How to Make Money with Online Marketing: 9 Proven Ways to Earn as a Digital Marketer

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Do you want to make money with online marketing?

Whether you want to start your online business or offer online marketing services, there are lots of ways through which you can make money using online marketing.

In this guide, I will discuss some of the most effective strategies to make money with online marketing (also known as digital marketing).

1. Content Writing

Content writing entails planning and writing content for online channels. It is a part of online marketing that includes writing different types of content like articles, blog posts, social media posts, and video scripts.

If you want to use content writing to make money with online marketing, you need to develop some skills that align with some specific qualifications. These skills include:

  • Writing skills
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Keyword research
  • Analytical skills

If you plan to work for a company, you need to have a college degree in communications, journalism, or marketing. However, college degrees are not important if you plan to work as a freelancer.

Irrespective of the route you take, you can boost your skills and reputation by obtaining content marketing certifications.

It is also advisable to start a blog. This will not only help you develop your skills, but it will also serve as a platform to secure clients. If you work with a company, your average salary will be $3,500 per month.

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2. SEO Services

You can also make money with online marketing by becoming an SEO expert. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the key areas of online marketing. SEO experts sell their services to clients that are not adept at researching and optimizing keywords in their content.

If you want to become an SEO expert, you need to understand how search engines work. After gaining this understanding, you need to also work on developing your SEO skills. There are tons of resources on SEO on the internet.

As you keep developing your skills, you should also familiarize yourself with popular SEO tools to streamline your work. SEO is always evolving so you need to be updated on the latest SEO trends so that you can offer your services accordingly.

To be successful as an SEO expert, you will need to have a network of clients. Attract potential clients by creating a website where you will talk about your expertise in SEO and discuss your services. You can also start a blog and use your SEO skills to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Once you start gaining clients, you need to keep detailed records of your results so that you can create case studies that you can use to generate more business.

Your earnings as an SEO expert will be determined by your experience and location. Generally, SEO consultants earn between $50 and $125 per hour while SEO managers working in a company earn about $77,000 per year.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves earning commissions by selling other people’s products. All you need to do to earn from this online marketing strategy is to find products that you can promote, create a website where you will promote the products, and drive high-quality and targeted traffic to the site.

There are two main forms of affiliate partnerships. The first type is standalone programs where you partner directly with a company. The second type is affiliate networks where you can join and manage different partnerships on a platform.

Since your blog will be the main avenue for promoting your affiliate products, you need to carry out keyword research before choosing a niche. This will allow you to know the monthly search volume for search terms and have a rough idea of the traffic that your site will attract.

Also, pay attention to keywords that have transactional intent. These keywords indicate that someone is interested in buying a product. Such products include works such as ‘get discount’, ‘buy, and lots more.

More so, focus on keywords that have commercial intent. These keywords show that the person is in the buying process but has not decided on a particular product. Such keywords include words like review, best, product A vs. product B, and lots more.

Focusing on keywords with commercial intent will help you earn from the traffic that visits your website.

Once you know the types of products that you want to sell, the next line of action is to create a blog and start writing content. Using the right keywords will make it easy for you to start since you will be able to find reviews and product comparisons that you will use to write your initial set of posts.

Different affiliate programs have different requirements for approval. Some may require you to have an audience before joining their network. In this case, you need to have a blog with some traffic so that you can be considered.

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How Much Can You Earn from Affiliate Marketing?

The earning potential of affiliate marketing is limitless but you need to have an established web presence and have a good amount of traffic to your website so that you can record tangible results. If you are patient, you can make six figures every year from affiliate marketing.

4. Website Design

Another way to make money with online marketing is website design. This technical skill can be learned over a couple of years. It involves building, designing, and maintaining a website.

As a web designer, you need to ensure that a website is updated so that it will be up to date with the latest trends in the market. Ensure that the websites you design are user-friendly and free of clutter so that your users can easily navigate through the websites.

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5. Facebook Advertising

Running Facebook ads that convert is not as hard as people portray it. The hardest part of the process is setting up the advert. The fact that an ad converts today does not mean it will do the same tomorrow.

As a result, you need to keep optimizing and monitoring your ads. You must also know what to do when an ad is not converting.

6. Mobile Marketing

Smartphones are common these days. This has made mobile marketing a popular mode of advertising. Mobile marketing is easy and helps to have a quick connection with your audience.

You need to develop the following skills if you want to make money from mobile marketing:

  • App marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • In-app gaming marketing
  • Push notifications
  • QR codes
  • In-app mobile marketing

7. YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is another channel through which you can make money with online marketing. Video marketing is a great way to earn from online marketing by marketing a business, building a brand, or running ads on your YouTube channel.

YouTube marketing is powerful and effective because you can earn from it passively. You can easily monetize the time you spend on creating content for your YouTube channel and keep earning forever. You don’t need to create viral content to earn from YouTube.

All you need to earn from YouTube is to remain consistent and build an audience.

8. Email Marketing

Although email marketing can be included as one of the methods of making money from online marketing, it can also stand alone. Email marketing is a powerful strategy since it offers you huge leverage in starting a business.

Email marketing works together with some of the strategies discussed in this article. Some of the strategies in this article (such as Facebook marketing) can generate leads and once you generate a lead, you want to convert the lead into a loyal customer.

The process of an effective email marketing strategy helps you convert leads to customers. One good thing about email marketing is that it works 24/7 once it is set up. For instance, you can create a gift (also known as a lead magnet) and different emails that that will go with the first email to present your offer.

Most of your leads will not accept your offer. So you need to keep educating them and develop credibility and trust with them so that they will be willing to buy your products. Ensure you are non-spammy when presenting your offer to your leads.

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9. Blogging

Blogging is an avenue through which you can share your opinion on a topic. There are lots of blog sites that offer free hosting of writers’ opinions and they attract millions of readers. If you are adept at writing, then this is an opportunity for you to write about your product or promote yourself through online marketing.

The topic you blog about must be current; this is the basic requirement of a blog. Also, you can earn by linking your blog to Google AdSense (a Google initiative that pays you for hosting ads). You will be able to make money from each of the ads that you host on your website.

You can attract more readers to your content by offering consistent and valuable information, giving freebies in exchange for their emails, and building trust.

Also, you can advertise a product that will be useful to your readers while you earn a commission if they buy the product through your unique link (affiliate marketing).

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Why You Should Earn from Online Marketing

Online marketing is a great way to make money online without being confined to a particular location. You have the freedom to work from anywhere. Also, your income is limitless.

Tips for Increasing Your Earnings from Online Marketing

If you want to make money with online marketing, you need to spend time on developing your skills; this will open you up to more opportunities. You also need to focus on long-term results. The income from online marketing may be frustrating in the beginning.

However, if you are patient, persevere, and don’t give up, your effort will yield great results with time.


Can you get rich by online marketing?

Yes, you can get rich through online marketing. There are many platforms (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Snapchat) that you can use to earn as an online marketer. Online marketing has revolutionized and has enabled people to use their skills to make a living.

Do bloggers make lots of money?

Yes, there are lots of opportunities for bloggers to earn a lot of money. As a blogger, you can sell online courses or other products to earn as high as $10,000 every month. You can also earn through affiliate marketing as a blogger.

Is online marketing easy?

Just like many professions, there are some core skills that you need to have to excel in online marketing. These skills are relatively easy to learn. Also, there are some career attributes that you need to develop and they can take a longer period to learn.

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We have considered the different strategies that you can use to make money with online marketing. We also considered some tips that will improve your income as an online marketer. The internet has made it possible and comfortable to earn from home.

As a fast-growing industry, an online marketer has lots of opportunities to make money online legitimately. If properly used, the strategies discussed in this article can make you lots of money without relying on the traditional forms of making money.

If you are ready to start making money with online marketing, you can start with affiliate marketing because you can start making money with it without creating a product. All you need to do is find a product created by someone else (the product must meet the needs of your audience) and start promoting.

You can also start blogging or offer blogging services. Blogging opens you to lots of opportunities and also helps you convey your expertise to your audience.

Ready to start blogging? Here’s a guide on Tosinajy that shows you how to create a website for blogging.

Thanks for reading.