10 Proven Tips on How To Make Money Vlogging: A Guide For Aspiring Vloggers

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Vlogging is a powerful tool for making money online. If you’ve been thinking of how to make money vlogging, or thinking about switching from blogging to vlogging, you’ve come to the right place.

Vlogging, or video blogging, has gained prominence over the years as an effective form of video marketing. 

With the sheer number of vloggers increasing, it’s no wonder many brands are now seeing the benefits of hiring a vlogger to market their products. 

But, I’m sure you’ve heard and questioned about how you can make money vlogging. Here, you’ll discover 10 proven tips on how to make money vlogging as an extra income or a full-time career.

What is vlogging?

Vlogging stands for video blogging, which is basically the act of blogging through the technique of recording videos. It can be considered as something like podcasting for visual media. 

On the internet, you can find millions of vlogs created by both professional and amateur videographers who shoot and upload their content to share their thoughts with their friends or with the entire web.

Listed below are some proven tips on how to make money Vlogging.

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1. Pick a niche

“Niche” has become a dirty word for many online entrepreneurs. But, the fact is that if you want to create a profitable vlog, you need to pick a specific niche. 

Once you’ve decided to start your vlogging adventure, you’ll need to think of a niche. You want to be specific and stand out from all the other video bloggers on YouTube, so finding a good niche comes down to research and personal taste. 

The idea is to figure out what you’re most interested in and what you can provide knowledge on the best.

Besides, an audience of like-minded individuals will be more inclined to follow your journey. As an added benefit, it makes writing content much easier when you’re passionate about it.

Vlogging tends to be more successful when there is passion behind it, and a reason for starting.

2. Focus on what is trending

Vlogging has become a huge trend in today’s world. Blogging is another trendy idea, but where the two really come together is with vlogging. 

No matter what the audience you’re trying to reach, trends across social media can help highlight a fresh perspective or current hot topic of conversation. Take the time to analyze which trends have momentum on social media and relate it to your business. 

When you have a blog, you want to attract as many visitors as possible and make a profit from them. Vlogging will help you do just that with the right skills and tips.

3. Create quality contents

Vlogging is all about creating videos. If you want to go viral. This is the most important point. All your content must be something that blows people away. 

To create the best vlogs, it’s not just about the quality of videos or cameras but also the quality of content you create. All your content must be of good quality. Quality contents attract people to your site and increase its popularity. 

And, to create quality content, you have to put effort into it. Visitors engage more on websites that have quality content. Take the time to research your target market’s preference.

4. Be active and focused

Vlogging smart requires a Herculean level of focus. You need to be ready for any and everything at any time of the day. 

You need to be everywhere on every social media site possible, constantly updating with new content daily. Also, be prepared for the world of media opportunities that will come your way. 

Have fun with it. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day or if you’re not sure about something. 

Improving your strengths and weaknesses is the name of the game, which means you’ll have some days when you score a touchdown and some days when you fall flat on your face. 

The key to getting better at anything is to keep at it, so don’t give up if you make a mistake or stumble along the way. Plus, let yourself relax! You’re here because you love doing this.

5. Use standard equipment

Videos are a great way to get traffic. Are you just getting started in video blogging? 

You’ll see many vloggers trying to get or upgrade their equipment like microphones, cameras, lights, tripods, etc. This is not for show. That is indeed what they need to do. 

If you choose standard equipment, your video will have a better chance of being viewed on sites like YouTube.

While the content is important, the production quality determines how well your video will rank on YouTube and get more views from the search results.

If you are also trying to cash in on this trend, then you must have looked out for several useful tips like the best brands of camera, the best lenses, the best mic, etc. 

After all, successful vloggers always use quality products to get the best output and that is why they are so popular.

6. Leverage YouTube ads

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Besides, it is responsible for more than 48 hours of video being uploaded to its platform every minute. 

YouTube is also one of the fastest-growing websites, with more than 2 billion unique visitors using it every month. 

We all know how much videos can make on YouTube, but not everyone knows that you can put ads on your videos, thus making money from them. 

With YouTube ads, you can promote your videos and make more money. Turn on AdSense, choose an ad format, and click Save and continue.

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7. Be an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the hottest online business opportunities since its inception in 1989. Affiliate marketing is one of the best opportunities to make money online without any start-up cost. 

An affiliate marketer earns a commission by promoting other company’s products or services to his/her website visitors and earning a commission when a visitor buys the product or service.

Becoming an affiliate can significantly boost your vlogging, as it opens up a lot of possibilities. If you’re skilled or have an interesting story to tell, then start a vlog to help you make money.

Being an affiliate marketer doesn’t mean you’re a salesperson. You won’t have to sell anything, nor will you have to be pushy.

Working as an affiliate promoter just means that when you find services or products that you like or believe in, you promote them and make a commission on every sale.

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8. Create sponsored posts and videos

Maybe you are a recognized authority on a certain subject such as cooking. Or maybe you are the best in your field of business. 

Whatever it is, companies would like to hear about your knowledge and expertise. The easiest way to get paid for promoting products is by creating sponsored posts or videos and posting them on your blog or website. 

You can monetize your Vlog very easily by simply doing sponsored posts or endorse products. 

For example, If someone has a video about “How to cook chicken nuggets” and they get sponsored, they could include a small clip at the beginning of the nugget video with the company’s logo. 

Then they can link to a page on their website where people could purchase the tools or ingredients used in the video. This can bring in thousands of dollars if they do it right.

This kind of monetization is a great way to get paid for the work that you are already doing.

9. Sell merchandise 

Online influencers are able to monetize their empires by selling merchandise, desktop backgrounds, and more. This is a win-win for both the creator and their fans as they get to display the merchandise literally anywhere! 

Are you an entrepreneur trying to start a business and sell products online? You have found the right place to help you out. 

If you want to sell products online, your moneymaker should be on your vlog page. You can even sell custom designs on things like pillows, mugs, and other household items. Are you building an online store? 

Why not use your vlog page and redirect it to a shopping cart where people can buy your merchandise. Have them subscribe as well to get automated sales from your vlog.

10. Engage your audience

Vlogging, like any other art form, is something that needs to be honed over time. What happens when you’re starting out is that you’re worried about ‘how will I build up my channel? 

How will I get people watching?’ Don’t worry too much! If you want to make money vlogging, your audience has to be at the center of your strategy. 

Post videos often but make sure that the content is different every time. One of the best ways to engage an audience is to let them know that they can connect with you and that their feedback is valuable. 

Create a live chat and encourage your viewers to interact with you on a regular basis. If you aren’t engaging with your audience, chances are you’re not going to make much money from your vlogging career. In fact, you’ll probably fail altogether. 

Interacting makes it fun for both parties and will encourage more people to pay attention.


Is vlogging a good career option?

Making money through blogging is a viable option. Vlogging can also be an extra source of income if you’re looking for one. 

The field of content creation is expanding, and you will have more job opportunities than just being a video maker. 

There are numerous ways to make money vlogging. While it may appear difficult at first, these tips will teach you how to make money vlogging irrespective of your niche.

How do you become a successful vlogger?

Becoming a vlogger is not an easy job. Content creation takes a lot of time, energy, money, and devotion. To be on your successful vlogging path, start with the following:

  • Choose a niche for yourself. 
  • Start a YouTube channel, and use this as your hub. 
  • You have to be creative with your content. You should publish daily or at least weekly videos. 
  • Be ready to interact well with your community.
  • Make quality content instead of focusing on the number of views.
  • Use marketing techniques such as link building to increase traffic and engagement.
  • Discuss activities offline with your followers and friends as well. 
  • Engage in some affiliate marketing to earn extra money. 
  • Be consistent in the quality of your content. 

Once you are ready to get started, make sure that you have a high-quality camera and editing software.  

Do YouTube vloggers make money?

Yes. Yet, it takes time and plenty of hard work, but YouTube vloggers have learned how to turn their passion into a substantial income. 

Many YouTube vloggers make over one thousand dollars per month with ads running on their videos.

Can you vlog with your phone?

The short and straight answer is yes. There are vloggers who have made a job out of doing video blogs using cell phones. 

Vlogging with a smartphone is the easiest way to start your vlog. It can be done for free or for little money, and your phone already has all the equipment you need – a camera and a microphone.

How often should you vlog?

Vlogging 3 times a week should be the minimum for anyone vlogging to make long-term money. 

Vlogging 5 days a week is recommended as well and can be done especially if you are making money from several different platforms, including ad revenue, sponsors, and affiliate sales.


The video revolution has already taken place. Video blogging is an intimate, fun, and exciting way to share your life with the world. 

Whether your channel is a place to connect with friends and family or a professional way to network with new clients and customers, a vlog is a strong tool to build your brand. 

While video blogging certainly requires a dose of courage, the benefits are worth the risk that comes with putting yourself out there.

You may be someone who is always on the lookout for ways to earn a side income or just an aspiring travel blogger; you name it! So I’ve listed down 10 proven tips that will help you get started with vlogging and make money from your passion.

Thanks for reading.