Mobile Business Ideas: 12 Best Ways to Make Money on the Go

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Whether you are on the road for business or pleasure, there are plenty of ways to make money on the move. The mobile business ideas in this article will help you to start up a business without needing to be tied to one location.

Most people choose to go the mobile business route just to save on cost. Furthermore, a mobile business will help you to reach customers directly, beat the competition, and cut a share of the market.

With that being said, here are mobile business ideas that will help make money on the go:

1. Home Lesson Business

Parents will always want their kids to excel academically, thus making tutoring one of the evergreen mobile business ideas. But with limited learning time at school, most parents have resulted to engaging the services of home lesson tutors to supplement the school activities of their kids.

Being a teacher is key to success in this business. Most parents will rather prefer someone who is trained in pedagogy to handle their kids. Excelling in this business is as easy as helping a child to improve academically. This will help to spread your service to other parents.

If you are dealing with kids, just know that patience is a virtue that you must have. In addition, one other challenge you might have is when you are dealing with a learner with a low IQ.

That notwithstanding, the major advantage of this particular business is that there is no startup cost involved. You only need to let people know about your service. One client may be all you need to be able to get even more.

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2. Food Truck

If you are good with recipes, this is one of the most convenient mobile business ideas that you’ll find handy. All it takes is to prepare your meals, load them into a truck and locate a high traffic spot to sell them off.

Note that a food truck business does not necessarily mean that you’ll be selling cooked food. You can choose to sell baked food instead if that is your area of specialization. The major thing is never to let anything hold you back.

Moreover, you must know that there are lots of moving parts when it comes to starting this business. Apart from the cost of buying cooking utensils and food items, the truck itself will gulp lots of money. Alternatively, you can start with a food cart instead.

Marketing this business will depend on how tasty your food is. In addition, do ensure that you position your truck where it will get lots of eyeballs. Lastly, don’t forget to serve your customers well.

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3. Wedding Photography

Are you good with the lens? Do you think that your shot can win the next International Photography Awards? Then being a wedding photographer is one of the most profitable mobile business ideas you should consider.

However, you must know that being a photographer does not automatically confer on you the ability to be a wedding photographer. This particular business idea is only for the top shots in the trade.

Good wedding photography is something that most people cherish the most. Hence, it requires somebody with sound knowledge and experience to be able to meet these expectations.

With that being said, you can kick start your photography journey by picking up some photography lessons on YouTube. If you have the money available, sign up for a photography class on Skillshare.

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4. Lawn Care Business

It is difficult to find a person who does not like a well-kept lawn. Therefore, this lush grass care business will earn you a substantial amount of cash if you reside close to lawn owners.

One of the major reasons that make this business viable is the fact that not everybody can effectively operate a mower. In addition, since trimming a lawn is not something that can be done regularly, most people are not comfortable purchasing a mower for it. They’d rather pay for their lawn to be trimmed.

However, you must know that this business necessitates the use of strength. So you must be prepared to push a mower around a lawn for hours, sometimes under the sun.

Finally, a little technical knowledge about the repairs of mowers will be helpful also. This will be useful if the mower you are using break down in the middle of a job.

5. Carpet Cleaning

This is one of the in-demand mobile business ideas that you shouldn’t shy away from if you are looking for a side job. It can serve as a business your weekend business while you still keep your day job.

Carpet cleaning is an uphill task that requires a lot of time, energy, and effort to undertake. That is why it is always outsourced to a business with the right tools and experience to handle it.

The customer base for this business is large enough. Hence, there is no shortage of customers. This is because it is hard to find a person who does not own a car or home with carpet-like material in it.

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6. Handyman Business

Looking for a business where there will always be a job to do? Then a handyman business is your best bet. This business involves someone with high problem-solving skills.

Being a handyman exposes you to virtually different kinds of clients, therefore you’ll need to have a good work ethic. It also means that as a handyman, you’ll have to be the jack of all trades.

Simply put, the expectations are usually high in this line of business. Clients will also expect you to solve the problem that they have, irrespective of the fact that you probably don’t know much about it.

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7. Food Delivery Service

Several restaurants just want to focus their attention on providing delicious meals for the customers. As such, outside serving walk-in customers, they don’t any mechanism in place to fulfill home deliveries.

Starting a food delivery service business is one of the most profitable mobile business ideas that will earn lots of money if you reside in a commercial city. One major characteristic of commercial cities is that it is filled with white-collar job employees.

To get started with this business, you can start by approaching restaurants in your city and finding out if they take orders. If they do, you can offer to be the person helping them to deliver food to their customers for a commission.

However, you must be aware that while this business has a low startup cost, you’ll need a means of commuting from place to place. Conversely, you can sign up for food delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats. This way, you’ll have a consistent flow of orders to fulfill.

8. Mobile Veterinarian

While most people site competition as a reason for not starting a business, however, with a little twist, you can change the tide in your favor. This is where being a mobile veterinarian comes into the picture.

As a mobile veterinarian, you’ll need to pay visits to your clients’ farms or homes to treat their animals. With this business model, you’ll help to eliminate the stress of your clients commuting to visit a vet.

You can market your service by using online platforms. Finally, you must make sure that you are mobile and must be able to quickly respond to cases of emergency in record time.

9. Moving Services

People will always relocate and change locations. Therefore, if you have the ability and a truck, you can easily start up this business. In addition, you’ll also require an extra hand if you must easily pull through this business.

This is one of the best mobile business ideas that are truly mobile and doesn’t require too much skillset. In addition, this business does not require too much startup cost to get started. Your major cost will be the cost of the truck.

However, you may be thinking that this business idea only gets patronage when relocating, well it’s not. When heavy purchases are made, the services of a moving company will be required to carry the item.

10. Mobile Masseuse

Most high-profile individuals are always looking for personalized services. Therefore opting to be a mobile masseuse is a business that will earn you some nice cash since you’ll be working with high-end clients.

However, before you start this business, you must have hands-on experience as a masseuse. This is because the caliber of clients you will be working with will not accept anything less than premium service.

Furthermore, do note that your client base will comprise busy individuals who don’t have the time to visit a massage parlor. If you throw up simple Facebook ads targeting people living in highbrow areas, you could land your first client.

11. Tour Guide

If you think that you know all the nooks and crannies of your city, you can start a business as a tour guide. Sound knowledge of your city’s history will help you to stand out in this business as well.

Getting started as a tour guide is as easy as just partnering with a travel agency. Travel agencies are known to work with tourists but their services mostly do not extend to being a tour guide. As a result, connecting you with tourists will be straightforward for them.

In addition, a good sense of humor will help to endear you to tourists. Being mobile will serve as an added means of making more money for you. If you have a car, you can use it to move tourists around and still charge for it.

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12. Personal Trainer

The fitness industry is one that is gaining attention daily. People who are too busy to visit the gym or require a custom service will always patronize the services of personal trainers.

As a personal trainer, you’ll be visiting the homes of your clients to help them out with their fitness exercises. Before starting in this business, you must have a proven track record as a trainer. This will help you to easily land clients for your business.

The major reason why people will always need a personal trainer is that they want an accountability partner in their fitness journey. This will help them to faithfully commit to a fitness plan.


What is a mobile business?

A mobile business is such that is not operated from a fixed location. This type of business will allow you to always be on the road and interact with customers.

It should be noted that before starting a mobile business, you must have a means of being mobile. Most times, these businesses cannot be managed by a single person.

Can you make money with mobile businesses?

Yes, you can make money with a mobile business.

How much does it cost to start a mobile business?

The actual cost of starting a mobile business will depend on the business involved. However, an average small business will cost between $2,000 to $5,000 to start.


This article has highlighted several mobile business ideas with which you can use to make money while on the move. However, you must have good customer relations to be successful with these businesses.

In addition, it is best to pick a business with a startup cost that is within what you can afford. I am sure that any of these businesses will set you on a part of entrepreneurial success.

Out of the mobile business ideas above, my suggestion is to start with a home lesson business. If teaching is not your mainstay, you can start a carpet cleaning business.

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Thanks for reading.