts

“Go where there is no path and leave a trail,” is an old saying. It’s true in business and true in dancing because there are no set paths for making money as a dancer. But with tenacity, patience, integrity, good manners, and the ability to build trust with friends and strangers you can make money as a dancer.

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