How to Make Money on Pinterest – These 10 Methods Work

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Recently, I posted about 100 hairstyles on Pinterest within a month. One of those hairstyles went viral gathering over 85K impressions, 2.8K Pin clicks, 392 Saves, and 185 outbound clicks within a month.

This got me asking two questions. How can I make a Pinterest Pin go viral and how can I make money with Pinterest? I began to do some research. Eventually, I came up with a plan.

In this article, I will answer the latter question and share my findings on how to make money on Pinterest.

Let’s get started.

1. Promote Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are a type of link that enables you to monetize your digital assets like social media pages, mailing lists, and blogs by promoting other people’s items, products, and services.

This works in the same way that an Amazon link or any other affiliate network link does. Whenever anyone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a product, the affiliate, (which is you) receives a commission.

To accomplish this on Pinterest, sign up for an affiliate network and then add your affiliate link to your pins.

The best part is that you don’t have to develop any content. All you would do is select an affiliate product from an affiliate network and pin the link to your board.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link from your Pinterest account, they are taken through an automatic online transaction with the affiliate network.

Although it takes time for this money-making strategy to pay off in terms of how much you earn, but then, how do you guess that affiliate marketing grew to be such a massive industry? It’s simply effective.

It’s also quite easy to get started, simply create an account and begin pinning. The affiliate network will decide how much commission you will receive, which is normally between 3% and 90%.

You can also adjust how much money you wish to make per sale by increasing your commission rates. But keep in mind that the more money a firm wants, the less traffic it will provide you.

Affiliate marketing is a self-contained sector with numerous lessons on how to build up your affiliate marketing site and how profitable it can be. If this notion appeals to you, be sure to read this beginner’s guide on high-paying affiliate networks.

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2. Earn Money via Advertisements

Driving a lot of traffic to your site and making money through ads is one of the best approaches on how to make money on Pinterest. This is the most passive method of making money online that I have seen.

The more visitors your blog attracts, the more money you will earn. It’s quite straightforward if you have a good Pinterest approach in place and can get a lot of people to visit your blog.

This method can benefit a lot of blogs because gaining traffic from Pinterest is rather simple, and the quality of traffic doesn’t matter.

Depending on your visitor levels and whose ad network you use, you can make anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars every month passively.

Using a scheduling service like Tailwind, believe it or not, you can make this method even more passive by allowing your pinning activity to run on autopilot.

So you won’t have to pin anything to Pinterest since Tailwind will do it for you. One of the major drawbacks of advertisements is that you don’t actually create a relationship with your viewers.

And you’re solely concerned with the numbers rather than the quality of your blog posts, which could backfire if you decide to modify your monetization strategy in the future.

3. Become a Pinterest Consultant

Pinterest is well-known for what it has to offer. As a result, consulting services are in high demand. When you create a page that demonstrates your expertise, you may use it to promote your services.

To do so, you must have effectively used Pinterest to build your business or introduce new products to the market.

The demand for qualified consultants is extremely high. Keep in mind that some individuals or businesses are asking for basic guidance.

Others want a one-time, in-depth look into their account to make changes and improve its performance. Some consumers are also confused about the differences between consulting and virtual assistant services.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for people to start as Pinterest consultants and then seek quotes for more comprehensive services.

It’s an excellent method to make money on Pinterest by assisting people with optimizing their Pinterest profiles and accounts and helping them achieve greater success.

Direct instruction is best for many folks. Despite the abundance of excellent information available online, many people favor one-on-one communication. Pinterest consulting is a fantastic way to add a side hustle to something you already know and do.

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4. Sell Digital Products

Pinterest also allows you to make and market digital products. This technique’s effectiveness is influenced by a number of things.

Since digital products have lower overhead expenses than physical items, they are frequently less expensive for customers. It’s also simpler to adjust prices without disrupting manufacturing.

You can create these products yourself or hire freelance writers and graphic designers or other professionals who specialize in this field.

They’ll be with you from the start to finish, so they’ll be able to offer advice based on their own experiences.

All you have to do is keep an eye on what your competitors are doing on these channels and what they are posting.

If whatever they’re undertaking appears to be more profitable than what you’ve been trying so far, give it a chance and see how well the approach works for your brand.

After that, you can utilize Pinterest to market your digital products. To accomplish this, build visually appealing product pins that feature mockups of your info-products and, if applicable, highlight offers. Then, in the relevant boards, add these pins.

You can also write a few blog entries around the subject of your book or course and promote them on Pinterest. You may then use those posts to redirect to your sales pages.

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5. Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

You can use Pinterest to direct visitors and make money if you have an eCommerce website, be it through Etsy or Shopify. Remember, you’re not directly profiting from Pinterest; instead, you’re taking advantage of the site’s sophisticated search engine.

You may use Pinterest in the same way that bloggers do if you run an online store. This includes generating pins to promote new products, building boards for various styles or themes, conducting keyword research, and so on.

I didn’t address Promoted Pins earlier, but it’s a huge benefit for eCommerce businesses trying to figure out how to generate money on Pinterest.

These are Pinterest’s equivalent of Facebook advertising. They appear to be ordinary pins, however, they are actually advertisements.

You can use Promoted Pins to achieve a variety of objectives, including brand recognition, traffic, and app installs.

Ads on Pinterest can be placed in search mode, where you select the phrases that users must search to see your advertising.

This is a crucial placement since it puts your ads in front of individuals who are particularly looking for your product, or similar products.

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6. Work as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you’ll be able to take your consulting to the next level. Many people recognize the value of having a strong and active Pinterest presence, but they lack the time to do it. Or they don’t want to waste their little time on it.

This job role is in high demand as more companies integrate the platform into their marketing strategies.

That’s where a Pinterest virtual assistant can help. If you have the necessary Pinterest abilities and resources, this is a simple job that pays well.

This is the route for you if you have experience in marketing, writing, or social media and want to make money on Pinterest without exiting your house.

Since the whole learning curve isn’t as steep as other tactics like SEO, anyone can become a Pinterest virtual assistant.

You don’t need any expertise or certifications; all you need is some basic Pinterest SEO knowledge, design abilities, and initiative.

Consider selling these services in bundles so that you can set prices for a certain range of services.

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7. Sell Your Strategies

People often advise that the greatest way to make money doing something is to convince people to pay you to teach them how to do it.

This is just another way to profit from Pinterest. You may effortlessly leverage your business learnings, skills, and experiences on the site to earn some extra cash.

People will want to know how you did it once you’ve built several successful projects, whether for yourself or different brands. Most people will be willing to pay for the opportunity to fully grasp your strategies.

To educate others on the actual actions you followed to become effective on Pinterest, you can create video lessons, coaching series, e-books, and online training courses.

You might even create a Pinterest board or a blog to reach out to and inspire others who want to do the same.

For both present and future followers, this is a fantastic method to interact with them and become more in-demand. While sharing your experience with others, please remember to stay real and truthful.

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8. Use Pinterest to Learn a Skill and Monetize It

Pinterest can as well be used as a big educational tool. You can search for anything on Pinterest and find that somebody has posted something about it somewhere.

You can learn to make woodworks, design cakes, and the latest fashion styles among other things. All of this diverse information can not only be found but also collected and organized within your boards in your Pinterest account.

But what if you put all of that information to good use? There is a myriad of activities you can master on Pinterest, most of these are marketable skills.

On Pinterest, you may learn how to build elegant signage, how to knit or crochet, how to sell hats and toys, how to start a podcast and make money from it.

One other thing that can be learned via Pinterest is how to improve your photography expertise and eventually sell your photographs to stock photo sites, or how to do portrait photography, among other things.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can learn on Pinterest. Instead of concentrating on how to make money on Pinterest, consider what you can learn from it.

Just guess what the best part is – based on what you do, Pinterest can be used to promote your products or services after you’re done learning and have mastered the act.

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9. Collaborate With Brands on Joint Promotions

Working directly with brands and developing pins that showcase their services, products, or help promote their ongoing campaigns is another way to make money on Pinterest.

Limited-time special discounts, basic product placements, and giveaways with the finished pins appearing on both the businesses’ and creators’ accounts are examples.

Businesses frequently utilize this strategy to expand their reach and enhance conversions by exposing their offerings to the creators’ followers.

Keep in mind that to do so, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate to brands that you’re a successful social media expert capable of designing, conceptualizing, and implementing pins that appeal to both groups.

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10. Request Brand Sponsorship

Businesses are always looking for a more cost-effective approach to reach out to potential customers. Due to its significant return on investment, sponsorships have become a highly popular alternative.

Companies are often willing to sponsor your business if you can demonstrate that you have a loyal following on Pinterest.

The amount they’re willing to spend is determined by your niche, the number of followers you have, and the number of visitors your analytics reveal.

Consider thinking beyond the box. There are other connected niches where you could locate possible partners. This implies that there are plenty of opportunities to form a relationship.

When it comes to sponsorship opportunities, they don’t always require the same traffic figures as larger companies, most especially if you are dealing with small and medium scale businesses.


Is it possible to get paid for using Pinterest?

No, Pinterest will not reward you to pin on their platform, just as Facebook does not pay you to connect with their postings or YouTube does not reward you to view videos.

Instead, you’ll pin material that directs people to your affiliate link, website, blog, or sales page on Pinterest.

When someone visits your blog, website, or sales page after clicking on a pin you published on Pinterest, they will be led to your blog, website, or sales page.

If you have display ads on your website or they buy a product through an affiliate link or sales page, you can make money.

What is the cost of owning a Pinterest account?

Pinterest is a completely free service. You can create either a personal or a business account, and both are free to use.

It costs nothing to sign up for a business account or to utilize the services that come with it.


To be honest, I believe Pinterest offers a variety of ways to make money. But diversifying your revenue source is the greatest way to secure yourself and your business as Pinterest continues to evolve.

Picking up skills, employing the correct methods, and driving traffic is part of mastering how to make money on Pinterest.

When you’re able to execute these strategies, you’ll notice that your money-making options on Pinterest will expand dramatically.

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Thanks for reading.