Fun Business Ideas to Make Money: 17 Proven Methods to Make Money

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Are you seeking fun and exciting ways to make money? There are some unusual businesses out there. Most of them are successful. Some of these fun business ideas will make you laugh out loud, while others will make you ask, “Is this for real?”

In this post, I’ve highlighted the best fun business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs like you who want to take the next step in starting a new business.

There’s something here for everyone, regardless of their hobbies.

Let’s get started.

Quick Review

If you’re short on time and want to get right to the point, here are some of the top fun business ideas to consider:

  • Whirlyball Arena
  • Music Instructor
  • Trampoline Park (Indoor)
  • Screenwriting Business
  • The Bowling Alley
  • Hairdresser
  • Indoor Bounce Houses
  • Comedy Shows
  • Sell Your Art
  • Renting Chickens
  • Sell Patches
  • Event Rental Service
  • Videography
  • Design Stencils
  • Board Game Cafe
  • Balloon Bouquet
  • Teach Arts

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Best Fun Business Ideas

In this section, I will give you a detailed overview of each fun business idea you can use to make money with ease. Ensure you read carefully through each of them to know which one is suitable for you.

1. Whirlyball Arena

Since Whirlyball is a novel pastime for many people, Whirlyball arena owners should be enthusiastic about it to attract new clients.

Although this activity is still relatively unknown, excellent business and marketing abilities will be required to make a profit.

Whirlyball is a team sport that appeals to individuals of all ages and walks of life.

It may be a fun party activity or a unique team development exercise, so there’s plenty of room for growth no matter where you are.

The activity necessitates a very large and specialized area, as well as equipment, which adds to the startup costs.

Your Whirlyball business can earn up to a million dollars per year if you can efficiently attract consumers, enough to cover your expenses and employee salaries while still leaving you with a profit.

2. Music Instructor

If you have the appropriate talents, you can start a business from home as a music instructor. You can even charge those who want to make use of your home to learn an instrument or take voice classes.

If you don’t like entertaining strangers in your home, you can utilize video conferencing software like Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom, to hold online teaching sessions from your home for students all over the world.

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3. Trampoline Park (Indoor)

You might be a good fit for running an indoor trampoline park if you enjoy engaging with people and having a good time.

Excellent marketing strategies, as with any enterprise, will provide you an edge over the competitors.

This business has substantial startup expenses because it requires a vast, open indoor space as well as a lot of specialized equipment.

Notwithstanding, this is a rapidly expanding industry. Those that operate in a market with little competition can be particularly successful, attracting customers from all across the region and potentially expanding to many locations.

A profitability margin of more than 25% can be achieved with an indoor trampoline enterprise, with earnings well into the six figures.

4. Screenwriting Business

A screenwriting business is next on my list of fun business ideas. Screenwriting is a viable option for entrepreneurs who enjoy both cinema and writing.

This line of work is ideal for anyone who knows how a film is put together for the big screen. They should enjoy putting their creative spin on stories, whether they’re fresh and daring or classics.

Screenwriters must know what people want and how to combine their artistic vision with popular demand.

Most screenwriters begin by earning a small amount of money or by selling their work based on future sales. Top screenplays, on the other hand, that bring millions of moviegoers, can draw big crowds.

Screenwriters make a lot of money since their startup costs and continuing expenses are so low.

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5. The Bowling Alley

Football bowling is another booming niche activity that could be a nice business idea for an extrovert who appreciates exciting activities.

This pastime, also known as fowling or bombowling, involves throwing a football down a lane to smash bowling pins.

General business expertise is essential for success in this new and relatively unknown business, in addition to learning the rules of the game.

Since the game necessitates a considerable quantity of specific indoor space, the startup costs are high.

The amount of money you can make is largely determined by how many customers you can attract. But with the correct marketing and a strong customer base, you can make a lot of money.

6. Hairdresser

As a hairstylist, you can arrange a room in your house where you can take client appointments. However, you should familiarize yourself with state and local licensing regulations to ensure that you comply.

To expand your revenue streams, take this business online. Demonstrate your styling abilities on YouTube or Instagram.

As a virtual stylist, you can earn money by teaching others how to style the latest haircuts in online workshops, promoting sponsored items, or being a brand ambassador.

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7. Indoor Bounce Houses

If you have kids or know someone who does, you understand the appeal of including an indoor bounce house in your event’s mix of activities.

Parents are often seeking new ways to keep their children active and entertained, and a bouncy house business can provide both.

This is one sector where modern design has resulted in a large range of bounce house styles to choose from.

This is the type of appeal that can result in recurring business and excellent word-of-mouth marketing.

8. Comedy Shows

You can start a comedy show business for your clientele if you don’t wish to start a huge business like a comedy club.

In general, clients expect this level of service at both family and business gatherings.

The industry necessitates a high level of commitment, networking skills, determination, and a willingness to work long hours.

9. Sell Your Art

Don’t let traditional art business principles constrain you when it comes to promoting and selling your work.

One of the many advantages of living in the digital age is the vast array of ways in which your art may be integrated into people’s daily lives.

These fun business ideas revolve around bringing your creativity to a wider audience in novel and intriguing ways.

One issue with selling online is that companies like Etsy can severely limit your growth and take a substantial portion of your sales from each transaction.

Alternatively, sell from a small, locally-owned shop. In the long run, the extensive branding potential and ability to boost organic traffic will pay dividends.

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10. Renting Chickens

Chickens in the city are getting increasingly popular. Rearing chickens has several works involved. Ranging from coping with noise to feeding and treating ill birds to cleaning chicken feces.

Chicken rentals are an option for people who are not ready to go all-in and buy their chickens. You’ll get everything you need, including coops, egg-laying chickens, supplies, food, and customer service.

You can also include a program in which individuals and their families can nurture hatchlings from egg to chick. This way, they can learn about the entire process involved in raising a poultry bird.

Most chicken rental firms also provide a rent-to-own option, which allows renters to adopt their hens at the end of a set length of time.

11. Sell Patches

People can show off their preferred brands, celebrities, and organizations by wearing hand-stitched backpacks, jackets, headgear, and other items.

Consider starting this fun business as if you were getting a tattoo on an item of clothing. Patches are fantastic since they effectively advertise your work while also paying you.

You should identify a niche and a style for yourself, and test your designs on friends and acquaintances.

Patches go well with a variety of other creative company concepts, particularly enamel pins and a t-shirt boutique.

12. Event Rental Service

When it comes to rentals, some amusement industry entrepreneurs choose to start an amusement rental company.

It’s another area of growth because people can throw larger parties in their backyards.

Schools, churches, community organizations, and corporations looking for large-scale amusement rental alternatives also do well with party rental firms.

With the opportunity to purchase a variety of commercial inflatables, you can provide these clients and individual renters with anything they would potentially require for a great celebration.

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13. Videography

You may establish a videography business from home if you are a dedicated videographer. People look for videography services on both corporate and social occasions.

However, you’ll need a good camera as well as other tools and equipment. Furthermore, for general commercial success, you must have effective communication and networking skills.

14. Design Stencils

Precision is crucial when it comes to stencils. This is one of the best fun business ideas for you if you’re a meticulous person who appreciates matching things at the exact angle.

It’s not ordinary to make a stencil for clothing or accessories. Home decoration designs are the items you’re most likely to sell.

People who want to decorate their homes are choosing feature posters, paintings, and bold wallpapers. They were able to accomplish this because of stencils, which allowed them to save a significant amount of time and money.

Consider a child’s room with a beautiful teddy bear silhouette or a bedroom with exquisite flower stencils.

15. Board Game Cafe

A board game cafe could be started by people who are enthusiastic about board games. This set of people enjoy engaging with others and have a good understanding of the general business.

A board game cafe is a fantastic business idea for families with children as well as those searching for a memorable night out.

This enterprise capitalizes on most people’s yearning to return to simpler, disconnected forms of entertainment in an increasingly nostalgic world.

As a result, board game cafes are becoming increasingly popular. The cost of starting a cafe varies greatly depending on the size of the cafe and whether or not it will sell food.

16. Balloon Bouquet

You will design and distribute balloon bouquets for all occasions to your customers if you run a balloon bouquet service business.

The advantages of a balloon bouquet business are that you may start part-time, work from home, and your initial expenditures are quite minimal.

Furthermore, if you are a creative person, you will appreciate the work.

17. Teach Arts

There is a lot of need for awesome art teaching, irrespective of the medium, making it among the top fun business ideas.

You might concentrate on a single method or produce tutorials for several instruments and materials.

To supplement your online offerings, you might even offer one-on-one in-person sessions for customers in your area.


What exactly is a fun business?

A fun business is usually creative or centered on a pastime or passion.

A singing telegram service, for example, can be regarded as a fun business. The owners or managers of singing telegram enterprises frequently write original songs for the singers they engage to perform.

How do I safeguard my fun business idea?

Trademarks, patents, and copyrights can all be filed. If your business has something unique, you should consider filing for a patent to protect it while it is still in the early stages of development.


Coming up with profitable fun business ideas that are unconventional or just plain strange isn’t as challenging as you would believe.

Opportunities exist, but many people are unable to recognize them. However, the fun business ideas presented in this article should serve as a solid beginning point for you.

Screenwriting is the one I recommend from the list of fun business ideas in this post. This is because it takes less money to get started.

Check out this post on the best startup ideas that you can explore in conjunction with the fun business ideas above.

Thanks for reading.