How to Make Money on Fiverr: These 12 High-Paying Services Will Make You Money on Fiverr

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Do you want to make money on Fiverr? Keep reading to discover 12 high-paying services that you can offer on the platform.

Working remotely is now a popular trend. Fiverr is one of the best platforms in the world where you can list your skills and get paid for your services.

Knowing what to do to make money on Fiverr can offer you unlimited opportunities; thereby giving you a consistent stream of income from anywhere in the world.

The misconception most people have about Fiverr is that the jobs on the platform pay just $5. This is not true because you can charge more than $5 and can also earn thousands of dollars depending on how experienced you are and the type of service you’re offering.

This post contains some of the best services that you can offer to make money on Fiverr.

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What are the best ways to make money on Fiverr?

1. Video marketing

The demand for video services has increased. Between March 2017 and March 2018, the demand for video and animation services on Fiverr increased by 58%, while the demand for video marketing services (which comprise promoting videos on social media platforms and product demonstration videos) increased by 111%.

Thus, video marketing services are currently the highest-paying services on Fiverr. Freelancers on the platform charge between $300 and $18,000 per video marketing project.

The most lucrative services that you can offer in this category include whiteboard and animated ‘explainer’ videos, live-action ‘explainer’ videos, and short video ads.

Other video marketing services (which are offered by top-rated sellers) include product demonstration videos or videos that feature them as a spokesperson.

You can also make videos using text and graphics. Some freelancers on Fiverr offer video promotion and distribution services, video ad campaigns, social video content, consultation, and audience research, video SEO, and social video enhancements.

The video marketing services that you can offer on Fiverr include videos made for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook; and the reason for this is not far-fetched.

Fiverr discovered that orders for ‘social video content’ increased by 124% from March 2017 to 2018. They also noticed a 61% increase in search for YouTube video services, while a 177% increase and 239% increase were noticed for search for Instagram video services and Facebook services respectively.

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2. Website building

Website building is the second-highest lucrative service on Fiverr. The services can be priced between $100 and $3,000, depending on the nature of the project and your experience. Fiverr also states that web programming and eCommerce web design are lucrative.

Sellers that offer this service include those that build websites using platforms like WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, and Weebly.

Services that you can offer in this category include website creation, theme and plugin installation, customization, bug fixes, backup, cloning, and migration.

Most sellers in this category have experience with Photoshop, JavaScript, CSS, and Corel.

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3. Mobile app development

This is another high-paying service that you can offer to make money on Fiverr. Fiverr found that the price of the projects ranges between $300 and $3,000. Services offered in this category include app creation for iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

Also, some freelancers create about five pages of app design, logos, app icons, and banners. Most of the sellers offering these services are software engineers that are experienced in coding.

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4. Search and display marketing

This service can be priced for about $100 to $2,000. Sellers offering this service usually work with companies such as Google and Facebook to create, manage, and optimize ad campaigns. Most of the sellers also offer consulting services for Google AdWords.

Most of these sellers have experience with Google AdWords and Google Analytics. They are also adept at different digital marketing techniques.

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5. Content writing

If you are fluent in any language, then you can offer this service. You can offer services such as blog posts, articles, letters, and lots more.

As a content writer, you can charge about $5 to $20 per article.

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6. Commenting on blogs

This is one of the easiest services that you can offer on Fiverr. You can easily make money by engaging with blogs through commenting. Just ensure that you read the article before you drop your comment.

While commenting, don’t act like a robot; ensure the comments do not look like spam.

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7. Designing on Canva

Canva is a great place for designing. The interesting part is that anyone can use it. Even beginners that do not have any experience can design using Canva.

When you are listing this service on Fiverr, ensure you specify that you will design using Canva. You can sell this service for at least $5. As you gain more experience and your rating increases, you can charge more.

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8. Voice-over for videos

YouTubers and other video makers are always searching for people that do voice-overs for videos. If your accent is good in any language, you can offer this service.

However, if you don’t want to use your voice, you can also use Speechelo; an AI voice-over. It does not sound like a robotic voice. If you’re using this software, ensure you state that you will be using an AI voice-over in your gig (or service) description.

You can offer this service for $5 per 200 words when you’re just starting. You can also increase your price as you gain more experience and as your rating increases. For instance, I’ve seen some people that charge $30 for 50 words.

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9. Web research

As a freelancer, you can think of ways that you can help businesses save time by working on tasks that consume their time. One of such tasks is web research. Provided you’re patient, you can make good money from offering this service on Fiverr.

Some of the skills that you need to possess to offer this service include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Persistence
  • Ability to gather information concisely, and
  • Research skills

Web research service involves tracking email addresses, images, brands mentions, or just finding out how the competition is doing.

It is an adaptable freelance task; you can offer online research tasks like compiling information about Number One hits, summarizing book and movie plots, or gathering background materials for writers.

You can also offer other admin tasks, such as data entry, simultaneously with web research. If you’re comfortable with this, you can portray yourself as a virtual assistant.

10. eBook cover design

If you can detect and take advantage of trends, you can easily make money as a freelancer.

For instance, self-publishing has exploded, with tons of authors searching for eBook formats to earn from their writing. And as a result of this, there’s a big market for eBook cover designs at the moment.

Some useful skills that you need to possess to offer this service include:

  • Design skills
  • Visual analysis
  • Time management
  • Strong image-making capabilities
  • Knowledge of visual trends in publishing

As a freelancer that designs eBook covers, you may be asked to design custom-made covers or templates. You may also be required to offer critiques of draft covers or do technical troubleshooting.

Other sources of work include commissioned artworks, original photography, and graphics.

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11. Proofreading student essays

You can help students that are under pressure to finish their essays around dissertation deadlines. Students are always looking for people that will help proofread their work.

If you have spare time (and you don’t have a tight deadline), you can help students by working on their work. You can check for typographical errors and pinpoint areas where their arguments are underdeveloped or not straightforward.

Some useful skills that you need to offer this service are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of the subject
  • Strong academic accomplishments (for instance, if you have good grades, state this in your Fiverr profile and gig description).

Services that you can offer in this category include proofreading and editing services, citation checking, bibliography, presentation, and layout services.

If you have what it takes to teach the basics, you could also offer language skills for non-native speakers, coaching services for all forms of writers, and writing skills for newbies.

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12. User testing

If you love getting insider access to future developments, then you can turn to user testing.

Although this category may not be as weighty as having work experience on your curriculum vitae, it can help in motivating you as a freelancer if you offer gigs that are fun and interesting, together with other career-focused gigs.

In addition, testing products help you to get paid for trying things that you’d need to buy. The skills that you need to offer this service include:

  • Confidence in sharing your opinions
  • Excellent written communication skills to present your views, and
  • Willingness to test new products that you wouldn’t buy on a normal day

Depending on the nature of the gig, you may need to have access to a camera phone, transport to receive and return the products, and tools and resources to record your audio and screen when testing the products.

When offering freelance user testing, you may be required to share your opinion on things such as games, websites, and apps. You may also be required to give feedback on customer services and complaints.

However, it is important to note that if you specialize as a user tester in some specific areas, like stationery or tech, you could have higher chances of getting early access to products before they are launched. This gives you a chance to improve their development.

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How Much Can You Make on Fiverr?

As of the time of writing this post, you can price your services up to $995. A report published by Priceonomics revealed that 96.3% of sellers on Fiverr earn below $500 every month (about 70% earn less than $100).

The report estimated that just 1% of sellers on Fiverr earn at least $2,000 every month.


Can you make good money on Fiverr?

Yes, you can. Despite the statistics given above, you can still make money on Fiverr.

You can price your gigs more than $5. Some freelancers earn hundreds and thousands of dollars. If you are a traveler, job seeker, or nomad, Fiverr is a great platform that you can use to offer your skills and earn extra cash.

How much can a beginner earn on Fiverr?

As a beginner, if you price your gigs $5, you will earn $4. Fiverr charges 20% from whatever your price is on the platform.

As you gain more experience on the platform and get more reviews, you can charge higher. You can also charge more than $5 as a beginner because there are three pricing levels on the platform.

Ensure you consider the time it takes you to execute a task when pricing your service.


Fiverr is a great platform to make extra money online, provided you have the required skills, and you can deliver excellent service. If you believe you can offer premium services, you will make money on Fiverr irrespective of where you are in the world.

The ideas that I shared in this article are meant to help you start your career as a freelancer. However, the most important aspect is to stand out from the competition.

To stand out, pay attention to what people search for on Google Trends. Also, utilize your skills and put in your best to deliver great jobs.

Do you want more side hustle ideas? That is what Tosinajy offers. Go through the site more for inspiration on how you can make money online.

Thanks for reading.