How To Make Money With Pest Control Service: 10 Best Tips For Success

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Are you a pest control professional, or have you thought about becoming one? In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the different ways you can make money with a pest control service.

A pest control service is a business that specializes in the treatment of unwanted insects and animals, such as rats, cockroaches, termites, ants, and spiders. Pest control services help to protect the health of people, both domestic and commercial.

Whether you’re already running a pest control business, or thinking about starting a pest control business, you may be wondering if it’s possible to make money with a pest control service. Well, the answer is a definite yes and this article will show you how.

1. Know the Areas With Pest Control Problems

Demand for pest control varies by region, based on weather conditions, types of insects and pests, and the number of pests present. By knowing where demand for pest control service is high you can scout out potential clients and run your business successfully.

The best ways to know what pest problems affect what areas are to;

  • Research the neighborhoods
  • Find out when residents are home
  • Talk to the neighbors about their pest control problems
  • Advertise your services to local businesses
  • Think outside the home (pests in the garage, shed, etc.)
  • Make sure that your service is reliable and efficient
  • Visit local city council for information, support, and information on legislation regarding pest control

Pest control services can be a lucrative approach to business. Know what areas of your city have pest control problems and ensure that you offer them solutions. It is natural for people to begin looking for a solution as soon as they realize they have an issue with insects or animals. This is how you can make money with your pest control service.

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2. Provide Bed Bug Protection Services

The bed bug problem is widespread and this is a huge market that needs to be taken seriously. With the rising concern about bed bugs, it’s no wonder these pests are making people nervous. You can specialize in protecting homes and businesses from bed bug infestations.

One of the best ways to make money with pest control services is to conduct bed bug protection services. Bad bed bugs live everywhere, even in five-star accommodations.  According to USA Today, there are at least 4 million homes in the USA with bed bugs. 

With so many vacant households, the only thing keeping many of them from being infested with these little vampires is a professional exterminator.  There is a great opportunity for you to make money with your pest control service. 

3. Provide Pest Control Consultancy and Advice

There are various types of pest infestations in your home. Some are more severe than others and require immediate attention to avoid greater problems. Thus, people hire a qualified pest control service to treat indoor and outdoor pests effectively. 

Pest control operators can make money with a pest control service by providing consultancy and advice to pest control clients. Consultancy and advice from pest control operators will help the client to solve the pest problems that they are facing. 

Pest control operators can also provide a pest control consultancy and advice to clients to help them to get the best pest control services. From rodent removal to stop cockroach infestation, you can inspect their property, suggest solutions, do the treatment work, and be with them every step of the way.

4. Become a Building Pest Control Inspector

Many building owners and facilities managers need outside pest control inspection to be sure their property is being protected from pest infestation. This job is a great way to make money with a pest control service because you can start your own business. 

Becoming a building pest control inspector is an excellent entry-level job in the pest control service industry. If you are looking to break into pest control service, or already have some experience, this position may be right for you.

Some building pest control inspectors can charge $150 or more an hour. The cost rates for this type of service vary by region and company.

5. Build Affiliate Relationships With Pest Control Companies

If you are already in business for yourself, then there is a business model that you can use to make more money with your pest control company. The key is to build affiliate relationships with pest control companies that are not in your local market.

Pest control service is a multi-million dollar business that provides a full spectrum of services, from prevention and inspection to treatment and control. From a single location or a larger company, anyone can join the pest control agencies to make money with an affiliate program

There are many benefits for you as an affiliate besides earning commissions on sales. Controlling pests creates some unique challenges, so you will learn some new skills as you work with companies to create solutions for those challenges using their products and services.

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6. Offer Rodent Extermination and Control 

Rodent extermination and control are another good way to make some money in the pest control service. Pests such as mice and rats not only contaminate food but also chew through walls and electrical wiring. It in turn makes them among the most destructive pests in the pest control industry.

Rodents may not necessarily respond to the same extermination method as insects. Rodent control centers are necessary for this reason. The services of rodent exterminators protect residences and businesses from further infestation by mice, rats, birds, and other creepy creatures. 

It is possible to start a business exterminating and controlling rodents if you have the skills to kill and control them. You must be familiar with every type of rodent that infests people’s houses and surrounding areas to be successful. A good business plan software is also key to success.

7. Offer Fumigation Services

If you like challenges and if you love to help people then think of starting fumigation. It is a great opportunity to make money with pest control services. It is not an option but a necessity to carry out fumigation services in homes because of pests and rodents. Fumigating a home kills termites, insects, and other pests.

Fumigation services are one of the most profitable segments in the pest control industry. If you don’t want to work for others all your life, then you must start your fumigation service. The bottom line is that if you provide fumigation services, you will always have customers.

Renting a powerful fumigation machine is quite expensive. So, you can opt for alternative machines like thermal foggers, Smoke bombs, Foggers which will be more affordable. This alone should be reason enough to consider fumigation. 

8. Produce and Sell Pest Control Sprays 

Here, you can either sell organic or chemical-based pest control sprays. Homeowners are growing wary of chemical-based products. People are more likely to buy pest sprays if they are organic when they have children or sick people in their homes. 

As a result, the organic pest spray industry is flourishing. If you plan to produce and sell pesticides, you will probably need to go organic to attract and retain health-conscious consumers.

Many people prefer to use organic pest control products in their homes, however, some prefer chemical-based pest control products. There is still a market for chemical-based sprays because chemical-based sprays are highly effective if used outdoors.

You can export your products to other areas that still accept chemical-based pest control sprays if you have trouble selling your products locally. You should however ensure that you follow the laws of such states and countries.

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9. Try a Specialty Service, Such as Scorpion or Cockroach Control

Why just focus on taking care of bed bugs and rodents, when you could be making money with pest control services by also practicing specialty services? For example, you can combine scorpion control with cockroach control. Scorpions are not difficult to control even though they can be dangerous. 

They don’t take up residence in your living areas but slip into the house through cracks and crevices around doors, windows, pipes, plumbing, etc. No one wants to look at them or have them in their home, but scorpions are a fact of life in some parts of the country. 

Also while roaches are native to tropical countries, they are a major pest in the US. Fortunately, you can make money with pest control services by eradicating these pests.

10. Start a professional blog about pest-related issues 

Pest control professionals might find it beneficial and interesting to start and maintain a blog where graphic and analytical details about every kind of pests and their behavior are described. Pests might be creeping around our houses and we don’t even know about it, right? 

Blogs like this can be helpful for people to learn more about their home as well as for pest control professionals who do need to research significant topics often. In the blog, you may talk about the different types of pests, their distribution or even list out your top 10 picks for their removal from your homes.

Make money with pest control by starting a professional blog. With free blog sites like WordPress or Blogger available, you can quickly build your reputation as an expert in this field.

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How Much Money Can You Make With Pest Control Service?

Typically, exterminators earn $15 to $25 per hour. An established pest control business can generate between $40,000 and $50,000 in revenue per year. An infestation and the size of the property will greatly impact the cost of the treatment. Pest control experts often charge more for large properties and properties with deep infestations.


Is a pest control business worth it?

Yes. Pest control service owners make money if they are skilled in identifying pest problems, employing pest control methods, and estimating costs. However, it depends on how much time you are willing to put into it. There are many ways to make money with your own pest control business.

Is pest control a service with high growth potential?

Yes, Pest control is a service that requires continuous maintenance. The more you practice preventive maintenance, the better the chances are of keeping your clients happy. As homebuyers realize the value of pest control services, they are willing to spend more money to get rid of pests.

According to the EPA, the pest control services industry has grown by nearly 50% over the past 10 years. Pest control service providers are expected to continue to experience similar growth in revenues during the next decade.

How can you build a successful pest control business based on your skills and experiences?

There is a lot of opportunity in the pest control business that can be taken advantage of by those who have a high level of professionalism. Being passionate about your job and being good at it, will be the key to success in this business. A smart business plan can also help you build a successful business that meets your needs and those of your clients.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s how to make money with pest control service or not, pest control is still an important part of the lives of most people. The increasing population of pests will eventually lead to larger problems, so there is no reason why you should not be equipped with knowledge on how to make money with this job.

If you want to make money with a pest control service in the form of a passive income, then starting a blog or making money with affiliate relationships will help you achieve your goal. If you’d like to specialize, then offering rodent, cockroach, or scorpion extermination and control will be ideal for you.

Adding general home repair services to your pest control service can help you make more money. You’ll be visiting homes anyway, so why not get paid for repairing stuff such as windows and basements? You will make a ton of money from this, especially if you are a handyman.

Another way to make money alongside your pest control service is to have a side business. See the article of businesses with low startup costs to start small and grow big. For more insights on business ideas, feel free to explore the blog.

There is sure to be something that interests you. Thank you for reading.